Swallowed Hearts and Dreams

A Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Fanfic

by Cartmansbaby

A/N: This story takes place during Harry Potter's fifth year at Hogwarts and all parts are adapted from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I do not in any way own any of Rowling's characters, but I do own the characters I created which are the only ones not from the fifth Harry Potter book...enjoy the story.

With the announcement that the Dark Lord has returned, the time has come for the Death Eaters to come out of hiding ... that is, if they are brave enough to do it. Friday Masters fears for the safety of her daughters, so she retreats and converts over to Dumbledore's side, while she still can. Out of love for her daughters, she joins the Order of the Phoenix and enrolls Tuesday and Ivette into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With one Death Eater on the run (Igor Karkaroff) Durmstrang is not the best place to be.

Tuesday Masters loves her mother, but she is also deeply in love with her Muggle boy friend. Ivette Masters loves her mother too, and she is willing to prove to her mother just how much, even though she is supporting Dumbledore. The two girls must make their own choices between love, friendship, and whose side they are really on. It's a wickedly confusing time in their teenage lives, but the choices they make now could very well result in whether they live or die underneath the Dark Lord's reign in the future ... Is it really that hard to choose between love for your family and friends or power for yourself?

& Chapter One

The long awaited first day of summer. It was finally here. I woke up late in my bedroom of my mother's house in Privat Drive. I went into my bath room to check out the damage. I was still tall, pale skinned, and grey eyed. My long wavy black hair was tousled about. I needed to look good. In fact, today I needed to look more than good...I needed to look freaking hot! I smirked at myself in my bath room mirror. Today was the day, today was the day me and my boy friend Dudley would get reunited. I could hardly believe it...it was just too unreal.

Well for one thing, what happened between the last time I saw Dudley and this very day was pretty unreal...

My name is Tuesday Masters. I am fifteen years old and I am a sorceress. I used to go to Durmstrang Institute and I live at Privat Drive with my mother and my older sister, Ivette. I didn't always live here though. My mother is British and my father is a Bulgarian. They met in Bulgaria while my mother was on a mission for her master, the Dark Lord (but more about that later I guess, it's a touchy subject). Then they got married and had me and my sister of course. When Ivette turned eleven, she started at Durmstrang and the next year, I started there too. Our parents were married up until the summer before my fourth year at Durmstrang. Then mom moved back to Britain and I went with her. Ivette stayed with dad in Bulgaria. That summer was when I met Dudley...and that was the best summer of my whole entire life, let me just tell you.

Anyway...about why mom and dad split up. Well, for fourteen years my mom had been hiding a huge secret from my dad. She was a Death Eater, a supporter of the Dark Lord He Who Must Not Be Named. When my dad found out, he blew up at her. I know some curses and hexes were flying everywhere, but mom got out unscathed and I decided to go with her. I almost switched schools too. The one here in Britain, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy is pretty cool, but I didn't want to leave Durmstrang Institute, where I study the dark arts and sorcery.

Last year was my fourth year of my magical education. I was made a prefect at Durmstrang and me and my friends were allowed to go watch the Triwizard Tournament at Hogwarts. The Tournament was wicked insane, mainly because Harry Potter became a fourth champion. I still don't know the full story, and I'm hoping he'll just explain to me.

The twist on things? Harry Potter is my boy friend's cousin. True story. They live in the same house which is a few houses away from mine. Harry Potter is the boy who lived. He's the only known person to have ever survived the killing curse the Dark Lord had attempted on him, and at the very end of last year, he announced that the Dark Lord had returned to power.

But I try not to think of those things. Right now my main focus was getting ready to go over and see Dudley. I went downstairs because I was hungry and wanted breakfast. Ivette was already at the table eating cereal.

Ivette is sixteen and in her sixth year. She is staying the summer at us because crazily enough, she wants to transfer to Hogwarts.

"Where's mom?" I asked her, as I came into the kitchen.

Ivette just shrugged and picked up the wizarding newspaper, The Daily Prophet and began reading. I sat down next to her.

"Anything in there?" I asked her, leaning over to try and read.

"Of course. There's tons of things in here. It's called a newspaper darling sister," Ivette teased me.

She smirked at me from over the top of the paper.

"I mean," I said louder, "Is there anything in there about the Dark Lord?"

"No news yet," said Ivette, "I bet this stupid newspaper is trying to keep it quiet or something."

"You think he returned right?"

"I don't know. Why are you asking me? Why don't you go ask mom?"

