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Flight 131 non-stop to New York is now boarding, passengers with seats in coach need to check bags and board the plane…

"Well, this is it. I just hope she takes me back." Tommy said as he grabbed his bag and turned to face the tunnel.

"Dude, she will take you back, she said she loves you, right?" Kwest said walking with him.

"Yeah, but I just-"

"You nothing man, she loves you, you love her, you got nothing to worry about. Now go and get her and come back with a smile on your face." he laughed.

"Yeah, I'll see you later." and with that he grabbed his carry on bag and was on his way to find Jude.

"Harrison, orders up!" The red head turned around and rolled her eyes. She was so exhausted. She had to work double shifts ever since she got back to make her rent.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah I got it Mitch." she said as she walked over and picked the plate up and took it over to a table of frat boys.

"Hey girly," one of them said in a 'pick up line" sort of voice and scooted towards her and grabbed her arm.

"You wanna let go of my arm, frat boy?" she said getting angry now.

"You wanna go out later?" he said still holding on to her arm.

"How about this, you let go of my arm right now, or you will start eating your food from a straw from now on." she smiled and pulled away from him.

"Well someone's a bitch." he said as his friends let out a laugh.

She heard what they said and flinched for a minute but then kept walking. After all, it wasn't the first time she had been insulted like this.

"God, I need to get some rest." she said to another female waitress sitting at the bar.

"Yeah you look like hell." she said lighting a cigarette and offering one to Jude, which she declined.

"Yeah well my rent is due and I have to pay that or else I'm out on the street."

"Well you might wanna get that done then, huh?"

"Yeah." she said going and taking an order from a couple who had just sat down in her section.

"Oh my god, you're….Jude Harrison. Canadian Rock Star! We loved your album, can we get an autograph?" the girl said holding out a napkin and a pen.

"Sure." she said signing the napkin and handing it back.

"So…why did you quit anyway? I mean you were great." the girl said with light in her eyes.

"I just….got tired of it is all. I needed a break."

"Well do you still sing?"

"Uh yeah sometimes."

"Well you should sing now. I mean it's Wednesday, karaoke night. C'mon sing. Sing." her and her boyfriend nodded.

"Oh, I don't know." she said shyly.

"Oh come on, please, for a couple of die hard fans you would, right?"

"Well okay, just let me go get my guitar and tell Mitch to cover my tables, one song and that's it."

"Surprise us."

Jude sat down on the stool at the front with her guitar in hand. She took a deep breath and strummed the strings.

You never lied to me not once
Its not your fault that I cant trust
Its in my past, its in my path and I can't go there
Making a mess out of this game
To see it all go up in flames
So tired of being ruthless and wreckless

Time to be your only one
To almost be you're way too young
Time to crash into the sun
Time to be your 21
Time to dream that love will last
Time to drive my car too fast
Time to walk before I run

Time to be
Ohh time to be your 21

She finished her song and took a deep breath as she heard the entire coffee shop fill with applause. She remembered what that felt like and how it made her feel.

She then took her guitar and placed it behind the bar and resumed to get another table in her section.

"Hello Sir, what can I get you?" she said not even bothering to look up as she grabbed her pen and pad from her pocket.

"That song sounds as good as the first time I ever heard it, Jude." that voice sent chills down her spine as she was afraid to look up and have it be someone else then who she was expecting.

"Tommy, what-"

"I know what you're thinking, I shouldn't have come, but Jude, the truth is, I cant live without seeing you, hearing your voice. And just a few minutes ago, when you sang. It was like I was falling for you all over again." he said standing up now.

"Oh, uh, woah….a little intense there." she said backing away, trying to process all of it.

"I know…for me too. I just…had to say it." his eyes darted back and forth as if he was trying to read her somehow.

"Tommy…..you cant just walk in here like this. I have a job to do, rent to pay, you cant do this…not now."

"When? Jude, when will it be a good time for you to talk, when? because for me it's been four years, four long years I've waited to have this conversation with you and now, I can, I can finally say all that I need to say and no job, money, parents, excuses, boyfriends, or big sisters are going to get in the way of it. I….I-"

"You what, Tommy?" she looked at him confusingly.

"I-I L-love you, Jude."

She couldn't process all that was being said to her.

"Tommy, you know the last time we-"

"Jude, stop. I know the last time we were together and it hurt when I had to walk away, but I thought you knew why I had to. I did it for you, Jude."

"You did it for me? How in the hell was that supposed to benefit me? You basically told me the only kiss that would ever matter to me in my life, was a lie? Now come on Mr. "explanation for everything", tell me how that was supposed to benefit me?" She was getting angrier now that she thought about it.

"Jude, you and I both know that if we had told people about the kiss, and about wanting to be together, they would have torn us apart. I wasn't worried about me, I could handle myself, I was looking out for you, I couldn't bear it if you got hurt-"

"Oh, more than you hurt me, your safe there, Quincy, because nobody, can hurt me more than you did." she said walking away.

"Jude, what happened, in the airport-"

"Tommy," she said turning around to face him, "in the airport I told you I loved you, and I still do, but we cant be together if you are going to let all these things get in the way, I thought about it and now, I don't think it will work. I'm sorry you came all the way out here. Just go home." and with that he thought he lost her.

