­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Hello! I am so happy that you are reading this, but I think I should give you a fair warning. One, this is my first Fan Fic, so don't think me to be this awesome writer who knows what their doing! I am just a person who likes to write and wants to know what other people think of my writing. Two, If you love to correct spelling than this is the story for you. I am sorry but, I do horribly with spelling due to the fact that when going over my work I see only what I think I put, not what I really did. Third, while I write for my enjoyment I don't exactly know where this story is going. Don't worry, I know the end (or two possible endings) so please just keep reviewing and it might help me decide, in the end, what really happen. Overall please, just enjoy!

I walked down the street lost in my own world. I didn't see the people scurrying about, I didn't hear thier busy chatter, or cries for one to buy their product. I walked in the world of my own, thinking only about the book I had just finished. I am an orphan, so we don't have a lot of kj's, but for Christmas, I got my hands on a most wonderful book had just finished, for the third time! 'Ella Enchanted' written but Queen Ella herself! It was my favorite, not to mention, only book I own. Has King Char read it? I wondered to myself. What did he think when he found out Ella had been reading his journal and letters through her book that Mandy gave her?' I laughed to myself, how would I feel?

Thud! I walked into someone, before I could right myself, I felt a tingling all over me. My head pounded and my all the sound in my ears blurred. I fell to my knees felling pain all over my body, I wanted to cry but seemed to be able to do nothing. When the tingling and such finally stopped I was in a ally way looking at a girl, about my age.

"I'm sorry." I managed to mutter in my state of shock.

"Never mind that, are you ok?" The girl looked hopeful.

"I am now, before though I felt so odd. A tingling, and pain all over… but that is gone now." I did feel better as though nothing had ever happened. I knew somthing had though, and was starting to wonder what. As for the girl, her face it went from hopeful to devastated the moment I said "…before though…".

"Hmmm…" was all she said but I read her face as though she had spoken.

"What did you do to me?" I demanded placing my hands on my hips. While waiting for this strange girl to answer I took the time to examine her. Unlike me, who has long blonde hair, blue green eyes, this girl had brown hair and pure blue eyes. We were both skinny even though I was taller by a few inches.

"My name is Janet. Tell me yours." She said ignoring my question.

"Faye," The words popped out of my mouth before I could stop them, "But that doesn't matter now! I want to know what you did to me. Why did I feel so strange?"

"I am a fairy, and I am still learning how to use my magic. Samantha would kill me if she knew I told you that." She added absentmindedly.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes, "Great! So, what does that have to do with me? Are you going to tell me anybody that runs into a fairy feels like-" I shuttered, "Like I did back there?"

"No, of course not. It was just that you ran into me when I was practicing my magic."

"In public?"

"I know I'm not suppose to, but, well…!"

"Ok. Please just don't do it again. I was nice meeting you." I fought to control my temper as it rose, and I started to walk away.

"No! Wait!"

I didn't want to wait, yet my feet felt glued to the ground. I just stood there and glared at her, my mind demanding I keep walking away, but my feet refusing."

"I think that you were, well let's say, affected, by the spell I was casting."

Panic flipped in my heart. What did this girl do!" I screamed inside. "Please," I kept my temper under control, and didn't yell, "Just tell me what you did to me, so I can go home."

"I don't know for sure but…" She hesitated again.

"Just tell me!" I shouted.

"Faye," She took a deep breathe, "Stop breathing."

I wanted to laugh, but my lungs closed and refused to take in air. I just stood there trying to breathe. I could feel my heart beating in my head. Breathe! Take a deep breath! I told myself, Still my lungs refused.

After what seem to be forever Janet finally said, "Oh light, Faye! Breathe!"

I did, the nicest breath I had ever taken. I just stood there taking in one sweet breath at a time.

"Faye!" The Janet blurted out reminding me again why I was standing there, "I gave you the gift of obedience!"


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