Chapter 1


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"SHUT YOUR MOUTH BITCH!" an emerald eyed girl shouted at a blonde haired girl.

"OR WHAT?" the blonde haired girl was wearing a short denim skirt; black slouch boots and a black sparkly low-cut top. She was with a group of four girls (making five in total), all dressed similarly. We will come to know her as Roxanne.

The emerald-eyed girl stormed over to the blonde.

"Or this." She said harshly, and punched the blonde in the face. She had short auburn hair, separated with into two bangs that hung in front of her face. She wore a fairly protruding pink lipstick, a top supporting slipknot, it was tight with short sleeves, and a tartan hell bunny skirt, with chains and skulls. A pair of black converses and fishnets completed it. Her name is Sakura Kinomoto. A punk.

Sakura's friends laughed as Roxanne fell to the floor whimpering, and Roxanne's' friends just cowered in fright.

"Now piss off." Sakura directed at Roxanne's friends. They all fled, leaving Roxanne by herself.

"They're good friends aren't they? They just left her here. And didn't bother to fight, even though our numbers are matched. Pathetic." She said as she spat on the floor.

Tomoyo came running over to her, clutching her side from where she had been laughing so hard. Her raven hair flew behind her, and her amethyst eyes sparkled in delight. Finally, Sakura had hit Roxanne, they had been arguing for years, and to be frank, Sakura was just in a bad mood today, and Roxanne had simply started on the wrong day.

Tomoyo was wearing her favourite tartan trousers, a black happy bunny t-shirt and a black blazer, with pink converses. She liked to dress similarly to Sakura.

"That was great Sakura!" Tomoyo pulled out her cell phone from her pocket, she used quick dial to ring Eriol's number.

"Hey Eriol! Guess what, Sakura hit the bitch!"

Tomoyo had to move the phone away from here as a distinct and drawn out 'whoop' was heard from the other end. Naoki, Chelsea and Rika started cheering and clapping as they ran up to Sakura.

Sakura was the sort of leader of their group. Sakura looked on the floor and saw a still whimpering Roxanne lying on the ground.

"Get up bitch." Tomoyo ordered.

After several attempts, Roxanne gave up and just stayed lying there, crying even harder.

Rika, Chelsea and Naoki heaved her up and turned her to face Sakura.

"If you ever come near me or my friends ever again." Sakura snarled, "Then you wont live to remember it.

Rika, Chelsea and Naoki dropped her on the floor, as if she were litter. And they all walked away from her, feeling elated.

They were walking along normally, without purpose or direction, just looking for something to do for the day, laughing and joking as they walked.

"So Sakura, what happened with you and Sam then? We haven't seen him for a while." Tomoyo asked slyly.

Sakura giggled. "Oh, THAT. Well, we slept together a couple of times, he wasn't that good to be honest. (This earned her a laugh from her friends) then, he found out that I cheated on him with David, and he went to hit me! (Gasp!) So I blocked him, hit him and knocked him out. I left him at his flat."

She finished smiling, to show that she had no remorse for Sam.

"So then, how are you and Eriol doing then Tomoyo?" Sakura sneakily asked Tomoyo, Tomoyo flushed a bright red. She, unlike Sakura, was a virgin and was not at all comfortable with talking about it either.

"Erm…we're erm…fine…" Sakura held her hand out to silence her.

"Say no more, you still haven't done it yet. Blimey, was doing it when I was 14…and you're 18!"

Sakura received death glares from Tomoyo.

"We're among friends are we not?" Sakura joked.

"I guess so." Tomoyo said whilst she sighed.

They carried on walking, chatting animatedly with one another, Sakura stopped suddenly, and the others looked at her curiously. She had an evil glint in her eye.

"What?" Tomoyo asked.

Sakura merely pointed to a large sign that was outside a large building. She was wearing a grin as big as a Cheshire cat.

Naoki read the sign aloud.

"Fitness class. Keep fit with newly appointed instructor Li Syaoran. Only £50 for six sessions. Free trial today!"

Sakura smiled even more.

"A male fitness instructor, if he's fit, then I'm signing up…think of all those rippling pectorals and a well toned physique…" she trailed off dreamily.

Tomoyo giggled, before announcing, "Sakura's in man la la land. Again."

They knew what Sakura had been thinking before hand. Go in there and trash the joint. Seemed like fun.

They walked in, as if they had read each other's minds. After following the arrows that directed them to the fitness class, they entered the room, they could smell sweat. And it wasn't pleasant.

The man that Tomoyo assumed was the instructor, wasn't at all like Sakura had pictured, he was old, with long grey hair and wrinkles everywhere. He walked out when he saw them enter.

Sakura looked as if she was about to spew.

"All those rippling pectorals eh Saku?" Chelsea mocked.

"Well, we may as well trash it anyway, fir instructor or---" Sakura stopped mid sentence, when she noticed a very hot man emerge from where the older man had entered. He was wearing a green pair of shorts only.

Parading his, as Sakura put it, 'rippling pectorals and well toned physique'.

Sakura's mouth was nearly on the floor.

"Lets stay." She said sharply. Before rushing over to join the other people. Even though she had a skirt on, she wanted this man.

The man at the front quirked a brow, but said nothing to Sakura. Instead he addressed her friends.

"Are you joining in or not?" Li asked them.

They rushed over silently to Sakura, who was watching the instructor with a fierce look.

"Erm, do you want to borrow a pair of shorts?" he addressed Sakura. She relaxed a leg and swung onto her hip, she put a finger to her chin (imitating thought), gave a little pout, and then nodded. This was her 'cute' pose. As she called it.

He went out into the back, Sakura turned and winked at her friends. Then she noticed that Chelsea was wearing a black leather skirt. There was no way shed be able to exercise in THAT!

Maybe getting this instructor to bed wouldn't be so hard after all.

When he emerged, he was carrying a black pair of cycling shorts, and a black pair of Nike shorts. He gave the Nikes to Sakura, who accepted them gratefully, then the cycling shorts to Chelsea, who looked at them with disgust.

Li walked back past Sakura, and whilst passing he barely whispered "they're mine, don't break them." Sakura looked at him agape. Watching his ass move. She smiled her approval.

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