Adventure of a young warrior

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A/N- for some reason I decided to write a OC story, now to be honest I don't know what side he will fight for, or who will win the war for the three kingdoms. That also means I don't know who his friends and enemies will be or who he will fall in love with. Well it just a work in progress, please review your thoughts.


It was a bright a sunny day outside the leafs were blowing across the ground, and people walked through the streets with ease, and with almost no worry in the world. The town was small it only had 4 streets that all came together near the market in the middle of the town. That is where you would find the average person searching for the food they wanted which were in always there. To them their really was not much of a worry to think about the most stress for things were having kids, raising cows, and generally just growing older. This was not to say the town was not part of the outside world, it was, but things that were taking place in far off places did not matter in the small town. They were proud members of the Han empire, but that did mean they were going to take a active role in the empire, there were thousand of cities, most more then likely larger. Also they were a southern city placed 500 miles from the ocean. So when the Yellow Turbans began to rise, it took 3 months for the new to reach, and that was only a month ago.

After a council of elders talked about rather if they should send me, they choose against it, and told everyone not to worry that heaven was on the side of the Han. The people of the town all most all accepted the statement the elders had said. Plus all the conflict was far to the north, far away from where they lived and breathed. It would take way to long to get their, and it was possible the volunteers would get their far to late to be any help at all in the fight. This though was not the feeling of everyone in the town, in fact our hero was of a different mind set.

In a small little rundown hut, a teen lived, he was just in his 16th year of his life, yet he had already gone though much more then the normal teen. He had lost both of his parents to illness before he was 4 years old. Not having parents to look after him, the boy walked around the town looking for help, his small frame looking very said and a bit pathetic. Well luckily for him the town was very caring and he parents were well loved before they died. He boy grew up running around the fields around the town, teaching himself swordsmanship. Learn from the town's elders, the eldest, Xi Chu showed the kid everything he knew of politics and general knowledge before he past away just a year before this moment. The teen had been really bored ever since his mentor passed away. It seemed more and more like there was nothing in the town for him to do, and any reason to stay. A week after he heard the new about the fight, he decided he would leave, but he had to wait to gather the supplies to be able to leave, and work to get most of them.

That day, inside that little run down hut, that boy was sleeping in late, making sure he was well rested for his journey. He slowly lifted out of bed. The teenage was stood at around 5'9 when he was standing up. He then looked at the cracked mirror that was not to far from his bed. When he looked in the mirror, he saw a teen who was pretty skinny, with a very light muscle mass his face had a noble looked to it, and also one of a person who a great confidence in himself. He looked into deep dark eyes, and hair that he swept back into a long pony tail with his hands. He then walked over to a old wooden box on the foot of his bed, and pulled out grey riding pants, and a long white cloth shirt, both which had given to him by the town tailor a week before. He put on the soft clothes and rolled up the shirt and pants a bit from where he would know that it was to big for him to grow into. He then grabbed his old boots which looked like new because of the care he gave to them. He slide them on his feet and walked over to the walk and grabbed a old looking have rusted sword that had a simple iron handle. The sword was carried by the last member of his town to come back from battle. He got it for 10 hours of field work.

He made his way out of the small hut after grabbing a red traveling blanket that it took him a week to earn, and two weeks for the tailor to make for him, along with an red sash which held his sword. He walked down the street to a old barn. A old man with a simple straw hat was standing in front of the building, when he saw the teen walk towards him, he smiled, thinking how much spirit the kid had in him, and how he admired him to a large degree for his actions. Even if it all did seem a bit foolish as well.

"Well um where is my horse, Xin," the teen said looking at the man.

"Well Tan, the horse is ready for you, are you sure that you want to do this, I mean you can live here in peace for as long as you want, and the whole town is going to miss you," Xin said knowing he could not change the boys mind.

"Not, I have to go, I have to see what is out there, I love this town, but I have to do something, I just feel it in my soul, I have to go do something, what I have no clue, but I have to do something," Tan said looking the old man in the eye.

"Well good luck then kid, your going to need it," Xin said opening the door for the boy.

Tan walked in and saw that there was his horse. A old horse with a white coat with black spots. he was not the best looking or fastest horse, but he was the only one he could afford to get, and the town did have many horse in general. He throw his stuff on the horse, and grabbed his blanket for ridding and throw it on the horse and rode ride down the road. He mind racing about the things he would see and get to do.

The old man shook his head, well, Lu Tan, what will your role in this world, be will they remember this town cause you came from here, or will you just be another young death."

He watch the teen ride off, sure it would not be the later.