New story! I want to thank sentimentalvalue for giving me this idea! You rock! I hope you all enjoy this story! This is like the sequel to after hours I guess. So you have to read Hours after hours and after hours to understand what's going.


A hour to live (I need a better title so if guys have any ideas please tell)

It was a bright and sunny morning. The Monks had just finished there morning training with Master Monk Guan.

The four monks were all off doing there own thing with there own rest time. Rai kicking his soccer ball against the wall catching it back and forth, Clay was making a wooden Lama and along with a bunch of other farm animals, Omi was mediating, Dojo was eating, Kimiko was in her room playing Goo Zombies 2. She was on level 57. It was a boss level. The screen said. "Defeat the Zombie Doctor and go to the next level."

Kimiko sighed and turned the game off. "Doctor…Why do I still think about that…Why do I still think about him. That was all a year ago. I moved on. Haven't I?"

Kimiko looked down at her hand. This was the hand that the Doctor almost cut off. She held that hand tightly. That memory always scared her the most.

Kimiko would find her self thinking about what happen a year ago, but the thing that was really bugging her was that Wu, the Wu that's at the Doctor place. The one they never got. Was it still there? Did someone take it or was it still there? What did it even do? They bothered to check the scroll.

"Why do I even bother thinking about this?" Kimiko went outside to go hang out with her friends.

The doctor place

There in the room with the lifeless body of the Doctor, stood a woman with long red hair, she held staff of some sort. She looked down at the lifeless rotting body and had an evil smirk on her face.

"Yammas staff!" She yelled as she pointed it to the Doctor.

The once rotting dead body was now alive. He had an evil smirk on his face. "I must thank you Wuya" said the Doctor. "Feels real good to be alive again."

"Your welcome Doctor" said Wuya. "I'm afraid there is little time for talk… You see this staff I hold in my hand. This is called the Yamma staff. It is one of the many Shen Gong Wu. It has the ability to bring a dead person back to life but only for a short time."

The Doctor looked kind of ticked. "If I only will be alive for a short amount of time, then why did you bring me back?" Said the Doctor in a very unhappy tone.

"Well you see Doctor" said Wuya. "I thought maybe if I did something for you then maybe you would do something for me." Wuya walked over to the Doctor and put her arm around him. "You have a potion similar to Chase Young but I heard it can do much more than let you live forever."

The Doctor gave her a sly look. "Like what? What have you heard?" said the doctor.

"Oh many things" said Wuya. "Live forever, turn your self into a demon maybe even return ones powers and make them even more powerful than before." Wuya gave him a smile.

"So you want me to make you my potion to regain your powers and to become even more powerful? Is that right? "Said the doctor. "I guess if I do that than I wont need that silly staff and live forever again and if Chase Young tries to kill me again for it you can stop him with your great power." The Doctor gave Wuya a smile. "You got your self a deal" They both shook hands agreed.

The Doctor went go plain on how he was going to get all his supplies for the potion. Wuya just leaned against the wall with a evil smile on her face. "All going by my wonderful plain." said Wuya in a low evil whisper voice.

Does Wuya have something up her sleeve? Could one of the ingredients to the Doctor Potion put one of the monk's lives in danger? Review me for the next chapter! And I want to thank sentimentalvalue again for this idea. Thank you!