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Chapter 16

The blood curling screams of the three demons had long since faded from the cave, though Rad could still hear them.

He was in control of his body momentarily but he could feel The Patriarch awake just under the surface. This was both good and bad, all things considered. On one hand this meant The Patriarch would probably fully merge with him soon and this would all be over. On the other hand, this meant that he had absolutely no way to predict when the Patriarch was going to surface. It would only take seconds for him to take control instead of minutes. There would also be no physical difference between them. The lines on his face had disappeared but the streaks of brown in his hair still remained.

His friends would have no way of knowing The Patriarch from him.

'Don't worry. I'll let them know which one of us it is right before they die' The Patriarch whispered cruelly in the back of Rad's mind.

Rad just whimpered and curled up into a tighter ball.

In the playpen set up on the far side of the Command Center, Lita sat quietly unnoticed by all. Her chubby little face had taken on a look of serious concentration that was out of place on an infant.

With out anybody noticing the baby teleported out.

Alexis sat dejectedly in the Warp Room. This is where everything began five months ago. Rad getting sucked into this gate and back to the past had set in motion the events that led to realizing there was more to Rad than she though.

Alexis sighed, glaring at the Warp Gate.

"Penny for your thoughts kid" Eris said standing at the door.

Alexis looked up at the older woman. "It's nothing" she told her simply.

"Girl, you may be pretty young and I seriously hope you're not already planning for the long term, but right now you care for my grandson. And it's not easy when the men in your life are put in danger because of some power mad idiot. Trust me, that's the story of my married life. All two thousand years of it." Eris said.

"How do you deal with it?" Alexis asked.

"Me, I usually go out and kill whatever's threatening my family. And when that doesn't work I'm forced to dip into my angelic patience. God knows I've got it in endless supply or else there'd be some dead demons and archangels in my family" Eris allowed a small smile.

"What if you don't that much patience?" Alexis asked, not reassured.

"Do what you species does best. Adapt, endure. It's what made the human race what it is today. Trust me, you were originally supposed to be slightly more intelligent apes, not the dominant species of the planet" Eris shrugged.

Alexis stared at her. "Just out of curiosity, how old are you?" she asked.

"Pushing three million, but don't tell my husband. He thinks he's older"

"How old is he?"

"One million and proud of it" Eris chuckled.

"Rara?" Lita called out in the cave she'd sensed her brother's presence in. "RARA!" she called much louder. She knew her brother was here and she wanted to see him now.

"Rara?" She asked finally spotting her brother's shivering form in the corner. Her brother looked up at her with strange eyes, almost begging for a release from some pain.

Lita reached out her hand towards him, and then a strange light flew out of her hand and into her brother causing him to lose consciousness.

Rad felt someone gently stroking his forehead and heard his mother's voice.

"Why didn't you call me sooner?"

"I didn't really have a choice. By the time I got around to warning the Autobots The Patriarch had showed up already. After that things went to hell in a hand basket" Rad heard his father's voice answer.

"You could have at least woke me up before you left" T-Ai pointed out.

"I figured you needed you rest after this morning" Koji chuckled.

"Eww" Rad grunted finally opening his eyes.

"You picked a nice time to wake up son" Koji commented backing away from his wife; they'd obviously been about to kiss.

"I aim to please" he said sitting up. "What happened anyway? The last thing I remember is The Patriarch monologueing, then Lita showing up"

"Apparently your sister felt you were in trouble and tracked you down to give you an energy boost to fully merge with The Patriarch" Koji explained.

"You mean he's gone?" Rad asked.

"No, he's part of you now, fully. No split personality syndrome or whatever" Koji said.

"Yippee" Rad deadpanned.


"What now?" T-Ai groaned.

"Where's the boy Prime?" Megatron demanded waving the Requiem Blaster around.

"Which boy?" Carlos piped up.

"Well obviously not you" Megatron growled.

"But there's me, the twins, Billy, Fred, and Rad. You really need to specify" Carlos pointed out

"That Boy!" Megatron yelled pointing at Rad as he entered the room with his parents. "You! What did you do to the Requiem Blaster?"

"I didn't do anything to it" Rad said, wondering how Megatron got in.

"Then why isn't it working!"

"Beeep Beep Beep!" The Requiem Blaster spilt up into its Minicon team who then ran to hug Rad.

"Hi guys" Rad smiled hugging them back. Meanwhile everyone else stood dumbfounded.

Megatron sputtered trying to think of something to say. "Bu—bu-but…What the HELL?"

"Awww" Sideswipe cooed. "They missed him!"

"They missed him! They've refused to do the slightest bit of work BECAUSE THEY MISSED HIM! WHY I OUGHT TO ----" Megatron was cut off by the Requiem Blaster reforming and aiming at him "---GO home!" he finished before fleeing.

"That was odd?" Hot Shot commented.

"And what about to day hasn't?" Scavenger asked.

"Nothing really"


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