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"Janet!" Sam whined as she took another look at herself in the mirror.

Janet walked into her bedroom and looked at the pouting woman. "What?" she asked in the same tone she used with her teenage daughter.

Sam turned to Janet and pointed to the 'sweater' the other woman had picked out. "I cannot wear this out of the house. It's practically non-existent!"

The doctor looked at her friend and shook her head with a sigh, "Sam, you look great. I don't see what the problem is."

"The problem is that if I wear this, people will stare at me!"

When Sam said this, Janet was truly at odds, "Sam, we're going on a girl's night out – you want to turn heads."

Rolling her eyes, the Lieutenant Colonel turned again to the mirror, knowing she wasn't going to get out of wearing the barely there top that night. Studying her reflection, her appearance began to grow on her. Janet had dressed the other Air Force officer in a navy blue halter-top sweater that showed off Sam's light complexion and toned abs. It had a dip neck that stopped just short of revealing 'too much' skin. The sweater's back started right below her shoulder blades and revealed the tattoo she bore of Earth's point of origin by her right shoulder blade. It ended right above her navel and together with the low-rise black slacks she was wearing, showed off a good three inches of Sam's mid-drift.

"Fine, Janet. By the way, where are we going?" asked Sam, causing Janet to smile in relief.

"Oh, well, I thought we'd try out that club on the corner of Main and Humming. You know, the one with that really good band that performs twice a month?"

Sam stopped in her tracks as se put an earring into her ear, "The one that's practically impossible to get into on the nights that band's playing? Not to mention the food is said to be magnificent."

Janet grinned, "Yep, that's the one. Cassie's teacher, Mr. Nystom, got me a reservation. Apparently his sister works there."

"Not to mention that he likes you."

"Hi, Jack."

"What, Daniel?"

"What are you doing tonight?"

"I'm busy, why?"

"Simpson's and beer busy, date busy, or work busy?"

Jack thought about lying and telling him that he had a date, but when he thought about it he was working, "Work busy."

"Oh, okay."


"Oh, nothing. I just wanted to know if you wanted to go grab a beer or something."

"Daniel, you don't like beer. Janet doing something?"

"Yeah, she's out with Sam. Apparently they're due for a girls' night out."

While Jack thought this news a bit interesting, he was expecting someone any minute. "Try Teal'c. He's probably free."

"Okay, bye, Jack."

"Bye, Danny."

As Jack hung up his cell phone, there was a knock on his front door. He went to answer it, knowing who was on the other side.

"Hey, Steve," Jack greeted the slim man warmly. Seeing the bald man was alone, Jack questioned, "Where's Mike, Andy and Joe?"

Steve smiled, his face taking on an almost boyish appearance with the act. "They're in Andy's car so they can pick up Rose and Scarlet. You ready to go?" he asked, taking in the bag at Jack's feet.

"Yeah, just let me lock up."

"So, how's your month been going, Jack?" Steve asked as they got into his little black Volvo and took off down the road.

Jack looked at the younger man next to him, "It's been going pretty good, especially because it just started."

"How's that woman you keep talking about… Carter I think that's what you called her."

"She's fine, I guess. It just sucks that I'm her boss."

Steve winced in sympathy, "I know what you mean. My parents spent three years in prison because of the frat regs." He turned and grinned at Jack, "I was born one year later."

Jack glanced at the younger man, sizing him up again. "When were you born?"


"Ah. Yeah, that was a great year for me. I was on live right after finishing my Special Forces training."

"What year were you born in, Jack?"

"So, what songs are we doing tonight?"

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