"Jude, you cant be saying this. Why are you acting this way?" he looked confused.

"Tommy, I have to go back to work. If you're not here to eat, I suggest you leave, if not, I will be done at 11:00, if you're still here when I get off, then maybe we can talk." she walked away and went back to work.

Tommy waited until 11:00 when she was closing up and cleaning. He was the only one left in the entire shop, even Mitch had taken off. It was just him and Jude, she was the closer, so that meant she had to mop the entire place before she could go home.

She turned on the stereo and soon enough the sounds of Citizen Cope flowed throughout the entire shop as she started to grab a mop.

She occasionally was looking over at Tommy, who was watching her as well. He wasn't going to leave until he sat down and told her how he really felt. She closed her eyes and hummed to the music.

You know it ain't easy
For these thoughts here to leave me
There's no words to describe it
In French or in English
Well, diamonds they fade
And flowers they bloom
And I'm telling you

These feelings won't go away
They've been knockin' me sideways
They've been knockin' me out lately
Whenever you come around me
These feelings won't go away
They've been knockin' me sideways
I keep thinking in a moment that
Time will take them away
But these feelings won't go away

The next thing she knew she felt breathing on her neck as she turned around and Tommy was standing right behind her. His eyes were filled with sadness as he touched her face. That caused her to let the mop drop to the ground.

"Tommy I-"

"Shh…" he said as he placed his lips on hers. They deepened the kiss and soon enough she was lost in a whirlwind of his cologne and the smell of coffee and sugar. She knew it wouldn't last for long, though. She then pulled away and touched her lips.

The next thing she knew she was pushing him out of the door.

"Tommy, we cant do this. You have to go. Please. Just leave."

"Jude, wait-" he put his hand on the door.

"No, Tommy, no."

"I am at the hotel around the corner if you change your mind. Room 122."

And then he was gone. Out into the night and all that was left was the song and sound of Jude crumbling to the ground crying. She brought her knees to her chest and just cried.

As soon as Tommy got back to the hotel, he plopped down onto the bed. He thought he lost her for good.

Jude finished up at the coffee shop and went on home. She got inside and there went to go change into a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. She started fumbling through a box of things to look for her lyric book but instead she found a picture of her and Tommy together, right after they had started working together. Things seemed so simple and carefree back then. The next thing she knew tears were stinging her green eyes.

What the hell was she thinking? She just let him walk away. The one person in her life that she loved, she let walk right out the door. Her tears started to flow more and more freely now.

Soon enough she was changing back into her clothes and walking out the door with her keys in her hand.

Tommy was unenthusiastically flipping through the channels in his hotel room. Nothing seemed to interest him and he couldn't sleep. Everytime he closed his eyes he thought of her.


Jude is standing out in the rain trying to process all that had happened just a few minutes before. She looked up at the sky as if the rain would somehow give her answers.

Tommy walks out and looks at her. He unbuttons his jacket and walks down the steps towards her and puts the jacket around her shoulders.

"Go ahead, tell me 'I told you so'." she said looking down.

"Jude, for what it's worth, Shay's a kid, and an idiot, and he made the wrong choice."

"That's not worth much coming from you."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I'm so tired of falling for guys that don't fall back, it hurts."

"Jude I-"

"You all say the nicest things, 'You're so great, you're so nice,' but none of you want to date me. So you want to help me, Tommy? Tell me what I do wrong, tell me why I'm so easy to give up and then maybe I can fix it."

"Jude! You are asking the wrong guy."

He pulled her close and met his lips with hers. They were finally lost in each other's embrace. There was no turning back now. That kiss definitely happened.

They both pulled away not knowing what to say next. Just then two people walked outside and they were back to reality.

"You should go, Jude."

"Tommy don't-"

"I'll see you inside, okay."

And with that Jude walked back inside leaving a very confused Tommy.

End Flashback

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Tommy thought it was the room service he had ordered.

"Doors open." he yelled not budging from the couch.

In walked the person he expected least. There she stood with her eyes glued on his. Just when he was about to speak, she started to talk.

"Okay, let's get a couple things straight, Quincy." she said in a demanding voice.

"Okay…" he said reluctantly.

"First of all, if you think I will let you break my heart again, you're dead wrong. Second, no more trying to get with my sister, or I will kill you."

His face suddenly turned white. He knew now she hadn't come for the reason he thought she had.

"And- and third thing," she hesitated, "There wasn't a moment when I was gone, that my heart wasn't with you, Tommy. I was just too scared to admit it. To everyone, and to myself, but I knew it was true. I have always had you with me, Tommy."

Soon enough that frown on his face turned into a smile. He then got up and walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist and looked deeply into her eyes.

She then put her hand to his lips right before he went to kiss her. "You do realize I will be telling my parents and everyone I know we are together right?"


"Good, just so we're clear on that. Now kiss me, Quincy."

And with that he pulled her in for the most passionate kiss they shared since the night in the alley. Only this time, there would be more kissing, and no more forgetting.

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