Title: Am I Leaving The Past Behind…Or Taking It With Me?

Summary: Takes place after episode "Lose this Skin." Jude is sick of everything. She's sick of Tommy, her dad, and even the relationship forming between Kat and Jamie. But what happens if she just gives up. Gives up on her dream, love, and family altogether?

Disclaimer: I don't own Instant Star or any of the characters.

A/N: Jude never went on tour or anything. But she did finish her album. And it was a hit. Too bad she wasn't around to see it. This chapter doesn't have much dialog in it, it pretty much is an explanation to where the story is, enjoy!

"Tommy, I'm sick of it! I hate it that I always have to hide how I feel. With everything! Have a good life with Sadie, but when she doesn't fill that hole in your heart that you have for me, don't even think of coming crying to me. If you're done with me, and done being my producer, then fine! I don't need you. Go to hell!"

And with that Jude stomped past Tommy, who stood there silent after another argument as to whether he would be there to produce her next album or not, and walked out of G Major, not knowing it would be the last time she would see that building for a while. She walked home, only to find an empty house. That was really common lately since Sadie was almost always with Tommy and her mom had started dating some one. It was always empty and alone.

"Of course there's no one home, what was I thinking. I thought I had a family." she said to herself walking into the dark house and taking off her jacket and hanging it up.

Jamie was never around anymore. And when Jude did see him, he was in the hallways at school, hanging all over Kat. He decided to give up on his little crush on Jude and stay with the person who was always there for him, not just every other day. Which Jude couldn't blame him; she had been a really crappy friend. She just couldn't get over Tommy. And it killed her everyday.

She went to make herself a sandwich in the kitchen when she stumbled across a letter on the counter addressed to Sadie from Tommy. She couldn't help but open it. It read…

Dear Sadie,

I know things haven't been the greatest lately, but I promise, they will get better. Just remember, I'm here for you, always. I am really excited about our trip to Europe. I am so glad you invited me. I really need to get out, I need time to, think about things. And I need to get away from some things. Well, I will talk to you later. And I am looking forward so seeing you tonight. Until then…



"Oh, well isn't that just fantastic. He means he needs to get away from me. That bastard. Well, if he wants to get away from me, then I will get away too. Screw him, wait, that will be Sadie's job." she scoffed and ran upstairs to gather her things.

She hadn't exactly been the number one fan of the Tommy/Sadie relationship. Who was? Her mom and dad didn't really care for it, but they didn't exactly want Jude to date him either. They thought it would just complicate things. Well things were just about to get a little more complicated.

There was never a time in her life that Jude had ever felt as abandoned, as she did right now. Her best friends weren't talking to her. Her dad had pretty much abandoned his whole entire family. And the one guy she thought she could trust the most, Tommy, was now dating her sister. It wasn't only Tommy who had to get out. Jude was really to leave, also.

She had packed her most treasured possessions, her pictures, guitar, and her notebook, and took off without ever looking back.

Sometimes you need to get a new perspective on life to really realize what you have. That was what Jude had set out to do.

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