The war between Flame Hazes and Tomogara have reached into a very bitter point. Both sides are taking heavy losses but despite the fighting, the humans have continued on with their lives ignoring the conflict, if they knew it that is. Unfortunately, a teenage boy is going to be drawn into this mess.

(Note: This boy is not Sakai Yuji, but another high school student.)

Chapter 1

Askai street 7:43 am…

A boy no older than 16 ran down the stairs and slipped on a step causing his arm to hit the floor. The teenager rubbed his bruised arm and he faced his outgoing parents. He used his good hand and rubbed the back of his head "Oops, sorry I woke up late." His dad replied, "It's okay Amikai, I'll fix up the stairs after work. Hurry! I'll drive you to school."

Amikai nodded quickly, to reduce his parents burden he brought spare money to buy his lunch instead of letting them pack his lunch. He quickly sat down in the car and his father drove him to school. He thanked his father and sat down in class just as the bell rang. He gathered his school equipment and took down notes given to him by Mr. Bajenai, he is the science teacher.

12:00 pm

Everyone got their lunches and went to the cafeteria except for Amikai because he fell asleep.

Amikai's nightmare

There are images of corpses everywhere that lay around Amikai. His chest was burning and was bringing terrible pain on himself. A pair of sharp, glowing eyes were staring at him. The shadowy figure used his right hand to lift him. "You will be very delicious!" Amikai saw sharp teeth and a large mouth, he tried to pull himself free but he can't.

end nightmare

The high school student woke up with sweat pouring from his forehead, he said to himself, that is not real, that can't be real! Amikai went to the washroom and used the tap water to wash his face. For an instant, he saw the piercing eyes from his nightmare, he blinked and the eyes are gone.

Amikai bought a hotdog from the cafeteria and drank a can of Coca cola, the lunch was completely eaten and Amikai went to class as the class bell rung. It is time for English class.

At the end of school… 2:30 pm

Everybody rushed out and were eager to get back home. Some were unlucky and were trampled under the stampede. Amikai was one of the lucky ones, he helped out his best friend Samuel who was slightly injured from the raging students.

"Well, I see you later right Samuel." Samuel waved back at him, "Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow Amikai."

Inside an abandoned building…

Shadows moved back and forth. Voices spoke from the dark.

"Is it our time to strike master?"

"Yes, go and have your buffet."

"Thanks master!" The dark being excused itself and left.

Amikai sensed something different, something wasn't right but he can't tell what it is. Many people are just gathered here. "Stupid imagination!" He said quietly. Maybe his instinct was right and a Fuzetsu engulfed the place. The shadow unveiled its form as a creature that looked like a giany but with snake hands. Amikai didn't know what the hell is happening, everybody is frozen except him. People turned from flashes of light and vanished inside the monster's mouth. The creature noticed Amikai and grabbed him. "Huh, a Mistes?" Amikai shouted back, "Put me down and what the hell is a Mistes!"

The dark being had no intention to talk and the distance between Amikai and the creature's jaws is getting smaller.

To be Continued