I shrugged.

"Why? Do you believe that he has returned?"

"Yeah," I said, folding my arms, "Yeah actually I do. Dumbledore said he's back."

"You believe him?"

"What's not to believe?" I laughed.

Ivette just shook her head at me and went back to her reading. Just then, mom entered the room wearing black robes and a very pale face. She looked wicked nervous about something and she started pacing the kitchen as soon as she spoke, "How are you girls today?"

"I'm good. I can't wait to go see Dudley!" I said happily.

"You're going to see the Muggle boy?" Mom asked. She sounded scared for some reason.

"Yeah, I haven't seen him in like...a year."

"Oh," Mom looked so pale it kinda freaked me out, "Well then...have fun."

"Mom, are you all right?" I asked her. I was pretty concerned. I had never seen her looking so scared.

"Has the Dark Lord returned?" Ivette spoke up unexpectedly.

I shot her a filthy look. How dare she ask mom that when she was looking so freaked out!

Mom stared at her for a few seconds and she sighed.

"The Dark Lord has indeed returned," she said at last.

"It's true!" Ivette cried loudly.

"Yes, the Dark Mark is brighter than I have seen it in years," Mom said. She rolled up the long sleeve of her robe and showed us her arm. There it was, burning black, the Dark Mark. The mark all Death Eaters are branded with...

I grabbed mom's sleeve and pulled it back right.

"Mommy," I said slowly, "You don't look so good right now...maybe you should go lie down."

"Yes..." Mom turned away. Now she had a dazed look in her eyes like she was spacing out. "That sounds like a good idea."

Mom walked out of the room and went upstairs. Ivette was still looking very shocked. I was just worried about mom...

I tried to stay calm as I got ready to go see Dudley. I put on a pair of black bondage pants with lace accents and a black corset that had velvet pieces on it. I put on my favorite black rhinestone choker and brushed my hair and did my make up. It was noon time when I was finally all ready. I told Ivette I wouldn't be back until morning. I planned on spending the night at Dudley's house. I'd done it before after all. Dudley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, adored me so I assumed it would be okay.

"Look after mom," I told Ivette, "Make sure she doesn't do anything stupid."

"Whatever," Ivette rolled her eyes at me.

I left the house and began walking down the streets towards Dudley's house. My head was spinning as I walked. So Harry was right, the Dark Lord was back for sure. My mother was a Death Eater...I wondered what the Dark Lord was going to do...I tried not to think about it anymore as I approached the door of number 4 Privat Drive. It was then that I realized that I was shaking with nerves. It had been too long since the last time I had seen my boyfriend. I rang the bell, and Mrs. Dursley opened the door.

"Hello Mrs. Dursley," I said slowly.

"Oh my goodness! Tuesday dear, it's been so long," Mrs. Dursley said to me. She looked surprised to see me.

"I know it!" I agreed.

"Well come on, and I will get Dudley. He'll be happy to see you."

Mrs. Dursley stepped back and let me inside. Dudley's house looked the same as it always did. Spotless and sparkling clean. But it felt welcoming to me, as it always had.

Mrs. Dursley went into the livingroom and I followed her.

"Cookies dear?" she offered me a big tray of them.

"Thank you," I replied, taking one off the top.

"I will go get Dudley," Mrs. Dursley told me and then she went upstairs. I looked around the livingroom. Mr. Dursley was settled into a plump arm chair watching the morning news on the TV.

"Hi Mr. Dursley, how are you?" I greeted him.

"Fine, just fine," he replied, not taking his eyes away from the TV.

Just then, Harry came into the livingroom.

"Hi Harry," I said.

"Hey Tuesday," he replied.

We exchanged looks in awkward silence for a second. At Hogwarts we had talked a lot...and in a way I was worried about him...I wanted to know the full story about how the Dark Lord had come back.


I tore my eyes away from Harry to see that Dudley had entered the livingroom. He came over and we hugged tightly for what seemed like an hour. We sat down on the couch together and Mrs. Dursley put the cookie tray down in front of us on the coffee table. I caught Mr. Dursley giving Harry a weird look and Harry left the room quietly.

"How are you?" Dudley asked me. He was looking so happy, grinning at me. It really had been too long.

"I'm fine, just happy to be back," I said, "Happy that summer is here."

Dudley hugged me again, "We're gonna spend everyday together! Mom," he turned to Mrs. Dursley, "Can Tuesday spend the night?"

