Disclaimer: I do not own Albus Dumbledore, the concept of the burning curtains or Minerva McGonagall. I did however create Hector Weasley but take him if you feel like it.

Authors notes: I have just seen 'Goblet of Fire' for the second time and I have been wondering, how exactly did 14 year old Albus Dumbledore acidentally set fire to the curtains in the Gryffindor boys dorm. Here's my version of how.

Albus Dumbledore on a 'Burning Day'

Albus Dumbledore, Fourth Year Hogwarts Student, Gryffindor, (Known as 'Albie' by his friends) was exceptionally clever, but just as insane as he was clever, hence why the events of this day occurred.

It was a normal Sunday night in the fourth year boys dorms. 5 boys were furiously trying to finish various pieces of homework that really should have been done on Friday night but were left untouched until 5 minutes before bed.

Albus Dumbledore was studying for a charms test he had in the morning. The test was on various useful charms to use around the house, incidentally none of his year mates understood why he was practicing the 'wingardium leviosa' charm instead but that was Albus for you.

He was sprawled across his bed lying flat on his back wand twirling absently between his fingers, and his mop of curly auburn hair was lying in all directions across the red bedspread (clashing terribly in colour of course).

It was commonly known that Albus Dumbledore had a small problem when it came to the simplest of spells, he got them muddled up. For instance the day he wanted to summon something he ended up making the book laugh by casting a cheery charm instead. He could not understand why his potions textbook was laughing at him instead of floating towards his person he was sure he had said 'Accio' so he performed the spell again achieving a laughing, dancing textbook.

"You know what?" Albus randomly said.

"No I don't know what." Hector Weasley, Albus's good friend and convenient fixer of spell mishaps said.

"I don't like these curtains." Albus said pointing towards the curtains that surrounded their four poster beds.

"Neither do I, but what's your point?"

"I think they need cheering up slightly, you know, a new colour and pattern."

Hectors eyes widened as his brain comprehended what was about to be another spell disaster.

"I was thinking… purple with yellow spots. Here we go…"

"Albus no!" Hector exclaimed but it was too late. Albus Dumbledore most powerful wizard his age, had somehow set fire to the curtains.

Later while standing in front of the current headmaster Albus was trying to explain how it was possible to commit 'accidental arson' when he was supposed to be studying for a charms test on how to wash dishes.

Thankfully in his old age, Albus managed to control his misspelling and grew to be headmaster of Hogwarts himself, although he was still trying to explain to Minerva why her cat form was now blue after he had performed a supposed healing charm on her after one of her students transfigured hedgehogs managed to prick her in the finger.

Albus Dumbledore shrugged his shoulders at the exasperated blue cat sitting infront of him.

"That's Life."

To All my readers no I have not abandoned any of my other stories I just felt like writing this one.