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The Ones We Love

"This is great Squall. Nothing fancy, I love everything you've done for me tonight." Rinoa commented as they finished eating dinner.
"I'm glad you like it." Squall replied, just before his new pager went off.
"Oh no, don't tell me you have to go to work again," Rinoa said unhappily.
"I don't know. It's Irvine. He says that it's urgent. I think I should go. I'm really sorry Rin. I promise that I'll make it up to you okay?"
"Okay." She gave him a quick kiss before he left to call Irvine.
She sat thinking for a minute. This was the third time this week that Squall had had to leave her for work purposes. And she was getting a little tired of it. Granted, he was the commander of SeeD and had a lot of jobs to do, but it seemed like he never had time for her anymore. She loved him with all her heart. She always did. Things just weren't going like she'd always wanted them to. She sighed heavily. Nothing was going right.
"What is it Irvine? This better be good, I was having a wonderful time with Rinoa tonight."
"We have to pick up a new student." Irvine replied over the phone.
"That's it!? I had to take away my evening with my girlfriend to pick up a damn transfer student!?" Squall asked angrily.
"I'm sorry dude. Headmaster Cid said we had to tonight. I'm sorry about your evening being ruined, but it was out of my control. And we gotta hurry because she's already almost to Balamb."
"Fine." Squall said as he hung up the phone and stormed furiously out of the diner.
Squall was silent as they drove toward the city of Balamb, still fuming at the fact that Headmaster Cid trashed his evening.
"C'mon man, lighten up. I'm sure Rinoa was okay with it."
"Irvine, this is the third time this week that I've done this to her!"
"Well it isn't my fault! Why are you yelling at me!?" Squall calmed down a bit after his friend said that.
"I'm sorry. I got a little carried away. Who's this transfer student anyway? Where is she from and what's her name?"
"Her name is Kelcie. She's from Galbadia Garden and I hear that she's kinda pretty." Irvine replied, a smile breaking on his face at the mention of the word "pretty."
"Kelcie huh? That's an unusual name. What's her weapon?"
"A blaster edge. Just like Rinoa's, but it had sharp blades on the end, like swords. Only they're curved at the edges. Really dangerous too. I'm sure you wouldn't want to take her on"
"Interesting. I've never heard of one of those before."
"Yeah me neither, but Headmaster Cid said that they were popular back when we were kids. So they're probably pretty expensive by now."
"Hey, there's her train. Let's go meet her," Irvine proposed as they saw the train pull into the station.
As she walked off the train, a million thoughts went racing through her mind. (Where are those two losers who are supposed to meet me here? I wonder what this town is like? Where's my weapon?) After that thought, she checked her side to make sure her Cadenza was still there. She started thinking once again.
(I'm hungry. Who are those people?) She thought as she saw two dark figures come up to the station. There wasn't any light, so she couldn't make out their faces. But she could see that one was dressed like a cowboy, and one looked like a Goth, but not a bad Goth. It was hard to explain.
"Are you Kelcie Camber?" Irvine asked upon seeing her in the train station light.
"Yeah. Are you the loser who's supposed to pick me up?" she asked, still unable to see him in the dark. He laughed heartily. She immediately regretted saying that when she saw him and the person next to him. The cowboy was okay. Nothing spectacular, but he sure wasn't ugly. (He should cut that hair of his.) she thought.
The other man walking next to him was a sight for sore eyes though. His messy light brown hair, stormy eyes and black jacket were the sexiest things she'd ever seen on a man. The scowl on his face made it even better.
"I'm sorry. I didn't know…" She was at a loss for words to apologize.
"It's okay. We're losers anyway." Irvine smirked.
"You are." Squall mumbled.
"I heard that!" Irvine said, jabbing his friend in the side.
She laughed, and grabbed her things. "So, who are you anyway?"
"I'm Irvine,"
"And I'm Squall."
(Oh Hyne, even his name sounds sexy.) She thought.
"Well, I believe you already know my name."
"Then let's head for Ballot Garden or whatever it is." She said snottily.
"Balamb Garden," Irvine laughed. She thought she saw a tiny smile creep on Squall's face… but it quickly disappeared as fast as it had come.
"…Whatever," she said as we walked out of Balamb to their vehicle.
(I wish I were with Rinoa instead of here, picking up some transfer student) Squall thought fiercely as he and Irvine walked up to the station. He saw the girl, and all his thoughts of the past evening events disappeared. She was beautiful. She had long blonde hair in two braids, jade green eyes, and beautifully tanned skin. Second to Rinoa, she was the most dazzling girl he'd seen in his life. As they walked up to her, Irvine asked her if she was Kelcie Camber. She said yes, and asked him if he was the loser who was supposed to pick her up. Squall laughed inside at the question. 'Sounds like something I would say,' he thought. But as they walked into the light of the station, she looked shocked to see them. (Maybe she thinks we're cute. I don't know.) But I had to stifle another laugh at the way she was checking me out.
"I'm sorry. I didn't know…" She stuttered, obviously not knowing what to say.
"It's okay. We're losers anyway." Irvine said, obviously speaking for both of us, which I didn't appreciate since she said, "are *you* the loser who's supposed to pick me up." So I said under my breath, "You are." I got a jab in the ribs for that one.
She laughed a tiny laugh, and picked up her bags. Asking us who we were, I introduced myself, and she seemed to roll the name on her tongue. Finally she said, "Then let's head for Ballot Garden." I had to laugh at that one. Irvine corrected her though, being a man with no sense of humor.
When she said "Whatever," I knew that she totally my attitude right there.

