Fallen Angel

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Chapter One- Taste

"Oh Please! Take me now!" A girl, dressed in very skimpy clothes pleaded, pressing her chest against his; bringing her neck in front of his face. The tall dark figure unconsciously backed away, he had the strongest urge to puke, but he repressed it.

"rrrg…" He growled at the slut. He aggressively brought her face upwards and pressed his mouth close to her ear, breathing slowly. "Listen wench, normally I wouldn't even bother with a slut like you, but I'm hungry and you're the only one alone."

The wench, however was in too much of a trance to even let his harsh words faze her. She stood on her tippytoes, yearning for his touch against her neck, that had probably seen a million other men. The handsome stranger brought his lips down to her neck slowly. "Fucking whore…" he muttered before biting into it with his long sharp fangs, sucking it up hungrily. The women became slack, as unconsciousness overcame her. He held her up carefully draining her of her reminisces. Once he had his fill, he dropped her like a rag doll notcaring if she'd ever live to see another day, he left her on the groundin the park, with no evidence to the cause of death other than 2 tiny holes leading into a black abyss on the side of her neck.

That's right…he's a vampire….

.:A few night's later:.

"I vant to suuck your bloood!" Drawled a voice behind a cherry headed girl.

"EEK!" The girl screamed turning around. "INO! That's not FUNNY anymore!"

"Oh come on, Sakura! It's just a joke! Don't get so worked up about it!" The girl who's apparent name was Ino laughed. Ino, Sakura, and their friends Tenten and Hinata, had just come from a late night movie, about vampires. "You KNOW Vampires don't actually exist right?"

"Yaah…but that's still scary!" Sakura whined. Tenten laughed along side Ino. "Not FUNNY guys!" The 4 girls were walking home in the dark joking playfully. Little did they know it, someone was watching them, lurking in the darkness.

"Bye Sakura!" Ino, Tenten, and Hinata called, as they started walking a different path.

"Bye guys…" Sakura quietly called after them. Sakura lived on a different part of town than the others, so she had to walk home the rest of the way by herself.

Wind swept past her, she shivered slightly wrapping her arms around herself in a weak attempt to keep warm.

This figure continued watching her, something about her intrigued him. He was not one to be found having an interest in anything, especially a mere mortal.

Sakura had a slight feeling someone was watching her, she shivered again and picked up her pace. 'There's no such things as vampires, there's no such things as vampires…" she chanted to herself.

He noticed her pick up her pace, she couldn't possibly have noticed him…unless her nerves were already set array. 'Doesn't matter, it's not like she can escape me.' He informed himself, his eyes full of mirth.He watched her closely, her pink hair danced around her face, and her face was slightly flushed. His eyes narrowed, why was he noticing these things, he'd never taken notice in any other female on the face of the planet! Not that he was gay…he just didn't care for anything but his own well being.

Sakura moved into a sprint, trying to run all the way home. Something was telling her to move, and she didn't know what, but she decided to take it's advice.

He smirked, she must have caught on. 'Time to finish this fond chase.' He swiftly landed in front of her, catching her off guard she almost fell backwards, if it hadn't been for his arm coming around protectively around her back. He smirked, at her shocked facial expression. The instant he caught her, her scent wafted up to his nose as he inhaled.

The only thing that he could describe what he smelt was one simple word…blossom.

He looked back down at her face, she didn't look very happy. "WHAT'YA THINK YOU"RE DOING YOU JERK!" She shoved him away from her. His face went from mysterious to slightly shocked, then back to his cold demeanor, in an instant, faster than her eye could catch. She seethed looking up at him, looking like she was ready to kick some sorry ass.

He couldn't seem to understand her rising anger. Usually girls fell head over heels for him the instant they laid eyes on him. Unfortunately enough for him, he came across a girl, who couldn't care less if he had a million dollars sticking out of his side pockets. She was certainly…intriguing.

He continued to watch her angry face, which seemed ever so new to him, to come to place on a girl's face. He brought his hand to her face, wanting to will it back to a calm soft face. Which only caused her to scrunch up her face even more. She swung a fist at him, which he easily caught in his hand. 'Huh?' Sasuke looked at her again, what the heck was she trying to do? Usually girls fell at his feet. A kick from the battling female came towards his side, which he easily caught with his other hand. This time he frowned; he didn't exactly have the will, to fight his meal. Her free hand pulled a pocketknife from her pant pockets and she swung it at his face. He dodged it, letting go of her appendages. She quickly turned to sprint away.

She ran as fast as her legs would take her, not knowing if this stranger was still following her, she couldn't hear him coming after her, but then there was that little voice inside her that said, RUN DAMNIT!

'Although he's awfully handsome..' her inner-self informed her

'NO!' She told herself quickly, 'he was trying to rape me!'

'Why would a guy that handsome try to rape a girl like you?'

'I-I don't know!'

'Mmm he was sexy though.' A/N: XD

Sakura got tired of the nonsense her inner-self was spewing at her, and stopped. She had a cramp 'Damn it! Knew I shouldn't have had all that popcorn' she leaned against a tree, trying to catch her breath. She still had a longs way to go before she got home, and her legs were tired as is. She stared at the ground trying to comprehend the events that had passed. Once she regained most of her lost air. She looked up at the nightly sky, the stars glistened and there was a full moon tonight. The stars soothed her slightly, and her gnawing feeling of danger evaded her.

