A/N: As per the request, here is the epilogue. I hope you like it - 'cause this is IT. I'm not writing more for you guys unless you're more specific about what you want!
Sam smirked as she saw the crowd trickle into the already packed club. From her vantage point near the stage, she could see General Hammond enter, followed rather closely by SG-3 – the Marines. She shuddered to think of what they would put Jack through after this night.

The announcer, Sam now knew was named Eric, came out on stage, whistling at the crowd. He winked down at Sam, "All these guys from your work?"

Sam grinned, "Most of them."

"Thanks, we can use the extra business." Eric motioned for quite and Sam went to sit down at the same table Janet and she had sat at the first night.

"I'd like to welcome everyone here from NORAD to tonight's performance. And without further ado, I'd like to introduce 'JJ and the Captains'!"

As the band went on stage, the civilian members just widened their eyes in shock at the vast turn out. Usually the club was packed when they performed – but this was sardine can packed. Literally no standing room available.

Jack sighed and shook his head at the sight. He walked to his microphone, picked up his guitar and asked, "Is there anyone left on the base?"

"Skeleton crew, Colonel!" Ferretti shouted back. "No one could really believe it when we heard."

Jack grinned, "Is there anyone in the audience who is not from Cheyenne Mountain?"

A couple in the front row of tables raised their hands, looking very uncomfortable. Jack smiled at them, "Thank you for coming, and please ignore the rest of the crowd." He turned to his co-workers, "Do none of you have any shame?" Without waiting for a response, he nodded to Andy, who started to play the first song of the night – 'Shameless'. "This is dedicated to Danny and Janet. It was his request, Doc' – it's from him, not me!"

Jack started to sing and all of his subordinates were awe-struck at his skill and talent both with the guitar and with his voice. Hammond smiled evilly, he'd known all along. As Jack played 'Time to Remember' Hammond wondered when the wedding was going to be. The general made his way over to the corner Ferretti had commandeered and placed a bet for a wedding date in two months – if he knew his goddaughter is was that she wasn't one who waited very patiently for things within her grasp.

Hammond had been only half right the night ninety percent of the SGC went out clubbing together. Sam hated waiting when she saw the finish line – but she was more impatient than George had originally thought.

The day after the second performance of JJ and the Captains, Sam and Jack marched into Hammond's office together. Both were carrying manila envelopes that they placed on Hammond's desk, right in front of him.

Hammond was on the phone with the President when the two walked in, but as soon as he saw the title on the envelopes, he said, "Mr. President, they just walked in. I'll have to call you back, sir," and hung up the phone. Hammond looked at the envelopes, and then back to Sam and Jack, "What's this?"

Jack smiled, "Our resignations from active duty, sir."


Sam looked at the older man quizzically, "You of all people know why those envelopes are on your desk, General."

George met her eyes, "Yes, I do know why, but I want to hear it from your mouths."

Sam looked down uncomfortably as Jack began, "Well, sir, we both figured out what we want and decided to get it."

"Will the two of you be leaving the SGC?"

"Not if you have civilian positions available, George," Jack said with a smirk as he emphasized the word 'civilian'.

Hammond pretended to be deep in thought, "Well…the science department will need a new head soon – Dr. McElroy is retiring. And there is a sudden need for a tactical advisor to train new recruits and old ones in strategy. Seeing how many times you've gotten into and out of tough scraps Jack, I think you're perfect for the job. Of course, this does mean very limited 'Gate travel."

Sam smiled, "If we're going to be having children 'Gate travel would be out for me anyway."

"Yeah, what she said," Jack added lamely.

Hammond smiled, "I'll inform the President – you two better go inform Ferretti and the rest of your team. You're resignations are effective immediately." As the two lovebirds darted out of Hammond's office, he chuckled, picking up the red phone again. "Yes, Mr. President, they just left…I'm glad you enjoyed listening in, sir. If they ever find out you were on speaker phone the whole time I may not live to see any of their children…"