Harry Potter

By: NelleFang-Slayer

Harry is the boy who lived.

He lives now because of the love given

By his mother to save his life,

And Voldemort couldn't kill him with all his strive.

Each new year at school,

Harry learns more of why he's cool.

He survived the killing curse,

Something he wishes to reverse.

He has great friends that he can trust.

Learning and helping each other is a must.

Ron and Hermione are Harry's family,

They've been through so much; even tragedies.

Voldemort is still out there

And Harry won't stop or even stare.

With Ron and Hermione right by his side,

Good and Evil will collide.

The end is coming every so near,

So close that everyone can hear.

With Dumbledore gone it's plain to see,

That Harry and his friends' are what's left to be.

Harry and his friends are the last hope

And certainly none of them are dopes.

They have more power all combine,

Then Voldemort will ever find.

So when in trouble, look to your friends.

And it will ensure to make amends.