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Ino only focused on the ripples that the lake made with each flick of rocks that she found close by. Biting the bottom of her lip she tried her best to consol herself, failing miserably. 'Sasuke wasn't that great anyway,' she thought to herself, watching the pebble skip against the water. Other times she would have been amused with actually getting the rock to go so far, but misery was rearing its ugly head once again. It's been two weeks in which Ino was enlightened with the so very wonderful news of miss forehead girl Sakura and Sasuke. She still couldn't absorb the fact that Sakura won, and after years of their rivalry it has all come down to this. Hot tears burned, streaming out of her eyes; Ino grunted mentally scolding herself for her foolishness.

"Who cares! Sasuke wasn't that great of a prize anyway!" Eyes shut, she screamed allowed. She could feel her mentality pressing emotions of anger and guilt into her heart. "Sakura and Sasuke can go and get married for all I care!" She blindly reached for a rock behind her and threw it over her shoulder as she watched the impact of the stone cause water to protrude. Hugging her knees close to her chest she inhaled loudly before a sob escaped her mouth. Her eyes now fastened, she allowed herself to let go and was shocked by how loud her cries echoed in front of her. She sniffed, smearing her tears in her attempt to calm herself down.

Her palm tightened and shook violently; Ino peeked at the sunset ahead of her and grimaced at the thought of being so vulnerable.

"Ino?" A voice was heard behind her as she quickly jumped, turning to see Naruto behind her. She blinked, half surprised and half afraid. Holding onto her chest she proceeded to scold him.

"What the HELL, Naruto! You scared the crap out of me!" She felt her heart pounding under her shirt, shifting to glare angrily at the teenager in front of her. For the moment, she completely forgot about Sasuke and Sakura.

Rather than return the remark with the same tone Naruto only murmured an apology under his breath, his sapphire eyes dull in his gaze. Ino wiped the already drying tears from her face, wondering what in the world would bring him here. Sunset wasn't usually a time to be outside, usually loudmouth Naruto would be rendezvousing at the Ramen place, not that it mattered. Naruto and she were completely different people and seldom saw one another personally.

Ino watched as Naruto set himself next to her, picking up a black stone as he rubbed it in his hands. She couldn't help but ask the obvious at this point, "What are you doing here?" She blinked, wide eyed at seeing Naruto caress a rock.

"There's no where else to go," The boy flung the rock, not bothering to see its destination. "They're eating at the Ramen Café, staying home isn't a very good option." He looked up at her, his eyes exposing grief that only fueled her once numb feeling.

"Oh," She responded, flatly. Surprisingly out of tears, it shocked Ino to see that someone else in Konoha wasn't very pleased with the beautiful couple. "You don't like them either?"

"What is so great about Sasuke anyway?" Naruto turned his attention to the descending sun, watching the colors alter into soft rosy tints. "I'm not bothering you, am I?"

"N-No." She blinked once more, apparently still stunned by having Naruto sitting next to her.

"I seriously thought I would have a chance with Sakura, since Sasuke didn't look like he was interested, then Sasuke does a 360 on me…traitor." He grunts under his breath, his palms clenching into fists. Oddly enough, Ino found his frustration to be amusing as she let out a laugh at his idiocy.

"What!" He cried out, returning to his noisy self.

"Nothing." She shook her head, a grin peeking onto her lips, "Just…its funny seeing how frustrated you are-"

"Oh, like you should be talking Ino." Naruto snarled, setting his sandals to touch one another. He leaned back, using this position to rock back and forth.

Ino swiftly held her mouth agape, prepared to spew a few choice words at him but after a few seconds of silence closed it shut. She was so ready to tell him how much of a bastard he was, but decided against it. "Really, Naruto you act like a child sometimes." She shook her head, smiling at him. "I can't tell if you're six or sixteen."

"Eh," He only shrugged; his attention reverted back to twilight ahead of the two.

"I miss Sasuke." Ino skimmed her nail through the dirt, sighing in self-pity.

"You never were with Sasuke-"

"Neither were you with Sakura!" Ino barked back feeling anger streaming in her veins. "But I'm not here bursting your bubble." She added, eyes narrowing. She turned back to stare at the sky, beginning to regret Naruto's company. Her eyes traced the line of stars that began to appear in the haze, the once crimson sky morphing into deep indigo. Silence was welcomed for the following few minutes, until Naruto willingly broke the ice.

"I feel like we can still do something about it." He spoke lowly, almost into a whisper. He didn't look at her this time; his stare was fixated onto the sky.


"You know, like split them apart. Secretly, I feel like Sasuke's only using Sakura to piss me off." Ino only rolled her eyes at the comment; however she didn't completely throw off his suggestion. Perhaps…maybe…would they be able to pull it off?

"…No! I don't even know why I'm listening to you!"

"Oh common, it doesn't sound so impossible after you think about it for a while."

Naruto scooted himself closer to Ino, his grin widening to greater lengths. "Doesn't it sound a little suspicious that Sasuke would be Sakura's boyfriend out of nowhere, when a few weeks ago he completely ignored her, hmm?" He leans in closer to Ino, completely delighted with his idea.

"Well…yeah it sort of does sound suspicious…"

"Look I want Sakura and you want Sasuke, all we need to do is get them to realize that it is us who truly belong to them. It isn't very hard, so are you in?"

"I don't know…what if they find out?" Ino tapped her chin with the base of her finger, eyes lingering onto Naruto's headband.

"They won't, if they do I'll take the heat for it. Common, please!" In all honesty Ino was akin to the idea of kicking Sakura out of the limelight. She watched Naruto's desperate state, his puppy dog eyes begging for her to be his accomplice. 'They'd never suspect it either, Naruto and I…' She smirks, intoxicated with the thought of being in Sasuke's arms.

"Sure," She agrees, stimulated by his determination.

Inoichi couldn't help but glance once more at the window to the left of him. It bothered him that Ino wasn't home yet, it was eight in the evening and Ino wasn't known for being out at night, until recently. Now Inoichi wasn't dense, he was aware of his daughter's recent depression over the infamous Sasuke, but he certainly believed that young girls shouldn't be so attached to something for so long. At first he thought of it as a phase and was willing to abide by Ino's wishing but lately watching Ino mope in her self destruction was beginning to bother him.

"Inoichi" His wife called from the other room as he cringed, "Don't be so worried over Ino, she can take care of herself." Still, after all these years he was amazed at his wife's psyche.

"Yeah…I know, but." He cut himself off as he could see Ino walking down the road, and she wasn't alone. Lowering his head, he kept himself hidden in his observation of the boy walking his precious daughter home. His eyebrows arched as he noticed Uzumaki Naruto smiling, inches away from Ino as the two stopped in front of the door. Moments later he completely pushes himself off the window sill, pretending to be watching the television when he hears Ino come into the house. He couldn't repel his grin by the time his daughter greeted him with a kiss on the cheek.

"So how was it?" He smirked, seeing her tilt her head to the side as she raised her eyebrow.

"What dad?"

"The date…?" He watched her facial features turn from neutral to negative one thousand in a second. Her jaw was agape as crimson could be detailed under her eyes.

"What? No! Not a date! Naruto is just my friend!" Flustered as she was, she couldn't believe her father was actually thinking that she and Naruto were together. Yeah, right…

"Oh, sure."' Inoichi grinned, waving his hand in nonchalant manner as he proceeded to watch what was on TV, finally relieved to know that his daughter finally found someone good for once.

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