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Chapter 1: Her First Job

Megumi Takani pressed the buzzer and stood back on the front porch before the beautiful Oak door before her. She fumbled nervously with the straps of her purse, and kept shifting her weight from one leg to the other.

She only waited a few moments before somebody came to the door and opened it. In the doorway stood a man with jet-black hair that fell elegantly over his eyes. The guy looked like he was in his late twenties, and he smiled at Megumi, holding his hand out as he did.

'Hello, you must be Megumi Takani, right?' he asked, and she nodded as she shook his hand. 'I'm Souzu Sagara…do come in, please.'

He stepped aside to let her through. Megumi stepped over the threshold and in through the door. The first thought to cross her mind when she glanced around was how f-i-n-e the Sagaras' house was. She looked around in wonder at the wooden staircase and the beautiful antiques which were scattered here and there…and she was only still in the hallway!

'I hope it doesn't bother you to baby-sit for my son, but it's really important that I go to the office tonight,' Mr. Sagara said from behind her.

Megumi tore her eyes away from the beautiful painting she was gazing at, and turned to look at the man. 'No, it's alright,' she assured her. 'Besides, I need the money…my parents want me to start saving for college.'

He smiled at her. 'Good, I like a hard-worker…but how old are you again?' he asked.

'Fifteen,' she answered shortly. 'I hope it doesn't bother you that a girl my age baby-sits for your son.'

'No, it's fine with me,' he assured her. 'Okay, let me see where my son is, then…follow me, please.'

Megumi nodded and went after him as he led her further into the house. She wondered secretly within herself why a big household such as this didn't have servants around. The Sagaras looked rich enough, so why not have a servant or two, and maybe even a permanent babysitter?

Mr. Sagara led her into what looked like a living room. Comfortable-looking couches were scattered around the room, and a big TV screen rested in the middle, in front of which sat a little boy with a wad of unkempt brown hair.

'Sanosuke, I'd like you to come here and meet Miss Megumi Takani,' Mr. Sagara said in a firm, but yet gentle tone.

The kid nodded. Eyes still glued to the screen, he scrambled up to his feet and headed to the door, almost stumbling right into the coffee table as he did.

'Sano, say hi to Miss Takani,' Mr. Sagara instructed his son.

Sano finally looked away from the screen, and gazed up at Megumi with big, and in her opinion, adorable, chocolate brown eyes. He stuck his hands deep into the pockets of the pair of jeans he was wearing. She saw that he only reached a little above her waist.

'Hi, Miss Takani,' he murmured.

Megumi smiled at him. 'Hello, Sanosuke,' she said softly.

Mr. Sagara bent down and ruffled his son's hair. 'Miss Takani will be staying with you while I'm away at the office, okay?' he told him, and the boy nodded. 'I promise I won't be late.'

He straightened up and looked around at Megumi. 'I've left a list of numbers stuck on the fridge's door in case of any emergency, and don't hesitate to call me if you need anything,' he told her.

'Don't worry, Mr. Sagara, everything will be fine,' she assured him.

'Good, I hope so,' he replied. He ruffled his son's hair again. 'I want you to behave yourself while I'm away, okay?'

'Okay,' Sano said quietly.

'I'll try to be back within two hours,' he told them both. 'Now if you'll excuse me, I really need to be going.'

He detached himself from them and headed to the door. Megumi watched as he took the coat which was hanging on the peg by the door and threw it over his shoulders. He opened the door and waved at his son.

'Bye, dad!' Sano cried, waving back, and his father was gone.

There was an awkward moment of silence while Megumi stood gripping the straps of her purse, and Sano stood fumbling with the hem of his white t-shirt.

'So…' she finally said, smiling down at the boy. 'What should we do now?'

'I don't know,' Sano replied. 'You're supposed to tell me what to do…you're the adult here.'

'Oh,' Megumi murmured. 'Well, I want you to be the one to decide…what do you want to do?'

'Um…okay, I didn't have dinner yet…could we have dinner?' he asked politely.

Megumi grinned. 'Okay, we can have dinner,' she agreed. 'Where's the kitchen?'

'It's right over here,' Sano said, leading the way.

He padded over the carpeted floor in his bare feet, his hands still stuck in his pockets. Megumi set down her purse on a couch and hurried after him. She walked into the biggest kitchen she'd ever seen in her life, and her eyes widened. Sano just crossed over to the fridge and opened it, peering inside.

'Well…we have some left-over lasagna from lunch, a couple of tuna fish cans, eggs…' he said, and turned around to look at his baby-sitter. 'What should we have?'

