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Chapter 6- Arguments and Agreements

Harry arrived at Hermione's at five till eight, wondering if he should arrive early or wait until eight sharp so he wouldn't rush her. He knew girls don't like guys being too early or late, just on time. So he thought that the amount of time it took him to walk up to her front door would be enough. He then slowly made his way up the stone steps counting as he pass them…

"One…two…three…four…" he said before he heard a fit of giggles. "Hermione! I didn't know you opened the door, I was just…" he explained turning a bit red.

"Maybe you were to busy counting the steps. Why were you counting anyways?" Hermione asked.

"Uh, I got here a bit early and thought that if I took my time walking up the steps I will arrive at your door at the right time." He told her as she smiled, "What?"

"Nothing, you're just really cute when you try to explain yourself." Said Hermione. "Anyway, shall we proceed?" she asked.

"Most definitely" Harry replied letting her pass then following her. He slowly opens the door for her as she got in. When he was inside himself the two were off on their second official date.

During the movie Harry couldn't help but pay attention to Hermione rather then the movie itself. He saw how she smiles when she saw the scene she likes or whenever James Franco's face appears on the big screen. He laughs to himself, not really knowing why. At that moment his hand brushed her's slightly as tingles were running up and down his arms. Then he didn't know what made him do it but he reached over and held her hand. He was ready for her to pull away and say something but she didn't. She took another step to it and intertwined their fingers. He smiled to himself yet again and this time he had a perfect reason to. Through the rest of the movie the two held hands and even got comfortable with each other as Hermione leaned her head onto Harry's shoulder resting it there.

After the movie the two decided to take a walk before heading home seeing that the sky was clear that night or it was the excuse they gave. As they walk and talk in the cool breeze, the two gracefully admire the feel of each other's hand. Harry was very happy at whatever they have at the moment. It made him smile and remember that there are still some good things in life. Their night pulled to a wonderful end as they bid their goodnights with a simple kiss on each other's cheek.

The next morning as Harry got up and got ready for the day he knew that it wasn't going to be a very pleasant one. He has a meeting with Mrs. Weasley and by the way he treated her yesterday he doubt she was going to be kind with him today. An hour after he woke up, Harry was walking up the steps of Potter's Incorporated. On his way up he greeted a very happy looking Martha.

"Morning Martha, you seem happy today." He told her.

"Oh, Mr. Potter, I'm happy everyday." She responded.

"True, but more today then others." He continued.

"Well, certain days Mr. Potter something or someone can make you feel like this, if you know what I mean." She replied with a wink, "However for you, Mrs. Weasley is waiting." She finished as Harry made a horrible face expression. Then he enters his office prepared to be trampled by Mrs. Weasley's words, but he heard nothing but a simple 'hello Harry'.

"Good morning Mrs. Weasley." He said taking his seat, "Lets get started shall we?"

"We shall." And that was the end of their conversation as they started to plan out the party details. Harry really didn't care for what color or what kind of food should be serve at the party so he agreed to everything Mrs. Weasley came up with just so the meeting can be over quicker.

"So, your date Harry will be Ginny." She added at the end. Harry, who didn't care for what she said just agreed. "Great, so it's all settle. You two will look great at the party." She finished.

"Who?" he caught abruptly.

"You and Ginny of course." She told him

"But I'm not going with Ginny" Harry said now sitting up straight. He saw Mrs. Weasley facial expression changed from thrilled to anger in one split second. He then thought back to what she said early and understood why she was so angry. He had agreed to go with Ginny without knowing and now he says he is not therefore Mrs. Weasley had a right to be mad. "I'm sorry Mrs. Weasley but I already plan on taking someone else."

"Harry, I have had enough of this. I have your best interest at heart and you are making things very difficult. This is the least you can do for me after all these years." She said rather to calmly.

"I appreciate that you have my best interest at heart Mrs. Weasley but there are things that I would like to decide on my own, my love life for example. Ginny is a great gal but I only view her as sister and nothing more. I do really hope you would stop trying to play match maker from now on because I'm a grown man and I do know how to do things on my own." Harry replied holding in a nervous breath.

"Fairy well then, I will do what you asked of me." She said annoyingly "Shall we continue?" she asked and Harry nodded. For the next hour or so the two only spoke of decoration and preparations for the ball and nothing more. Harry was glad that things didn't blow up in his face but he was also worry for the lack of conversation with Mrs. Weasley means something more. He brushed the thought aside and decided that whatever come will come so he finished up the meeting and led her out.