"You done?" A rough voice asked her. Sakura pulled her head back down to face, deep red eyes, that didn't seem very pleased. She finally let herself take a good look at him, he seemed about her age. She was about to start sprinting again, when he encased her body with his, stopping any movement she was planning. She blushed a crimson red, he was so damn close…she never let anyone be this close to her…not even…him.

She shoved away her emotions and struggled to set herself free. His hands held onto her wrists in a vice-like grip. It wasn't until then, she realized how frigged cold his body was. She looked up to his face, his face was contorted in a very angry manner, as his eyes seemed to glare holes into her. She writhed slightly, he seemed very angry with her…and for some reason she felt slightly guilty.

He pulled her arms forcefully above her head, and she winced and squeezed her eyes shut. Yup, he was definitely angry. "Why do you run from me?" He seethed at her.

She didn't answer him, and didn't dare to re-open her eyes. He tightened his grip on her wrists, and obviously cut off all circulation of her blood. She squealed as her eyes bulged, and she stared back into his eyes.

'How dare he?' She glared right back at him. "Because you're a creepy JERK, who doesn't know how to keep his filthy HANDS to HIMSELF!" she again fought to free herself, not wanting to know the wrath she'd have to face because of her words. With no prevail she looked again at his face. Its angry façade was replaced with a playful smirk.

He brought his lips down very close to her own letting his hot breath tickle her cheek. "Creepy eh? First time I've heard that…" and with that he pressed his lips against her own. Her body froze 'This is NOT happening! AND I'M SO NOT ENJOYING THIS!'

Sakura struggled to free herself, but his grip only tightened. She finally gave up and let him kiss her, as soon as she stopped struggling he loosened his grip on her wrists, and let them fall back to her side.

He licked her bottom lip begging entrance, 'Oh no WAY are you french kissing me!' She held her lips tight giving him no prevail. He grunted angrily at her disobedience, he dragged his fingers across her bare flesh on her arm, which caused her to shiver, her attention going to where his fingers lay on her arm. Her lips loosened and he took his chance pushing his tongue into her mouth, exploring every crevice in there. 'Mm Sweet' he murmurred more to himself than her.

Shesquirmed trying to ignore her inner feelings, of wanting so much to enjoy this, his poison kiss; and maybe even kiss him back. 'NO Sakura! This is WRONG, push him away! PUSH. HIM. AWAY!' The little devil known as Inner Sakura was actually giving her good advice for once, too bad Sakura wasn't listening.

Sakura moaned unintentionally, and she could practically feel him smirk against her lips. 'SAKURA! I'M WARNING YOU! GET AWAY!' Sakura finally seemed to listen to her annoying inner self, and brought her hands to his chest, ready to push him away. 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING! PUUUUSH!' Inner Sakura warned.

Her mysterious player, brought his tongue back into his mouth and pulled away slightly so he could look at her face, waiting for her to push him away, but it didn't come.

Sakura looked from his lips back to his eyes, and finally back to his lips again. Sakura so badly wanted to feel his tongue in her mouth again.She stared at his once deep red eyes, which now looked likeempty black holes. For a second he looked confused as to what she wanted. Then he saw it in her eyes, the small little glint of want…of need. He smirked and softly kissed her cheek before making a stop top nip herlips, then moved his lips to her jaw line, nipping slightly as he made his way down to her throat. Sucking it softly, he made a little red mark, he oddly felt the need to mark her as his own.

'Wait…this all seems a little too familiar.' Sakura told herself instinctively. 'It's like…de ja vu or something…' Sakura kept trying to remember where this scene had come to pass before. Sakura mentally snapped her fingers, 'I remember now! That movie…the one I went to watch with Ino and them! What was it called again..umm…umm…Blood of the last Vampire! That's the one' Sakura practically congratulated herself, if she hadn't realized that she was about to die!

Sakura's entire body tensed, and it hadn't gone unnoticed by her new friend. He removed his lips from her now very bruised tender neck, and kissed her lips again. "What's wrong?" he asked in mock innocence.

"You're…You're a Vampire!" Sakura cried out. And yet again, he pulled out his famous smirk.

"Aa" He replied, wanting to taste her blood so bad. He brought his lips back down to her tender neck ready to bite it.

"Don't…" Sakura whimpered, "Please…don't."

He frowned, never had he ever come across a girl who asked him NOT to take them, never in his life! Sure he didn't exactly know if his victims survived after he sucked them dry…probably not…and he sure didn't want to find out with this one.


"Sasuke…Please don't…"


His eyes widened, he pulled away from her entirely, and she wrapped her arms around herself instinctively the sudden cold hitting her like a wall. The first real human she'd seen on his face yet. Fear. He must have realized it and masked it instantly with anger.

He snarled, kissing her one last time before knocking her out, and catching her in his arms. "Stupid girl…" he muttered before walking off in the same direction she had been running too. And thus begins thestory of the fallen angel's sympathy to the devil.

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