Fallen Angel

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animeforever24love your chapter but then ...um...where did the topic about the angel thing come up?

Me: Aha! You shall find that out soon quickly! Perhaps even in this chapter! Maybe not Haven't decided ; well I'll give you a little hint Vampires are dark evil creepy things. Angels…are not dark creepy things D Fallen Angels…Fallen from the heavens…Lets say…Vampires are drawn to them .P

Onna OojiThought she was able to fight the bracelet? Anyway, keep writing! I really want to know what will happen next!
-Onna Ooji

Me: She can…but it's really stressful on her body and mental stamina and stuff, plus she'd probably look like an idiot doing in front of her classmates and stuff. Everyone has their egos! Plus she didn't feel like defying Sasuke cause he was scaring her with his glaring o.o;

Ayane Selznick Oh how nice. Vampires in modern days huh. I'd like to see what'll happen next. And what kind of fighting-for-Sakura are we going to read?

Me: I hope to answer your question and the story continues D

KuriousKutiexoxox: OMG the story is so good
but on the third chapter, wat u mean a pair of sharingan eyes were watching them? i mean like, isnt sasuke the 1 who hav the sharingan eyes?
so sry about the question but i got kinda confused hehe
update plz

Me: Ehhh well yes Sasuke does have Sharingan Eyes…but there is also someone who has sharingan eyes D I suppose this would be a spoiler to you if you haven't learned about…the other sharingan user…then I must warn you BEWARE! Nahaha I feel special.

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Chapter 4-

Sakura looked like a mess, she knew it, and she didn't look like she was about to do a thing about it; Big bags under her eyes, her hair astray. She looked like she had just woken up, which wasn't far from the truth, had she slept at all the night before. It was surprisingly hard to sleep knowing the person who was utterly possessive, more so than protective of you, was out on the hunt for blood. Sakura sighed inwardly, at least she knew Sasuke hadn't KILLED anyone.


Sasuke had his right legup on her window frame while the other wasbracing him on his toes beneath him,assumedly it looked more like he was about to jump out it, than he was having a quick stretch; just asSakura walked into her room after a quick shower, staring at him incredulously. 'Where are you going?" She asked hurriedly, startled by the fact that he was leaving. Hadn't that been what she wanted? That he'd just up and leave her alone for the rest of her life?

'Not until he gets this damn bracelet off first!' Inner Sakura reminded her, but in all honestly, Sakura knew that wasn't really the reason she half didn't want him to go. Though for the time being, this is what she decided she would tell herself, you know…for her own sanity and all.

Sasuke smirked as if being able to read her thoughts. "Relax cherry, I'm hungry. Unless you want me to stay." Sasuke's smirk widened as he raised his eyebrow suggestively. Sakura frowned.

"There's food, in the fridge, that is what it's there for you know, to hold food." A slight calm coming over her, as she realized he wasn't exactly leaving her.

"I thought we went over this, I'm a VAMPIRE, I don't eat left over pasta."

Sakura started to fidget, of course she knew he was a vampire, she just didn't WANT to register the fact that he'd killed probably millions. "There's…a raw steak in the freezer, I could defrost it, and you could suck all the blood out of that."

Sasuke frowned at her obviously incomprehensible suggestion. "That's barbaric, I'll have you know I'm a very high-class vampire, if people found out I was sucking blood out of a slab of dead cow, I'd be laughed at for eternity…literally."

Sasuke heard her mumble "yeah THAT'S what's barbaric." Before he nearly jumped out of the window, when Sakura rushed out to him and grabbed his arm.

"Wait…there's gotta be…some other way…I don't think I could look at you ever again if I knew you had just come back from sucking the life out of someone." Sakura replied staring at her toes.

"Well when you put it that way…" Sasuke sighed. "Fine I won't kill them."

Sakura quickly rose her head, with a new look of hope in her eyes, smiling brightly at him. "Really? You can do that?"

Sasuke didn't know whether it was the fact that her eyes were so bright with hope, or the fact that she trusted him so unconditionally that made his heart clench. He hadn't been serious about not killing the person, just planned to tell her that so she'd let him go, but now he knew he wouldn't be able to do any real killing tonight.

"Yeah…I promise." Sasuke said quietly. Sakura, if possible, smiled brighter at him letting go of his arm, half of him missing the warmth that spread through him so quickly at where she touched him. He quickly jumped out the window and into the night.

Little did she know, Sasuke had a very hard night of finding 5 lonely separate people, in order to fill his appetite. Where as it usually only took 1 or 2 people, but tonight he'd been exceptionally careful only to drain just enough blood that they'd still wake up the next morning.

End of recap

Class hadn't even started yet, and Sakura had very closely fallen a little more than half asleep, she slowly lifted her head off her arms and turned her head so she was facing Sasuke. She smiled sneakily, as she noticed Sasuke had leaned back in his chair, arms crossed over his chest, eyes closed, his breathing even. Sakura grinned, so he DID need to sleep. She quietly pulled out a permanent marker from her pencil case and uncapped it ready to draw whiskers on her 'owner', before a very familiar voice stopped her.