The next day Harry was busy setting up little things for the celebration and sending out private invitations. There was only two days before the big ball and he was nowhere near done with everything and Mrs. Weasley is nowhere in sight to help out. He wouldn't blame her; it was a bit harsh of him to scold at her like that. And then before he could continue with anything the phone rang…

"Hello?" he answered.

"Hello, may I speak to Harry please?" a masculine voice said.

"Yes, this is he. May I ask who this is?"

"I can't believe you don't remember me. Dean, Dean Thomas." The man replied.

"Oh my God! Dean! It's so nice to hear from you. How have you been? Wait better, where the bloody hell have you been?" Harry asked hearing Dean chuckle at his comment. Dean Thomas has to be one of Harry's closest friends next to, well next to Madison. However for the last year he hasn't heard from him and thought he moved to the states or something.

"Well that's a long story for some other time. But I need to ask you something so are you free for lunch Harry?" he asked.

"Oh, definitely. Where and when?" Harry replied.

"Let's meet at the Three Broomstick around say noon?"

"That's perfect." And with that both men hanged up. Harry was very excited to reunited with his best pal that he put everything else on hold.

It was now noon and Harry had made his way into the Three Broomstick searching for his friend.

"Harry!" a voice yelled and as Harry look over, there was Dean Thomas sitting with two lovely ladies. One of which he knew. He made his way over to where they were and gave his pal a manly hug and took his seat.

"Harry, let me introduce you to my fiancé, Elizabeth Taylor and her friend Hermione Granger." Dean said. "Ladies, this is the famous Harry Potter."

"Nice to finally meet you Elizabeth." He said shaking her hand then turning to the lady next to her, "And it's a pleasure to meet you Hermione."

"I can say the same Harry." Hermione said with a smile.

"If I didn't know I would say you two knew each other." Dean said from behind.

"What gave you that idea Dean" Harry replied.

"Just the fact that-…never minds." Dean said as he saw the smile on Harry's face. "Anyways, Harry I called you out here to ask if you would gladly be the best man at my wedding?" Dean asked. This took Harry by surprised and the look on his face totally gave it away.

"Wo, uh-uh wow!" Harry stutters, "I'll be honored Dean." He then said.

"Great, I knew you agree. Thanks mate" Dean said excitedly

"Yeah, I wouldn't put it down for anything. Congratulation Dean." Harry said, "Does this mean I need to make a toast?" he asked with a teasing smile, which had everyone laughing. The little get together went on for another couple of hours when everyone bid their goodbyes. However, still standing there was Harry and Hermione.

"So, can I give you a lift?" Harry offers.

"That would be very kind of you." She replied gently. The two walk a short distance to Harry's car which Harry has a habit of driving now. He usually have Alfred take him places but he just like the feeling of driving much better. Once they reached his car he kindly open the door for her and rush to get in himself.

"So, where will this beautiful lady like to go today?" Harry asked.

"To her apartment." She replied

"Ah, a fine place to be…" he said with a small smile. He was about to start his car when he came up with a great plan. "Or better yet, how about you join me at my place? I have some planning that could use a feminine perspective." He asked

"Oh, um well I guess if it's not a bother then I guess I can drop by for awhile." Hermione said shyly.

"Great!" he said a bit to excited, "oh and trust me, your present at the house is completely welcome" Harry said with a huge smile plastered on his face. Hermione blush at the little comment and then the two was off. On the way there they had small talks where Hermione asked him what sort of planning he was doing and why he needed her opinions but he would always tell her that she would find out soon enough. They were finally at Harry's place after a very long drive that seem to never end but not like the two was complaining since they had some talking time to get to know each other even more.

Harry and Hermione had walked in the front door talking and smiling and the first thing he heard was a very loud voice he knew full well of. Mrs. Weasley.

"I can't believe he is not here! Does he know how important this is! That lying, young know nothing child…" was all Harry wanted to hear. Already he can feel his blood boiling and it was showing because Hermione touched his hand and gave him an are-you-alright look. He nodded and gave her a reassuring smile.

"Do you want to go to the drawing room while a take care of this?" Harry told her.

"No, I'll go in there with you if you like. I don't want you to get too work up. Don't worry, I'm here for you." She said softly as she took his hand in hers. "Let's go before she says anything more." Harry smiled and led her into the room where all the commotion was. His hand still holding on to Hermione's, he can feel the little soft circles she was making to ease his anger and for some reason it is working very affectively. He was brought to a sudden halt when Mrs. Weasley decided to throw a cushion half way across the room. At that point she had spotted him and rushed right over while yelling with every pitch note she has. When she finally came before him she drop into complete silent when she notice the clenched jaw and fiery burning in his eyes. She backed up a little but good enough for her to notice that there was someone else and that someone else seem to be holding on to her daughter's future husband.

