Just A Rainy Day

Ch. 1

Riza and Roy stumbled into the central library, it was cold and raining out. Roy sat down at a table. He brushed his hair a little, getting some of the water out. Riza took her hair pen out and let her hair fall down. She shook her head and the water came out. She put her hair back up quickly. Roy mumbled "I hate the rain,". "Really I love the rain," Riza said with a smile. Roy raised his eyebrow in surprise.

Riza's face went back to normal. She looked down at her hands, that's what she always did when she felt nervous. Roy sighed as the lights flickered. Riza couldn't help is, she put her hand on Roy's. His eyes widened in surprise. "Uh hands cold," she said weakly. "It's okay," He said. Riza looked up with him and smiled. It was the first time Roy had noticed it but he thought she looked beautiful when she smiled. He smiled and took her hand.

At first she was surprised, but then she looked up at him and smiled. Roy slowly moved closer to her. "Hey what are you two doing?" Some one asked. They both turned around and standing in front of them was Maes Hughes. They quickly moved away from each other. "He was simply telling me how he radiates heat from him hand to use alchemy," Riza said in her regular tone.

'She's good' Roy thought. "Oh really, is that why both of you are still holding hands," Hughes said with a smirk. "Uh," both of them said, quickly letting go. "I have to go," Riza said trying to hide the blush that was on her face. She grabbed her black jacket and walked out of the library. "Come on we can talk about it over dinner, Gracia is making apple pie," Hughes said. Roy sighed, he had to go no one could resist Gracia's apple pie.

They both walked out of the library, they walked down the road in silence. The rain had gone down to a light drizzle. Roy and Hughes walked into his house. "Oh hello Roy," Gracia said when they both walked into the kitchen. "Hey, Gracia." Roy said with a smile. He sat down and waited for Hughes to start nagging him. "So are you and Hawkeye, like what." Hughes asked when everyone sat down to eat. Gracia listened to everything they had to say, of course Gracia and Riza where good friends.

"I don't know Hughes," Roy said taking a bit of chicken. "How can you not know, do you want to marry her or not?" Hughes asked, well kinda yelled. "Okay you want to know the truth, I love her. I can't stop thinking about her. I want to spend the rest of my life with her, I've fallen head over heels in love with Riza Hawkeye," Roy yelled. He looked his good friend dead in the eyes. "Holy shit, you aren't kidding." Hughes said. Roy looked down at his plate of food.

Gracia had a smile on her face. Hughes was stunned, and Roy was surprised he had admitted something like that. "Yeah, Hughes I'm serious," Roy said looking up at him. "Wow, Roy you got to tell her," Hughes said with a smile. "NO," Roy yelled. "What, why not," Gracia yelled standing up. Roy and Hughes looked at her surprised. "Roy, I think you should tell her, it's better to have loved then never have," Gracia said getting up.

"Gracia what do you know that we don't?" Hughes asked. "Uh," She said. She turned around and looked at them. Gracia looked up and then down, "I don't know anything," She said. "You're lying," Hughes said. Roy got on one side, "What do you know?" Roy asked. "I don't know anything," Gracia said with a nervous smile.

"Tell me, tell me." Hughes said with a puppy dog eyes. "I already told you I don't know," Gracia said. The phone rang, "It's for me," Gracia said quickly grabbing the phone. "Hi," Gracia said. She looked at the boys and then walked out of the room. "So you're telling me, that you LOVE, Riza Hawkeye," Hughes said with a smile. "Yes," Roy said looking down. "Out of all the woman in central it has to be the one I can't get." He said with a sigh.

'I'm going to get them together no matter what' Hughes thought. He smirked, 'I got the perfect plan too'. "I don't know what it is Hughes, I just. I don't know anymore." Roy said as he looked up at his friend. Hughes laughed a little, "Maybe you should call your father," Hughes said. "NO, that is one think I can't do," Roy said. Hughes was surprised, "I see, you haven't talk to your father still," Hughes said. "Yeah, I don't think I can talk to him," Roy said.

There was a loud giggling noise from the living room. Hughes and Roy looked at each other in surprise. They got up and walked out of the room. They walked into the living room. "Yeah so see ya then," Gracia said hanging up the phone. She smiled, "Tomorrow, me and you are going on a date with my friend, and you have to bring a date for her," Gracia said getting up and walking out of the room.


Riza smiled hanging up the phone, "Mommy is going on a date tomorrow," Riza said looking at the puppy that lay on her bed. "Okay, okay I know you're tired." She said getting in the bed. She yawned and laid down. "Night Black Hayate," She said. She fell asleep quickly.


Roy on the other hand laid wide awake. He had the biggest house in central, but he lived alone, no wife, no kids, no animals. He looked over at his side. There on his night stand was a picture. It was him and Riza, It was her first day at work and Hughes got a picture. He looked at Riza's face. Then he wished he would have said something else to her. Roy fell asleep thinking about Riza.


It was 7 in the morning. Roy walked into the office early. Riza, Fuery, and Falman walked into the office. He sat down at his desk. Riza was looking down at a book. She was skimming over the pages. The door swung open. Havoc came prancing into the room. "Guess what?" he said. Everyone looked up at him. "I got a date tonight," he said with a smile. Roy clapped. "I'm so proud," He said. "I got one too," Roy said with a smile.

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How was that. My first FMA fic. I liked it. XD. Me and my sister made it up when we where waiting for the school play. XD.

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