Megumi smiled. 'Oh, I dunno…the lasagna seems nice, I suppose,' she told him.

The boy nodded. 'Good choice,' he agreed, and reached in for the plate. 'My dad only makes the best lasagna!'

'Should I help you with that?' Megumi asked, walking over to him.

'No, it's okay,' he replied. 'I can manage on my own…you can sit down while I heat it up.'

Megumi nodded. She perched herself up onto a stool at the table. 'Hey, Sanosuke, where's your mother?' she asked.

The boy placed the plate in the microwave and pressed the heating button. 'Mom died two years ago,' he whispered.

Why the hell did I have to ask? 'Oh, I'm sorry,' she said softly.

'Yeah, me too, I liked her, her name was Itsuko; I thought it was a pretty name, don't you think?' he said, his eyes shining with tears; he was obviously trying real hard not to cry in front of her. Megumi nodded. 'I think your name is nice, too.'

Megumi smiled at him. 'Why, Sanosuke, that's a very nice thing to say,' she replied. 'Thank you.'

Sano nodded but didn't say anything. He placed an empty plate before her and another plate for him across from her. Megumi watched silently as he took the lasagna out of the microwave and placed it on the table. She assumed he knew how to handle himself pretty well since there were no servants in the house. He sat on the table, and Megumi noticed that his feet hung a foot above the ground.

'Let's eat!' he said brightly.

Megumi didn't have much since she had only just had dinner with her parents, and when she finished, she just sat and watched the little boy eating.

'How old are you, Sano?' she asked.

Sano swallowed the food in his mouth. 'Eight,' he answered. 'I turn nine in five months.'

'So you were born in February, right?' she asked. He nodded, since his mouth was too full to be able to speak. 'My birthday is in June.'

'Mom's birthday was in June,' he told her, after he had swallowed. 'The nineteenth of June.'

'Ah, well, mine's on the tenth of June,' she told him.

Sano finally finished his plate, and he pushed it away from him. 'Done!' he exclaimed.

'Well, then, I guess I'd better rinse off those plates,' Megumi said, sliding off her stool. She picked up the plates and went to the sink. She turned on the water. 'Tell me, Sanosuke, don't you have servants in the house?'

Sano shook his head. 'No,' he answered, dangling his feet off the stool. 'Mom didn't like servants, and after she died, dad didn't get any servants in respect of her memory…we don't mind, though, dad and I do all the house-work on our own…and I don't think it's nice to order people around.'

Megumi smiled inwardly. She just couldn't believe how sweet this boy was. He was polite, and kinda deep, and he even made compliments. At first, she had been worried about taking this babysitting job, after all, it was a great responsibility…and she was really grateful it turned out to be really easy.

She finished rinsing the plates, and dried her hands on the towel hanging on the wall beside the sink. She looked around at Sano, who was swiveling around on the stool. 'What should we do now?' she asked him.

'Would you like to play?' he asked her, grinning.

'Play?' she repeated, blankly.


'Ouch! No, stop! Ow, that hurt! No!'

Megumi's fingers pressed any button on the PlayStation's joystick she was holding, but nothing seemed to work with her. She watched frantically as Sano's fighter threw several punches and kicks at her own fighter. When Sano had first talked her into playing the game with him, she really wasn't interested. She never liked these games…let alone street fighting games, but now she was so immensely absorbed in it, she had asked for rematches six times in a row.

'You lose…again,' Sano said, smirking, as his fighter sent her fighter to the ground with one final blow.

Megumi groaned. 'Well, you can't blame me, this is the first time I've even tried this thing!' she protested.

'Really? How come? Don't you like to play?' he asked, looking confused; there was someone in this world who had actually never tried a PlayStation before?

'No, it's not that, sweetie, I just don't have time to play,' she told him, smiling. 'I spend most of my time studying.'

'Why do you do that?' he demanded. 'I mean, I study too…but my dad keeps telling me that I should keep time for playing too.'

'I have to study to get good grades so I'd be able to go to a good University,' she explained. 'When you grow up, you'll understand what I'm talking about.'

'I want to be a fire-fighter,' Sanosuke said, grinning happily.

'That's nice, you like helping people, no?' she said, and he nodded vigorously. 'Well, me…I want to be a doctor.'

'What type of doctor?' he asked curiously. 'A children's doctor? An adults' doctor? A surgery doctor?'

'I still haven't decided,' she replied. 'But I think I might become a children's doctor…how would you like that?'

Sano beamed at her. 'That's great! So when I'm sick, I can come to you, right?' he said, sounding genuinely excited.

