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AN: Sorry for taking so long but I had to find a reasonable plot. Plus I wanted to finish "Life Goes On". In "Koji's Son" I kept having trouble connecting Rad to Koji because they hardly had any time together so fair warning there will probably be a lot of Rad and Koji interaction as soon as I figure out how to do it.

Chapter 1

"Onii-chan, they're crying again" Sono moaned sleepily. As much as he loved not being the youngest anymore, he loved his sleep more. He and his brothers shared a room on the other side of the house from the nursery but the sound carried in the usually quiet house.

"Mom and Dad will take care of them. Just put your headphones on" Rad advised his brother sleepily as he rolled out of bed. His parents insisted that he didn't have to help with the girls when they woke up at night but they all knew that an extra set of arms were needed with triplets. When they girls had been newborns their father could rock two of them at a time, but now they were three months old. If Rad didn't help, one of his sisters who have to cry her self to sleep, which he knew wasn't a pleasant experience no matter what age you were.

As he neared the nursery he heard his father singing "Hush Little Baby". It was the only English lullaby his father, Koji Onishi, knew. He'd learned it from the Lopez family (AN: Carlos' family. He says his last name in Energon) when Sono and Axel had been newborns. He didn't sing it to his children often since they all seemed to preferred the soft lullabies that Rad remembered hearing often during the part his childhood that was spent in Tokyo.

Rad entered the nursery and immediately went to his youngest sister's crib. Lita, the youngest was the only one who, like Rad, had inherited their grandmother's blonde hair.

As soon as he picked her up she stopped crying and curled up against her brother's chest. She, for some reason they couldn't really explain, was only ever comforted by the sound of her brother's heartbeat.

His father was rocking the oldest, Xandra, who had inherited her looks from her mother. Xandra seemed to take after the twin's personality wise. She'd teleported Lita into the middle of the zoo a few weeks before. Luckily his grandmother was an expert at erasing memories.

His mother was rocking Eris, who resembled her namesake in personality and would probably grow up to look just like her grandmother, except for her hair. She had their father's hair.

"Did they wake the twins?" his father asked.

"Just Sono. Axel sleeps like the dead" Rad replied with a smile.

T-Ai watched her son. She couldn't help but notice that he got more and more like his father everyday. He was a natural with children, although she hoped he'd wait longer than she and Koji had to start a family. She'd never regret having him but it had been hard having a baby while still in school. They'd been lucky that Koji's parents had helped support them until Koji graduated high school.

She thought back to five months ago when Rad had been rescued from Megatron, past and present. T-Ai had never felt so scared as when Koji had appeared in the infirmary with their battered son, unconscious in his arms. Once she'd been sure that Rad's injuries weren't life threatening she'd started to worry that he'd been mentally or emotionally traumatized. But like his father Rad's kind manner hid his true strength. Other than his physical injuries Rad had come out unfazed.

She hoped Megatron and his Deceptacons had learned not to mess with her family. She didn't want to see any of her children hurt like that again.

Megatron wasn't happy. Every time he'd tried to use the Requiem Blaster in the past five months, it had refused to comply. It even refused to shoot Thrust, Damnit.

It had all started right after their trip to the past. He would bet his entire army that it was something that that boy had done. Starscream and Wheeljack had said. He'd linked with it or something.

"Wheeljack! Starscream! Get in here now!"

"I'm starting to feel like a Mini-van" Sideburn complained as Rad strapped Lita's car seat into his back seat.

"It would be easier if you were. Then we could take Xandra and Eris when they get better" Rad said

"But how am I suppose to pick up chicks with a back seat full of kids?"

"Your not. Why do you think Optimus has you driving us when I usually hang out with Hot Shot and the twins like Ultra Magnus better?" Rad asked.

"Hump" Sideburn pouted indignantly.

"Think of it this way. Girls like a family man" the twins said at the same time.

"You think so?" Sideburn asked.

"Yeah. Why do you think all the women always look at Daddy when he goes out places".

"You right that's got to be it. There's no other possible way he could get that kind of attention," Sideburn thought out loud.

"Hey!" Koji yelled out the open, second story window.

"My husband is very good looking" T-Ai yelled out too. They could see her pull Koji in for a kiss and saw her reach over and shut the blinds.

"No wonder they have so many kids" Sideburn internally shook his head.

"Sono, Axel, did one of you get the baby bag?" Rad asked.

"Yes" Axel handed over the bag gratefully. The duckies and teddy bears on it weren't his style.

"Pile in" Rad said after checking to make sure they had enough diapers and baby formula for the day. The twins sat on both sides of Lita like guards and Rad climbed into the driver seat despite Sideburn's grumbling.

"So Scourge tried to make the boy activate the Minicon but the boy linked with it instead," Megatron said deep in thought. Then he slammed his fist onto the armrest of his throne. "He probably did something to it then and it kicked in when he reentered our time!"

"So what are we going to do about this Megatron?" Starscream asked.

"Get the boy to fix it" Megatron said simply.

"How? We tried forcing him to do what we wanted before. It didn't work too well," Wheeljack reminded him.

"I'll find away"

AN: I'm going to try to run two stories at once since I got hit with a major inspiration for the sequel to "Life Goes On". I'm also going to start revising my other stories soon.