"Harry? Who is this?" she asked rather demandingly which caused Harry roll his eyes at her determination for him and Ginny to be wedded. Mrs. Weasley must have missed his action but Hermione didn't. She gave his hand a slight squeeze and let it go.

"Hello, I'm Hermione Granger. I'm Harry's new friend." She said sweetly reaching out for a handshake that she never got.

"Ha, seem to be cozy fo-"

"Mrs. Weasley!" Harry shouted which caused both women to jump abruptly. "May I help you with something?" he asked her as calmly as he can. Today, she was the last person he wanted to see. He just felt like Mrs. Weasley was trying to run his lift all of a sudden and he hates anyone who tries to do that.

"Yes, in fact you can." She said frustrated herself, "you might want to show some responsibilities by completing what you were asked to do." She uttered

"Excuse me? Responsibilities? For what? Setting up this stupid ball is NOT my responsibility. In fact it's yours, so DON'T you dare criticize me for anything when YOU neglect your job to focus on stupid things like my personal life which I can manage, thank you very much." Harry scold while trying to look calm. Mrs. Weasley was once again speechless by Harry's outburst. She wasn't going have anymore of this, being yelled at by someone she practically raised and saw as her own son.

"I'm not going to have any of this! I'm the minister's wife and you well better respect me like one." She snapped back, "I'm looking out for you and this is how you treat me? I raised you to become the person you are so don't you dare speak to me that way young man!"

"I respect you Mrs. Weasley or I use to. To get respect Molly you need to give and you treat me like a little boy when you know full well what position I have. And no, you didn't raise me to become who I am. All this, you see? All this is me, busting my butt out there in the battlefield trying to kill a man so you people," he pointed to Molly, and went on, "can live a safe, happy life again." He finished, anger definitely in his voice.

"Oh, I see how you see it. You think we all owe you for it. My son was right; you don't deserve what you have. You are just a self-centered prat that thinks everyone should bow down to you because you are some hero." She yelled loudly then stomped out of the room.

"I can't believe that women!" Harry yelled in frustrations. He was so upset about the whole argument that he forgot that Hermione was also in the room.

"You ok?" Hermione spoke up.

"Oh, um sorry. Yeah, I'm fine, just a bit worked up that's all." He replied softly.

"No, don't be sorry. I understand what it is like to be ridicule for no reason." She assured him. He gave her a small smile and walked her into a bigger room where everything was being planned.

"This, this is where we plan things. However, right now it's where we decide decoration matters" Harry said picking up some ribbons.

"For what may I ask?" Hermione asked curiously

"Oh, of course I forgot to mention it to you. So clumsy of me, but before I tell you anything I have a question to ask." Harry said motioning for her to sit down.

"Sure, what is it?" she replied taking the seat.

"Will you do me the honor of being my partner to the Ministry's Annual Masquerade Ball?" He said very gentlemanly. Hermione was very shock because she hadn't seen this coming for miles away. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. She didn't know what to really say. She was very excited that he had asked her but the whole situation was so realistic that it caught her off guard for a moment. "Uh, you know an answer would keep the hear rate down" Harry said cheekily.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" She said rather to loud in which Harry's face fell and she continue, "No! I'm not sorry that I can't go with you. I'm sorry that I didn't answer! Of course I'll go with you. Thank you for asking Harry." She said while giving him a hug and a small peck on the cheek. He hugged her back and gave her one off his boyish grins. The two then start to plan everything out for their special day together.

While the two were chit chatting away in their own little world, from far away stood Alfred and the ghost of his daughter Madison just watching them having a good time.

"I remember my first Ball with Harry. He was such a lousy dancer." Madison said softly with a hint of giggles.

"Yeah, you two were so happy then. Poor lad had to take dance lessons to impress you." Alfred told his daughter and the two laughs at this.

"He seems happy now father. I'm glad he found someone else to make him happy" she said.

"Doesn't this make you sad dear? Him, moving on?" Alfred asked.

"Yes, its sad to know that I'm no longer that someone by his side but one can never be stuck in one moment. He needs to create new ones and move on, but I know he will always have me in his heart as he is in mine." She explained with a small smile. "I'm happy for him, father." She finished

"I'm happy that you're happy." He replied.

"Thank you father." With that the two went away leaving two people enjoying each other's company.