Kelcie's eyes widened as they walked up to Balamb Garden. It was gorgeous. Its soft glow was very inviting. It looked warm inside, and she wanted to run to it. But didn't. She walked next to Squall the entire time. She was growing quite fond of him. Suddenly she asked him; "Do you have a girlfriend?" he looked at her curiously, as if trying to read what she was thinking.
"Yes. Why?" her heart sank at the answer, but she knew she should have figured that a hottie like him would have a girlfriend. "Oh, I was just wondering."
"Hum. Well, I hope she's going to be my girlfriend for a long time. But since what happened this evening, she might not be my girlfriend anymore at all." He commented.
"Why? What happened this evening?" She asked, thinking she might have actually struck up a conversation with the guy.
"Never mind." Squall replied.
"Hey come on! You started a sentence, now you gotta finish it!"
"It was nothing. Don't worry about it."
"Fine. Be that way."
"Rinoa?" Squall called as he walked into her dorm room.
No answer.
"Rinoa? Where are you?" he asked softly.
He found a note on the table, hastily written, but not in Rinoa's handwriting.
It read:

*Squall Leonheart,
Rinoa Heartilly is in the hands of us now. If you want to see her again, bring 250,000 Gil to the Heath Peninsula tomorrow evening at 7:00 sharp. She will die if you are there at 7:01 or 6:59. Nobody goes with you, or she will be killed on the spot when you arrive. Bring the money, or you'll be meeting her again in Hell. *

He slammed the note down on the desk and cursed. Kelcie came in, and asked him what was wrong. He was silent.
"Come on Squall! I want to know! If it's really that bad, you need to tell someone!"
"It's nothing. None of your business." He replied coldly as he walked out the door.
"Ha ha ha, you should know better than that Squall Leonheart." She said to herself as she walked over to the table and picked up the letter.
Her eyes widened as she read the note.
"This must be his girlfriend that he was talking about! Oh man, I've got to do something."
She held fast to the note and sprinted out the door to get Irvine.

As he walked down the glowing nighttime halls of Balamb Garden, he had to fight fiercely to keep the tears away. He couldn't lose her. He couldn't afford to lose the woman he loved. Not now, not ever. This was the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with! No, he'd fight to the death to get her back.
"I'll find you Rinoa Heartilly." He said loudly, then softer he said, "Because I love you."