Megumi laughed. 'Sano, by the time I become a doctor, you'll be an adult too,' she told him. 'I don't think you'll be coming to me for treatment.'

'Can't you treat adults' sickness as well as children's?' he asked, looking slightly crest-fallen.

'Well, I suppose I could,' she replied.

'So I can still come to you when you become a doctor!' he exclaimed.

'I doubt you'll even remember me when you grow up and I become a doctor,' she said.

'No, I will always remember you,' he said seriously. 'You're a nice person, and I don't forget nice people.'

'Aw, Sano, that's so sweet,' she said softly. She held her arms open. 'I want to hug you, can I hug you or does that violate any boy rules?'

Sano blushed. 'No, it doesn't,' he murmured.

Megumi smiled and pulled him into her arms. The boy encircled his thin arms around her neck and hugged her back, although Megumi could feel that he was shaking slightly. She let go of him, and he sat back, his face a deep shade of red.

'I'm sorry, did I make you uncomfortable?' she asked gently. He shook his head, and murmured something unintelligible. 'I'm sorry, what did you say?'

'I just never hugged a girl before,' he murmured.

'Never?' she repeated, frowning. 'Well, that's weird; because you seem like a perfectly adorable and huggable boy, it's strange that no girl actually hugged you before.'

Sano looked cautiously at her. 'Do boys hug you, Miss Takani?' he asked shyly.

Megumi sighed; her love life and social life sucked. She was so isolated from the people around her. The only people she ever really got close to were her parents. Nobody seemed to want to be friends with her…and she felt…lonely.

'No, not really,' she mumbled.

'Why not?' he asked, sounding highly surprised. 'You're so pretty, if I were a grown-up I'd hug you every single hour.'

Megumi smiled fondly at him. 'Oh, I dunno…I suppose boys find me scary,' she murmured. Sano blinked. 'You really mustn't worry yourself about such stuff, Sano, I'm pretty sure that when you grow up, girls will be running to…um…hug you.'

'But still…we're talking about you, aren't we?' he said, frowning. 'If grown-up boys are so stupid to not notice you, then I don't think I want to grow up…I'd prefer to be a kid who likes you than a grown-up who doesn't like you.'

'Oh, Sano…' Megumi whispered.

'But I know if I were a grown-up, I would've liked to be your boyfriend,' Sano said, smiling at her.

Here he was…a little adorable boy she only met forty minutes ago, and he was telling her how much he liked her. Kids were always so innocent, and when they said something, they meant it. And to have a boy such as Sano tell her that, Megumi was just over-whelmed.

Megumi's eyes brimmed with tears and she hugged the boy again. 'You're absolutely precious, you know that?' she said softly. 'Thank you.'

'You're welcome, Miss Takani,' he replied.


'Well, Sanosuke, your dad says he's gonna be late a bit, and he's asking you to go to sleep now,' Megumi said, after she had returned the mouth piece to its place.

'Can't I stay up a bit longer?' he whined.

'I'm sorry, Sano, but your father says it's already past your bedtime,' she replied. 'I'm afraid you'll have to go to bed.'

'Oh, okay,' he huffed.

'Good, let's get you changed into your PG's then,' she said. 'Where's your bedroom?'

'Up there,' Sano told her, taking her hand and pulling her forward. 'C'mon, I'll take you to it.'

Megumi allowed Sano to drag her up the staircase and down the corridor to his bedroom. He pushed the door open and went inside to turn on the lights. Megumi walked in just as he turned on the lights.

'Wow! This is two times bigger than my bedroom!' she exclaimed.

'Really?' he said. 'I could share my bedroom with you, I don't mind.'

Megumi smiled at him. 'No, but thank you, Sanosuke,' she replied. 'My parents would want me to stay at the house with them, don't you think?'

'Yeah, I guess,' he agreed.

She clapped her hands together. 'Okay, where are your pajamas?' she asked him.

Sano turned around to his closet, and pulled a blue pajama out of the drawer. 'Here it is,' he said. His face turned scarlet. 'Um…would you mind not looking while I change, Miss Takani?'

'No, of course not!' she said, laughing. 'You need your privacy…I understand.' Sano smiled gratefully at her and she turned around from him. 'Tell me when you're finished.'

She heard him shuffling around in the background, and did her best not to turn around and peek at him; kids were always so cute when they dressed and undressed themselves. Instead, she gazed at the picture hanging on the wall in front of her. She walked closer towards it.

'Hey, Sanosuke, is that your mom?' she asked, pointing at the woman in the family picture.

