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'So…all it needed was another bump on the head?'

'Uh…I think it's slightly more complicated than that, Kaoru.'

The four of them - Sano, Megumi, Kenshin and Kaoru - had gone out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate Sano's recovery. Three days had already passed since Sano got his memory back, and he looked and felt as good as ever. Megumi had explained everything to him, and although Sano had found it difficult to believe that he had been actually acting like a nine year old for a few weeks, she had managed to convince him in the end. And as a way of keeping her promise, little by little, she started filling him in on the events of these days.

'No, I'm serious; we should've tried hitting you on the head before, it always works on TV,' Kaoru replied. 'And this way, we would've saved poor Megumi the trouble of taking care of you.'

As Sano blushed a deep shade of red, Megumi hastened to change the subject. 'Actually, Kaoru, hitting Sano on the head might've made it more difficult for him to get his memory back,' she said quickly. 'Or it might've given him a coma, who knows? It really doesn't work every time.'

'Oh,' Kaoru murmured.

'Was it troubling for you, though?' Sano suddenly asked. He sneaked a glance in her direction. 'Taking care of me, I mean?'

Megumi gently rested her hand on his. 'Sano…don't I keep telling you it's been a complete pleasure?' she said softly.

Sano smiled and leaned forward to kiss her. Another highlight of these three days was the fact that she and Sano were back together now, and this time, Megumi was determined to let this relationship last for a lot more than just twenty four hours.

'Aww, you two are so cute together!' Kaoru gushed, and they both immediately pulled apart. 'What? It's true! Isn't it, Kenshin?'

'Yes, it's completely true,' he agreed. Kenshin had been quiet all night, and only spoke when someone asked him something, but Megumi could tell he was genuinely happy. He had been grinning broadly all the while, she was seriously starting to think that maybe his mouth had stretched permanently to that position.

Sano glanced at his watch for the hundredth time that night. 'Dammit, what's taking them so long?' he muttered angrily.

Megumi frowned. 'What's taking who so long?' she asked, curiously.

Sano was looking flustered all of a sudden. 'Um…well…' he stuttered. His expression brightened. 'There they are! Finally!'

Megumi turned around in her seat. It took her only a brief moment to locate "them". A bunch of waiters carrying an enormous birthday cake before them. She gasped. She wheeled around on Sano, who was laughing happily.

'Happy birthday!' he exclaimed, before leaning in to give her another kiss.

Megumi was absolutely dumbfounded. 'It's…it's the tenth of June already?' she demanded, after he had pulled away.

Kaoru and Kenshin had started to laugh as well. 'See? That's what I meant? Megumi had been too caught up in babysitting Sano that she even forgot her birthday!' Kaoru said.

'Hey! Why is everything my fault?' Sano protested.

The waiters placed the cake in front of Megumi, and then they all started singing for her. Sano and the others joined in, with Sano singing at the top of his voice. People around them were starting to peer curiously at them, trying to figure out who the birthday person was. Megumi blushed red to the roots of her hair and sank down in her chair. Laughing, Sano grabbed her around the waist and pulled her upright again. When they all finished singing, they all urged her to blow the candles.

'And don't forget to make a wish!' Kaoru reminded her.

'A wish. Right,' Megumi said, nodding. She made her wish and blew out all the candles. Everyone, including the people in the restaurant, started clapping, and Sano pulled her into his arms in a tight hug. 'Thank you, Sano; this was really wonderful!' she murmured.

'Are you happy?' he asked anxiously.

Megumi beamed at him. 'I'm ecstatic!' she replied. 'But how come you remembered? Oh, God, Sano! You have such a strong memory!'

Sano grinned. 'Yup, I pride myself for it,' he said.

Kaoru moved forward and hugged her, particularly shouting, "Happy birthday!" in her ears, and Kenshin came after her, and formally shook her hand and wished her a happy birthday.

Sano slipped his fingers through hers and started tugging at her hand. 'Let's go outside. I have something to give you,' he murmured in her ear.

'Ooh, a present?' she said, delighted.

Sano smiled. 'We'll see,' he replied. He looked at his friends. 'You don't mind, do you?'

'Mind?' Kaoru repeated, looking horrified. She exchanged grins with Kenshin. 'Of course not! Take your time! We'll be waiting for you here!'

'With the cake,' Kenshin added.

'Yup! With a nice, big, chocolate cake!' she agreed.

Sano nodded. He started to pull Megumi towards the magnificent double doors which led out to the garden. Curiosity was building up inside Megumi, but she didn't say anything. She had always loved surprises…so why spoil this one? She was confused, however, when Sano led her to a clearing in the middle of the garden, which was coated by marble squares. She had been kinda expecting him to take her to the fountain or the rose bushes.

Sano led her to the middle of the clearing. 'Right…this is the spot,' he said, and glanced at his watch. 'Any second now…'

'Sano, what on Earth are you…?' she started, but she was never allowed to complete her question as jets of water erupted from beneath them. She cried out in surprise and made an attempt to run away, but Sano grabbed her hand. 'Sano! I'm going to kill you! You did this on purpose!'

'Yup!' he said, laughing.

'It's not funny!' she protested, her face screwed up in indignation. She struggled to keep her dress down. 'Look at me! I'm a mess!'

'No, you aren't! You look as beautiful as ever!' he replied. He was also soaking wet now. His shirt was clinging to his body and his faded jeans looked absolutely dark with water now. 'Isn't this fun?'

'No, it isn't! Sano, look at us! We're wet! We can't go back into the restaurant like this!' she said angrily. She had to shout to make herself heard over the thundering of the water.

'Don't worry; I've got spare outfits ready for us!' he assured her. Suddenly he had stopped laughing. His expression became intense and serious. 'Besides…I really wanted to do this differently.'

Megumi's breath was caught in her throat. 'D-do what, exactly?' she stammered.

The water stopped erupting from beneath them, and everything was quiet again. It was just the two of them, standing in the middle of the clearing, soaking wet. They both gazed intently into each other's eyes. Suddenly, Sano dropped to his knees in front of her and reached for something inside his pocket. Megumi gasped as Sano presented a beautiful diamond ring to her.

'Megumi Takani…will you marry me?' he said softly.

Megumi was absolutely overwhelmed, she started to cry. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she buried her face in her hands to hide them. Sano panicked. He quickly scrambled up to his feet and gently pulled her hands away. He cupped her face in his hands and wiped her tears away with his thumb.

'Shush now…why are you crying?' he asked her. 'Was it something I said?'

'No…' she choked.

'What is it, then?' he asked.

'It's just that…you're such an idiot! Rushing into marriage like that when we've barely known each other!' she said. 'You just don't know what you want!'

'Oh, but I do know what I want,' he replied. 'I've known what I want my whole life…and now that I've been given a chance, I'm not going to let it slip away again.'

'Sano…' she whispered, more tears streaming down her face.

Sano pouted. 'Miss Takani…pwease don't cwy…it hurts me to see you cwy,' he whined. In spite of herself, Megumi giggled. Sano smiled, and held up the ring again. 'So…will you?'

Megumi smiled through her tears and nodded. 'Yes…yes, I will,' she agreed.

Looking like he might burst with happiness, Sano slowly slipped the ring around her finger. He stroked her face. 'You know, Megumi, you're the best thing that had ever happened to me my whole life,' he said. 'I love you, Miss Takani.'

Megumi's eyes brimmed with tears again. 'I love you, too, Sano,' she murmured.

And as they leaned towards each other for a kiss, the water jets erupted from beneath them. Megumi didn't mind it this time…her whole world was Sano now.


I wish Sano and I remain together…forever…


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