"Of course," she replied, smiling faintly at me and Dudley.

"Yes!" Dudley cried.

"How was your year at Florence's Boarding School for the Talented Gifted?" Mrs. Dursley asked.

"Oh...it was uhm, great," I replied.

The Dursleys, including Dudley, have no idea that I am part of the magical world. They think I am a Muggle just like them. In fact, Harry didn't know I was a wizard either until last summer when we saw each other at the Quidditch World Cup. Oh how awkward that had been! It hurts me to be lying to Dudley about all this...because I desperately wanted to tell him that me and Harry were part of the same world...

"Dudley, why don't you tell your girl friend about your year at Smelting's? Tell her what you did," said Mr. Dursley.

"Oh yeah! I became the Junior Heavyweight Inter-School Boxing Champion of the Southeast!" Dudley told me proudly.

"Wow, that's great," I said.

Dudley smiled at me. I could tell he was happy to be home just as much as I was.

The rest of the night was very nice. Me and Dudley went upstairs and relaxed. We cuddled and kissed and all the usual, just like old times. At dinner Harry kept trying to catch my eye. I tried not to look at him. After dinner, Dudley and I went back to bed and watched TV late into the night. I was so happy to be back in his arms. It had been such a crazy year, I could not believe that summer was here. I still could not believe it. It was like a dream, a dream I had been having all during the school year. I wouldn't have to face the homesickness again for two whole months. It was awesome...and it made me happy and comfortable knowing that everyday and every night could be just like this one.

The next morning, I woke in Dudley's bed to the sound of someone knocking on his bed room door.

"Dudley sweetie, Tuesday's sister is here to pick her up!" Mrs. Dursley's voice called from behind the door.

"Okay Mrs. Dursley!" I called back, "I'll be there in a second!" I looked back at Dudley and started shaking him and saying his name so that he'd wake up.

When he did wake up I said, "Dudley I gotta go...my sister's here to get me."

"Your sister is here?" he asked.

I nodded, "She's staying with me and mom for the summer."

"Oh okay."

"I'll call you later today okay?"


I kissed him. "I had an amazing night."

"Me too. I love you."

"I love you too."

We kissed again and I left his house. Ivette was standing outside.

"Why are you here?" I asked her.

"Mom's gone," she said.

"What!" I yelled, "You're kidding!"

"No I'm not. I woke up and she wasn't in the house."

"She left? No note or anything?"


"Oh my gosh..." I gasped, "Where the Hell could she be?"

She didn't return until eleven o'clock that night. As soon as she Apparated into the living room Ivette and I bombarded her with demanding questions.

"Where did you go?" I yelled at her.

"Where were you?" demanded Ivette.

"I was meeting with Albus Dumbledore," Mom answered. She looked different now than she had yesterday. She was looking less pale and she looked more clean than she had. She wasn't shaking anymore either. She did not look scared at all, in fact, she looked confident and amused.

"What!" Ivette and I shrieked at the same time.

Dumbledore wasn't on Mom's side! Why had she been meeting with him?

"But why!" I cried.

"Because...girls, sit down please. There's some things we need to talk about."

"Obviously!" Ivette said loudly.

Ivette and I sat down in our living room on the couch. Mom took a seat on the other couch across from us.

"Girls, there are some things you need to understand," Mom began, "A month ago, the Dark Lord called to all of his servants. He had risen again, he had been reborn. I could not believe it when I saw how the Dark Mark looked on my arm. It was incredible. How could he back? I wondered. Who had brought him back? I had no idea. The Dark Lord had been gone for so many years, for a split second I thought it not to be true. But I knew it was."

"You thought the Dark Lord was gone?" I asked her.

Mom nodded, "Yes I did. I thought I had nothing to worry about ever again. I thought Harry Potter had been his downfall, fourteen years ago. I thought the Dark Lord had been gone for good. I had been foolish enough to think that everything was safe...until last month when the Dark Mark burned brightly on my arm."

"You thought everything was safe? What's that supposed to mean? I don't get it Mom! I thought you were one of the Dark Lord's most faithful followers!" yelled Ivette. I was confused too...