'Huh? Oh, yeah, that's my mom,' he replied. 'We took that photo when I was only four.'

Megumi touched the four-year-old Sano in the picture with her finger and smiled. He looked even more adorable then, something she didn't think was possible.

'I'm done!' Sano announced from behind her.

Megumi looked at him. He was now wearing a blue t-shirt and a pair of blue pajama trousers. She smiled appreciatively at him. 'Good,' she said. 'Now why don't you run along and brush your teeth so I could tuck you in, what do you say?'

Sano nodded and hurried out of the bedroom. Megumi crossed the room over to his bed and pulled back the sheets for him, and then sat down and waited for him. He came back a few minutes later, hands stuck firmly in his pockets.

'Did you brush your teeth?' she asked him.

'Yup,' he answered.

'And did you…?' she said.

'Yeah, did,' he replied.

'Good, okay, now get into bed,' she instructed him, getting up to make room for him.

Sano nodded and climbed onto his bed. Megumi pulled the sheets over him and tucked him in.

'Good night, Miss Takani,' he said softly.

'Good night, Sanosuke, sweet dreams,' she replied. 'Shall I turn off the lights?'

'Yes, please,' he agreed. Megumi started to head to the switch, but he called her back. 'Miss Takani?'

'Yes, Sano?' she said. 'Do you want something?'

'Um…would you mind giving me a goodnight kiss?' he said quietly. 'Nobody gave me a goodnight kiss ever since mom died…and I'd really like it if you gave me one.'

'Oh, sure, Sano,' she replied, smiling. She went and leaned over him, kissing him on the forehead. 'Is that good?'

'Can I kiss you back?' he asked timidly. Megumi laughed and nodded. Sano raised his head a bit and planted a kiss on her cheek; Megumi was amazed at how soft his lips were. 'Thank you, Miss Takani.'

'No…thank you, Sanosuke,' she whispered.

She went and switched off the lights. Then she headed to the door. She stood and watched him for a while from the doorframe, before closing the door on him.

'Good night, Sanosuke,' she breathed.


12 years later…

A highly disgruntled Megumi found herself being squeezed further to the edge of her seat as more people loaded into the subway train. She sighed in exasperation. Why did her car have to break down today? On her graduation day?

She hugged the bag in which she had neatly folded and placed her graduation clothes tightly between in her arms.

Ten years in University…and it all comes down to this…me, Megumi Takani, a pediatrician…

She smiled inwardly at her success. She had finally achieved what she wanted. Ever since she was a little girl, she had wanted to be a doctor, and now…her dream was coming true. She sighed in contentment. All the hardships she had gone through had finally paid off. She had earned this; she had worked hard for it and she had definitely earned it.

She leaned her head against the cool glass of the window, and tried, but failed, to block the loud chattering of the other passengers. She scowled; she wanted this journey to end quickly.

She sighed again.

'Miss Takani!'

Megumi nearly jumped, and cast a quick look around. Who had just called her? Who had called her Miss Takani? Nobody ever called her that; everybody called her Takani or Megumi or Meg…but not Miss Takani. It had been twelve years since anybody called her by that name.

It would be impossible if that person was the one calling her right now. Her gaze fell on a young man, pushing through the passengers to…get to her? He saw her looking at him, and he waved at her, grinning widely.

Megumi frowned. What was this guy's problem? How did he know me?

The man finally untangled himself and was now standing right in front of her, panting slightly. Megumi, still frowning, cast a studying look over him.

He was slightly tanned, and had spiky brown hair and chocolate-brown eyes. He was dressed in a designer suit of white cloth. But there was something oddly familiar about him. He grinned at her.

'Miss Takani, how are you?' he asked. 'It's been a long time.'

Megumi continued to frown. 'Excuse me, but do I know you?' she asked.

'What? Oh, I'm sorry! Of course you wouldn't recognize me!' he said, grinning sheepishly. 'It's me; Sanosuke Sagara, remember?'

Megumi stared at him. 'You're the one I…?' she said, and her voice trailed off.

'Yup! You babysat for me twelve years ago,' he told her. 'Do you remember now?'

'But you're all…grown-up now!' she exclaimed, still staring at him. It was Sanosuke, but yet, just not the same Sanosuke she saw twelve years ago. She couldn't believe that this tall, handsome guy was the adorable boy she babysat for.

'Of course I am, you don't expect me to remain a kid, do you?' he said, smirking. 'Miss Takani, you just won't believe how happy I am to see you again!'

Megumi could only nod her head.


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