This isn't a chapter, so my apologies to you all.

Ok, so recently I've started college and haven't had much time, now I'm being consumed and overloaded with coursework (already lol) so unfortunately, this means that I can only update on the rare occasion.

HOWEVER! I have had plenty of ideas for this story, so when I do update, the chapters should be far better.

Again. My apologies that I haven't had time to update today, and that I've only just posted my note. I honestly haven't had the time.

But anyway, you guys deserve something, so I've decided to run a 'competition', if you like.

Basically, submit any ideas that you have for the story, and I will select the best one and include it in the next chapter. Of course, it will be a surprise, because if I tell someone that they get their idea posted, then I change my mind, then I'm screwed!

So yeah, a thousand apologies to all of you amazing reviewers and I hope that you'll forgive me!

P.s, I haven't run out of ideas, I just thought it would be nice to involve you guys in the story a bit more.

Thanks for reading!