By: NelleFang-Slayer

Story of Anakin Skywalker

He feel in love

At the age of nine

She was fourteen

And very divine.

He was to become

A Jedi Knight.

But first a test

To see if he's bright.

After ten years

They meet again.

To be her protector

And to make amends.

He had nightmares

He couldn't sleep,

Once his mother died

He wept so deep.

Now their married

And it is plain to see.

They loved each other,

For their love was meant to be.

Now a Jedi Knight

He saved the day,

Killed Count Dooku

Cause he got in the way.

New nightmares came

Of the death of his wife

He feared for Padme,

And their child's life.

He would do anything to stop

This from coming true

No matter what

He didn't know what to do.

Then a friend came

And helped him out,

Turned him to the Dark Side

Without any doubt.

He did his evil deeds

To prevent that dream.

He killed younglings

At his master's please.

Even with new powers

He could not prevent

The death of his wife

At his expense.

Now a new person

As it's plain to see,

Darth Vader killed Padme

He is no longer free.