Author's Note: These drabbles don't tell a larger story. I wrote and titled each one individually, so there's no particular benefit to reading them all in the order presented here. Read five, or fifteen, or fifty of them at random—it's entirely up to you. :)

Karkaroff watched Viktor escort the unfamiliar girl up towards the top table with no shortage of consternation. Refusing to tell a soul his partner's identity and then showing up with a Hogwarts girl—!


It could be worse, he reasoned. After all, the Beauxbatons champion was with a Hogwarts student, too.

"That's Hermione Granger with your Viktor," Dumbledore supplied, having noticed Karkaroff's attentions. "Very bright girl, exceptionally talented – best in her year. And quite charming, too. Do you know, both her parents are Muggles?"

Karkaroff didn't even pretend to smile. He was fairly certain he was having an aneurysm.