The Ones We Love
Chapter 2
Persuading the Lion

Author's Notes: Okay guys, thanks for all the reviews, and as you requested, here is chapter 2! I hope you like it! And has anyone ever seen Kelcie spelled like that before? I'd like to know if you have…?

"Irvine! Irvine!" Kelcie called frantically as she knocked furiously on his dorm room door.

"What what, what, what, what!?" he answered irritatingly, opening the door.

She shoved the letter onto his chest.

Catching it before it fell, he opened it and read it, his chestnut pools widened as his brain slowly comprehended what was happening.

He gradually lifted his eyes to meet hers. Gently, but hastily he took her by the arm and said, "Let's go."

"Does Squall know about this?"

"Yes sir."

"Then Kelcie I would like you to accompany him on this mission."

"Do you think he'll let me sir?"

"He has to. By order of me."

She thought about this for a moment. Would Squall take her help? Even if Headmaster Cid had ordered it? She highly doubted it. Judging from the way he'd talked to her earlier, she figured the guy must've been a real case back when they were teenagers. From what the others had said he had changed, but not by much.

She sighed and complied. "Alright sir. I'll do my best."

"Squall?" Kelcie asked uneasily as she walked into the medium sized dorm room.

"What?" he answered gruffly with his back to her.

"Oh I'm sorry. Are you busy?"

"No it's fine. Just make it quick." He replied sternly, his tone dripping with irritation.

(Why has he changed me so much?) She asked herself. (And in so short amount of time. Back at Galbadia Garden I would've never asked that question in a million years.)

"Um… well…" she stuttered.

Squall sighed in displeasure.

"I'm going with you to save your girlfriend." She stated bluntly when she got up the courage.

"Her name is Rinoa and you aren't going with me." Squall stated matter-of-factly.

"Please Squall. I want to help you." She begged.

"Thanks, but no thanks."

"Dammit Squall, I can do it!" she shouted, getting tired of his attitude.


"Look, you can't fight this guy by yourself. You want to get Rinoa back don't you?"

"…More than anything."

"Then let me come with you. Two weapons are better than one right?"


"How about this," she began to negotiate. "When we get there, you will fight whoever this kidnapper dude is and I'll rescue Rinoa. Or vice-versa. How bout it?"

Squall scowled, but she could see that he was thinking about it. She had a good point to her proposal. How was he going to get Rinoa out of harm's way while he was trying to fight off her kidnapper at the same time?

"Fine. Go get your stuff and come back here. Junction GF's if you have any, and stock some magic too. Now hurry up."

"Yes!" she cried happily, clapping her hands together. She had just successfully brought down Squall Leonheart and persuaded him to let her go with him.

And she didn't even have to tell him that Headmaster Cid had ordered it.

"Are you ready yet?" Squall asked impatiently as the blonde frantically searched her room.

"I'm looking for Pandemona. He should've been in my drawer…" she replied, throwing something behind her as she hunted under her bed.

"Well, hurry up and find him. Don't you have another GF that you can junction?"

"Well, I guess Leviathan will have to do for now. Even though he isn't my favorite…"

"Just grab him and go!"

"Alright, alright you don't have to be so mean about it!" she said, grabbing a small glowing orb and a jacket.

"Okay, let's go find Rinoa!"

"You be sure to get her back Squall Leonheart. We won't let you back into Garden until you do." Quistis Trepe told Squall as they hugged each other.

"I will Quisty. Don't worry."

"Hey man, you be careful okay? None of us can afford to lose our commander." Zell stated as they shook hands.

"Don't you dare lose her Squall. She means the world to you I know, and we also can't afford to have you slip back into that cocoon you went for when you were 17. No one but her could ever tear it down." Irvine said as well.

"Don't worry about a thing guys. He's going to get her back. With my help." Kelcie told them, pointing to herself proudly.

"We know you will Kelc." Irvine replied.

"Well Selphie, shall we get going?" Squall asked, for Selphie was to be piloting the Ragnarok to their destination.

"Righto! Let's get goin!"

Just as the three turned to walk out, Seifer came through, shocking them all with his presence.

"I heard about Rinoa puberty boy."

"Yeah so?"

"You better get her back or you'll be hurtin when I get through with you."

Squall snickered at the comment.

"Whatever Seifer. I'll get her back. Not that you care any about her safety." Squall said, which caused Seifer to rage inside. He grabbed Squall by the shirt and said, "Listen Squall, I care just as much about Rinoa as you do. She's my friend just as much as anyone else is. Hell, I even thought I was in love with the girl. But she chose you." Seifer had to look away for a second, averting his eyes from Squall do no one would be able to read them.

But Squall knew very well what Seifer's emerald green pools were showing. They were flashing the feeling of care. Something that he had always had, just never expressed.

"Why? Weren't you the one who threw her to Adel at the Lunatic Pandora?" Squall snapped.

"Oh **** you Squall. You don't understand. I didn't expect you to. All you care about is yourself."

Kelcie, who was watching the whole scene along with the others; knew that this was going to turn into a fist fight sooner or later if someone didn't step in and break it up.

She could see the anger bubbling up in Squall's face. She knew that all of this was getting to him. He was about to throw a punch, when Kelcie shouted out, "No!" and the fist stopped in mid-air.

"Who the heck is that puberty boy?"

"Her name is Kelcie," then he turned to her, "Please don't get in the middle of this Kelcie."

"This needs to stop! You guys can't let this happen. It sounds crazy, but somewhere deep inside, I know you guys care a lot about each other. Even if you are rivals."

"How did you know we were rivals?"

"Just judging by the way you acted I guess."

They exchanged glances, and both of them folded their arms and looked away.

"Oh come on. After nineteen years of squabbling, don't you think you could let bygones be bygones for once?"

"No." they replied together.

"Jeez, how old are you two?"

Once again, they looked away.

"Okay, let's settle this like rational adults shall we?"

"Squall, you and I will go save Rinoa. Problem solved with Seifer. Seifer, we'll do our best to get her back. We know how much she means to you. Now, can we get on with our business please?"


Kelcie turned to the others, "Good grief, you'd think they'd acted like this all their lives."

Everyone in the crowd said together, "They have." And burst out laughing.