It was a dark, stormy, early morning in Manhattan. Everyone orphan in the orphanage Miss Bucket ran was sleeping, except Veruca. Veruca was crying in her sleep.

"Mama! Mama! Mommy!" cried Veruca

"Shut up" said Mike, one of the other orphans

"How am I supposed to get any sleep around here?" said Violet

"Mama! Mommy!" cried Veruca

"I said shut your trap Veruca!" yelled Mike

"Ah, leave the poor kid alone! She aint doing nothing to ya!" said Augustus

"She's keeping us awake" said Mike

"No" said Violet "Your keeping us awake".

"Veruca shouldn't be in this room anyway" said Mike.

"She cries all the time" said Augustus.

"She's such a pain" said Violet.

"She's a baby" said Mike.

"AM NOT!" said Veruca

"Now You're keeping us awake! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! There fighting and I'm not gonna get any sleep all night! Oh My Goodness" said Augustus

"Pipe down all of you! Go back to sleep" said Charlie

"Charlie, read me your note" said Veruca

"Here it comes again" said Violet

"I've been dreaming about having a mother and father, but your lucky! You really got 'em" said Veruca

"Charlie doesn't have parents" said Mike

"None of us do! That's why were orphans" said Augustus

Charlie began to read his note "Please take care of our little darling. His name is Charlie"

Suddenly, Violet grabbed the note out of his hands and started playing with it.

"He was born on August 23rd , we will be back to get him soon" mockingly said Violet.

"We have left half of a silver locket around his neck, and kept the other half" mockingly said Mike

"So that when we come back for will know that he's our baby" said Mike and violet together. Together, they started laughing.

"Oh My Goodness! Now there Laughing" yelled Augustus

Then, Charlie went to cuddle Veruca. "I know there coming Veruca. Some day...some day"

"Maybe far away, or maybe real nearby. He maybe pouring her coffee , she maybe straightening his tie. Maybe in a house, all hidden by a hill, she's sitting playing piano, he's sitting paying a bill. Betcha they're young. Betcha they're smart. Bet they collect things, like ashtrays and art. Betcha there good, why shouldn't they be. There only mistake, was giving up me! So maybe its time and maybe when I wake, They'll be calling me baby. Maybe. Betcha he reads, betcha she sews. Maybe she made me a closet of clothes. Maybe they're strict, as straight as a line. Don't really care, as long as they're mine. So maybe now this prayer's the last one of it's kind. Wont you please come get your baby . Maybe" sang Charlie


chapter 1 is finished!


Ok, so this is my first fanfiction on my new account. I had an old one with like, 54 stories, but I was hacked and all of them were deleted. I'm Terri.

The first chapter is gay, but the next one will get better!



PS : The lyrics to maybe are the exact lyrics!