"I was," Mom answered, "In the beginning. But then...things got out of hand. Our whole world was going under, I was fearing the safety of you girls. So we stayed in Bulgaria to get away from it all. I began to think that being on the Dark Lord's side wasn't exactly what I wanted anymore. I thought everything was going to be great and that you girls would grow up to be happy and well cared for...but then I realized that if I stayed on the Dark Lord's side, that was not going to happen. I had been tricked into thinking the Dark Lord was going to make it all happen...he offered us rewards...he tricked my whole mind...When your father had found out that I had been on the Dark Lord's side, I lost him. I lost my whole world...so I took you with me Tuesday, so we could start over again. I had been so sure that it was over and that the Dark Lord was gone for good. I was so sure and Tuesday, you were happy here in England. You had found a good friend, even though he was a Muggle, you were happy and I was very happy for you. I knew I had done something right by moving us here. The fact that he was Harry Potter's cousin scared me though...we were closer to the Dark Lord again...I was afraid about that, but I just wanted you to be happy Tuesday. Then, at the World Cup it was like reliving the old days. I saw the Dark Mark appear in the sky. It had not been seen for thirteen years. I was shocked...but at the same time it made me feel great. It made me feel so powerful. I went off with the other Death Eaters and relived those old days...it felt so good at the time, I thought I could do no wrong."

"So you were happy?" I asked her.

"I was, but only for that one night...seeing the Dark Mark had scared me. I was afraid for you Tuesday, so we left the camp site the very next day and then...then I was happy that you were going to be spending the year at Hogwarts, to see the Triwizard Tournament. I knew you'd be safe and happy at Hogwarts...and that night, the night the Dark Lord came back, I was happy no longer. I was scared out of my mind. He came back to life, but I did not return to him..."

"You didn't!" Ivette gasped from beside me. Her face was pale white and shocked looking.

Mom shook her head, "I did not return for him. Karkaroff did not either. He fled and that is why you had no headmaster at Durmstrang anymore. I think," Mom went on, "a lot of us did not show up. Some of us are in Azkaban...and some, like me were too scared to show up."

"But why?" demanded Ivette angrily, "Why do you not want to be on his side anymore?"

"It is too dangerous," Mom said, "You do not know how many times I've almost been killed by Aurors and other wizards...I am so scared for you two girls! And your father! The Dark Lord's side is not the one to be on now that he has returned. I strongly believe that he will fail."

"Why did you go see Dumbledore today?" I asked.

"I had to prove to him I was no longer on the other side. I had to show him I was on his side."

"But mom...I still don't understand," gasped Ivette. She was looking wicked scared for some reason.

"Dumbledore is the only one He Who Must Not Be Named is afraid of. Dumbledore is the strongest wizard in the world, he will protect us...he will protect all wizards...he is going to save us."

"Mom!" screamed Ivette. She got to her feet. "If you change sides the Dark Lord will kill us! He'll come after you!"

Mom shook her head. She was being very patient...Ivette was freaking out...and in my mind, so was I. Ivette was right...what if the Dark Lord came after our mother? Our mother was a traitor now...but I understood, I really did. I loved my mother and it was plain to me just how much she loved us. She changed sides to protect us...I had liked Dumbledore and being at Hogwarts had made me feel very safe...I was proud of my mother for doing this for us and now that I knew the whole story I was very grateful.

"It is you and Tuesday's safety that I care about," Mom said, "You will be safe. I am going to enroll you at Dumbledore's school."

"Really?" I cried.

"Yes," Mom nodded, "Hogwarts is the safest place in the world because it is Dumbledore's school."

Ivette sat back down. She had her hands over her eyes and she was sobbing loudly. I put my arm around her and gave her shoulders a tight squeeze.

"Mom? May I talk to you alone?" I asked.


I got up and me and mom went into the kitchen together.

"How does Dumbledore know you changed sides?" I asked quietly.

Mom smiled at me, "He just knows. He trusts me and he knows I love my girls very much. He's a good man, Dumbledore, a really good man."

I gave mom a tight hug. My eyes stung because I was trying to hold back tears.

"Was there something else you wanted to talk about?" Mom asked me.

"When I am ready, is it okay for me to tell Dudley that I'm not a Muggle?"

"Yes," Mom replied, "When you are ready."

The very next day, I sent owls with letters to Nick and Lily, my two best friends at Durmstrang Institute. I wrote to them that I would not be attending Durmstrang anymore. I knew they would be upset and I was too, but I was not worried I would never see them again because I knew I would. I just knew. I sent an owl to my dad too, telling him I loved him.

Ivette was not happy, she locked herself in her room and would not talk to me. She was very upset and probably very scared too. I also think she missed dad a lot. She had always been closer to him than I ever was. I knew Ivette had always been dad's favorite, no doubt. I felt bad for her.

