We'll land on every foreign shore
Though we've not long to stay...
- From "Flrying With The Eagles"

Chapter 9

Think About It

Jimmy shook his head. Did he just tell Cindy he loved her? She didn't hear you, you dolt! You should have told her while you had the chance!

Shut-up! That wasn't really me. I-it was just caused by the effects of the love potion!

Whatever you say. You're just too afraid to admit it to her face that you love her.

I-I am not!

"Maybe Cindy's right. Maybe I have been working down here too long," Jimmy sighed and looked around the lab before heading for the door.


Cindy was in the liging room, sitting on the couch. "Hey, Cindy," Jimmy greeted.

She practically jumped up from her seat when she heard his voice. "Neutron! What are you--" She grew shocked when he kissed her. "Neutron!"

Jimmy gave her a loving smile. "It's okay, Cind. We don't have to hide our feelings to each other anymore. I love you."

He began to fade away...

Cindy's eyes snapped open. "Jimmy, wait! I--" She shook her head, looking around the eerily quiet living room. "It-it was a dream...but it felt so real..."

"Hey, Cindy," Jimmy greeted, walking into the living room.


"Yes, Vortex?" He joked, heading into the kitchen. "Where did they set my food?"

"It's already in the microwave."

Cindy paused, watching him closely. "Jimmy?" She started as he sat down at the table.

"What is it, Cindy?"

"We can tell each other anything, right?" Jimmy nodded, looking at her. "Jimmy, please, tell me what's going on. I need to know if this is another one of your tricks like last Valentine's Day or if you really mean it this time."

Jimmy lowered his gaze to his plate. "I don't know if I can."

"Jimmy, please," Cindy pleaded, clutching something in her right hand.

Jimmy grew silent for the next few minutes before closing his eyes. "I can't. I'm sorry, Cindy."

Tears formed in Cindy's eyes as she watched Jimmy begin to eat. "I-I--" She paused slightly, holding something in both of her hands now. "I HATE you, Jimmy Neutron!"


Tad and Chad exchanged looks as they watched Danny try to put the moves on Valerie. "Um, Danny, is something going on that I should know about?" Valerie asked.

Danny appeared innocent. "No, no! Everything's fine!" He replied, scooting closer to her.

Timmy stood up from the couch and walked into the kitchen. Cosmo and Wanda appeared in front of him. "What's wrong, Sport?" Wanda asked.

"Something's still not right. Everyone is acting all crazy. It's like--"

"It's like all of a sudden you wake up one morningto find out that almost everyone you know is in love?" Cosmo asked, innocently.

"Exactly! Hey, how did you know?" Timmy asked, staring at him.

"Oh, I just...know things!"

Timmy jumped when he heard a thud and returned to the living room to find Danny lying on the ground with a dazed look on his face. "Dude, you okay?"

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine!"
Valerie looked around her, uneasily. "Okay, that was too close!" She muttered, quickly leaving the house.


"Cindy, come on! You don't really hate Jimmy," Libby started, trying to comfort her best friend.

"Yes, I do! He won't fess up about what's going on! He won't even look at me!" Cindy declared through sobs.

"That's only because he's afraid, girlfriend. You gotta give him another chance."

"You don't get it, Libbs. I've been trying to get him to tell me. Goddard showed me some things and I keep hearing Jimmy confession from last Valentine's Day. It just hurts, you know?"

Libby stared at her, crossing her arms. "Oh, yeah? Well, if you hate him so much like you say you do, then why do you still have that pearl he gave you on that island?"

Cindy rolled the pearl between her fingers before clutching it in her hands again. "Because it's precious to me."

Libby rolled her eyes. "Uh, huh. I just got one thing to say to you...Give Jimmy another chance. Who knows, maybe he'll finally come around..Aahh! Sheen, cut it out!"

Sheen had just hugged Libby from behind. "Does my Ultra Babe not like her hug?" he asked, slyly, jumping on the couch beside her.

"Sheen...what did I tell you about the comments when our friends are around us?"

Sheen looked around the room before looking back at Libby, innocently. "To cool it?"

Libby smiled at him, giving him a small peck on the cheek. "And what are we gonna do?"

"Uh...cool it on the comments?"

"That's the Sheen I know."

Cindy rolled her eyes and stood up from her seat, wiping her eyes. "I'm gonna go back to the Fenton's house, Libbs. I'll call you later."

"Gonna think about what I said, girl?" Libby asked, gently.
"Yeah, I will..."

to be continued...