"What are you doing?" Sasuke asked her. Sakura quickly capped the lid and shoved it back inside her pencil case.


"I'm sure." Sasuke smirked. Sakura scowled and slumped back on her desk. Sasuke distinctly heard 'party pooper.' Before the teacher decided to make an appearance.

The rest of the morning classes, passed by quite dull, and slowly. Sasuke too tired to make suggestive comments to Sakura. Sakura to tired to pester Sasuke about his life.

Lunch came, and Sasuke couldn't help but notice all the looks the boys were giving her, and it quite certainly made his skin crawl with jealousy, it took a lot of self control not to shove his fist into their eye-sockets and pull out whatever he could. Why hadn't he noticed the way all these guys looked at her before? Oh riiight, he didn't caaare before. He could practically smell the pheromones, and that was not helping his appetite.

"Sasuke?" Sakura looked at him curiously, as he looked like he was attempting the theory, 'If looks could kill' technique at all her fellow students…well male students to put it correctly.

Sasuke blinked and turned his head towards her. "What?"

"Well if you weren't too busy, concerning yourself with the male population…. You know it's moments like these, I almost question your sexuality!" Sakura laughed, at her own joke. Sasuke quirked an eyebrow at her, slipping an arm around her waist.

"Want me to remind you?" Sasuke replied huskily, not waiting for an answer and kissing her right there in the middle of the courtyard, and much to Sasuke happiness, right in front of the noses of all those hormonal teenage boys. Sasuke wasn't so much sure if he kissed her just to make sure all the other boys knew that, this girl was his, just in case they didn't realize it by now, he would be more than happy to pound it into their hormone induced brains, or he just like the way she laughed and the way her lips felt so good on his.

He pulled back to watch Sakura's expression, which lately he found was his favourite pass-time. It went from Shocked, to tomato red, to frowning tomato head. To his dismay Sakura disentangled herself from his embrace.

"Well! Before you so rudely interrupted me, I was just about to tell you, I need to PEE." Sakura practically spat at him, crossing her arms in front of her chest. Sasuke's eyes danced with amusement, he really never met a girl like her before…and even if he'd never admit it, she was quite captivating, with all her little quirks.

"Well then, Shall I escort you?" Sasuke replied. Sakura stared at him, waiting for him to say 'I'm joking!' and when he obviously wasn't going too, her eyebrows knit as she deepened her frown.

"No thanks Sasuke, I'm a big girl now, I know how to get to the toilet." And with that she marched off.

If Sasuke had his way, he would not only escort her to the bathroom, but he would stand guard in front of her stall, and just plainly protect her from any filthy boys that tried to get within a 1 mile radius of her. But following her into the girls washroom probably wasn't the best way to get on her good side, so Sasuke begrudgingly sighed and plopped himself down on a picnic table close to where she left him, all while watching closely and counting the heads of all the boys, making sure none of them got out of line and tried to follow her to the bathroom.

5 minutes passed, Sasuke remained seated, but clearly flustered by her inane plot to pee as long as possible.

10 minutes passed. Sasuke started to pace the area in front of the picnic table, many stopping to stare at him. Many coming to flirt with him, which he 'nicely' waved off. With a growl.

15 minutes passed. And his patience quickly vanished.

"THAT'S IT!" He hollered, flinging his arms up in an exasperated motion, birds flying off their posts in the trees, chirping angrily as they flew overhead. Sasuke stomped off into the direct vicinity that not 15 minutes earlier Sakura disappeared into.

Sasuke grabbed the first girl who dared walk too close to him in his fiery mood. "Tell me where the girl's washroom is before I snap you like a twig.' The girl shook, clearly flustered and pointed the way towards the washroom with the 'Girl's' sign on it. He threw her angrily from him, and continued to stomp his way there, taking out his anger on the innocent grass beneath him.

He nearly tore the door from it's hinges, and he ignored the 'School Policy' board, which stated that no one from the opposite gender was allowed to enter the other sexes washroom, with risk of suspension.

He came face to face with an empty bathroom, not a single toilet flushing. Sasuke counted to ten, and wandered around the washroom. No pink silly thing, hiding from behind a stall. Growing angry he decided she must have tried to run away from him. Well that was simple to fix, he tried to call the bracelet to get her to come to him. Nothing. If he couldn't reach her, that must've meant she wasn't in a 1 km radius from him. He frowned, and turned slightly, a flash of red and white in the corner of his eye.

He turned fully to it, and realized it was the Uchiha Fan, with nothing but a small strip of paper clinging to it, as it stuck to the bathroom's mirror.

Dear Brother,

I've caught your little angel, still haven't marked her? Getting soft brother? Fallen in love? Well it is no wonder, what a surprise to realize you came face to face with a Fallen Angel. And before I did too! Probably didn't even realize It, did you brother? Well no matter, she's mine now.

Sasuke growled and hissed incoherently crumpling the letter in his fist.

"She's MINE."