Mom frequently left the house, but she never said we're she was going. I hoped whatever she was doing, that everything was still okay with her. Since the day she'd had that big talk with me and Ivette she looked a lot healthier than I had seen her in a long time and that cheered me up. I thought she might've been having more meetings with Dumbledore. I knew in my heart that mom was for real. She really wanted to change everything and I was glad that everything was okay.

Just as Dudley had said, me and him spent almost everyday of the summer together. We'd walk to the play park and hang out and sometimes he'd invite me to hang out with him and his friends. Whenever I went over to his house however, Harry would try and talk to me. He looked scared out of his mind I thought. One night after I had gone home, a beautiful white owl was sitting in the cage where my owl usually was. I grabbed the letter off its leg:

Dear Tuesday,

Hey it's me, Harry. How is your summer so far? It's probably been better than mine. I'm worried...the Dark Lord is back and so far I have not heard any news. I was wondering if you had heard anything? I've been getting the Daily Prophet but I have not seen anything so far. I can't watch the Muggle news because my aunt and uncle won't let me, but I've been trying to anyway. Any chance we can meet up and talk somehow? We should meet up at night, preferably. But I need to know if you've heard anything!


When I was done reading the letter I sighed heavily. Harry never knew my mother was a Death Eater. Actually, no body knew that except me, Ivette, and my dad...and now Dumbledore. I didn't know what Harry was expecting from me, but I sent a reply back saying we could meet in the play park the very next night.

So, the next night at around six thirty, I left the house and walked to the play park. It was a little after seven when Harry showed up.

"Damn I wish you could Apparate, then maybe you'd be a little quicker on the uptake," I teased him.

"We don't learn until sixth year, sorry to disappoint you," Harry replied.

I stuck my tongue out at him. At Durmstrang, we learned Apparation in the third year.

"Did you Apparate here?" Harry wanted to know.

"No, I just walked. Mom doesn't like me Apparating all the time...Muggles might notice I guess. I don't know how that's possible but whatever. Anyway...you didn't make me come here for just small talk, so what's the problem?"

"Voldemort is back and no one seems to know."

I cringed at the sound of the name. So Harry had the balls to actually say his name.

"Don't say the name," I snapped at him.

"Yes well, no body else knows or at least, the Ministry doesn't."


Harry nodded, "The Ministry seems to not know that he's back."

"Not know, or not believe," I said.

"Right," Harry agreed, "So have you heard anything?"

"No," I said, "I don't read The Daily Prophet."

"But have you heard anything on the Muggle news? Like about strange occurrences? Unexplained disappearances? Anything strange like that?"

"No, we don't have a Muggle TV at my house."


"Sorry...so why can't you watch the news at your house?" I wanted to know.

"The Dursley's never let me. I tried but they got suspicious. They wanted to know why I was so interested in the news," Harry explained, "I hate them."

"Harry...do they know you're...a wizard?" I asked. This question had been buzzing in my head for quite some time now.

"Yeah. My mother is my aunt's sister. The Dursley's hate me because I'm a wizard," Harry said.

"I had no idea," I gasped, "Uhm...what if Dudley found out I am a wizard too? Do you think he'd be mad?"

Harry shrugged, looking at the ground.

"He really likes you...so I don't know."

"Well...I plan on telling him soon..."

"That's good," Harry said quietly.

We didn't speak for another few moments and then all of sudden I heard voices. A group of people were approaching the park.

"Oh shit! Somebody's coming!" I cried softly, "I gotta go! Bye Harry, talk to you later!"

And with a crack, I was gone. I reappeared in my living room at home a moment later. Ivette was standing there, staring at me.

"Where were you?" she asked me.

"Talking to Harry," I replied innoccently.

Ivette shook her head at me in disgust.

"I can't believe you!" she snapped at me.

"I can't believe you either, you're so selfish!" I said to her.

"Look who's talking!"

"You're the one who's so pissed off at mom for no reason!" I cried.

"Hah! It sounds to me like you want the Dark Lord to just come here and kill us!"

"You are so stupid Ivette! Geez. Mom's doing the right thing and she's doing it for us! Why can't you understand that?"

"Just shut the Hell up Tuesday, I don't need to here this right now," Ivette said and she stormed upstairs.

"You just know I'm right!" I yelled after her.

Ps. Through writing this first chapter, I realized I can't spell. Thank you for reading and I hoped you liked it. I'm looking forward to writing the next chapter. Love.