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Chapter 6:

All is lost and love not fair…

He rubbed at the tear that struggled to run down his cheek, wincing as he felt his skin become irritated from the constant friction. He didn't mean to…

That is, his intentions were not to…

He couldn't help but feel the awful shame leave a bloody gash somewhere in his soul. He did not expect to become so dazed by some other person's emotions, let alone Ino Yamanaka's sentiment. Numb could not describe the way his fingers shook violently, no matter how firmly he held them. The way his heart jittered and lost complete pacing, it was a frightening feeling. A state of mind one would say. But it seemed more like an eternity, standing in a fixed manner; after the curtains were drawn and the credits rolled. Now he was alone, and left to ponder at the insanity of what he claimed to have been love.

Because that is what he thought, no, that is what he knew as audacious passion he felt. The misconception of unrequited love she actually believed,

Down right blasphemous

Naruto longed to have wind the clock backwards, to have understood fate in its place and have confessed the moment he had the chance, instead of underlying in silly mind games. She was more than that, worth far more than to mess around with.

And the tears persisted, he didn't expect them. In fact, he was down right shocked to have felt the warm tears fall. Unnoticed until he sensed it hit his palm. Still, he couldn't allow it to end like this. He had to do something, he still had a chance. Even if he fucked everything up and the entire world hated his guts, breaking hearts left and right, he had to make it right.


The funny thing is she still had the chance to keep it under wraps. Even her father would forget after a few days, a few weeks tops. No one would ever question her validity, and the whole notion of liking Naruto would disappear. She could forget the whole thing, live the rest of her life without the stress that was hitting her at the moment, get married and not ever recall that this moment ever happened. Pretend that is.

Yet, the reality was that she was actually stuck, sincerely in fond of him and the idea of Sakura having her way twice, it drove her up the wall. In fact, she began to believe it was a curse. A Sakura curse, in which Sakura would live the perfect life and Ino, would be left to admire it. Really, life has played a cruel joke on her and she had but only to marvel at the possibility of it getting worse. Inhaling deeply, she suppressed the urge to sob as she carried on to glaring at her mirror angrily. "It's getting late," She told herself, knowing that in a few minutes one of her parents would knock on the door and ask what was wrong. And they would suppose for the little obstacles, never the tender quandary, because that was the way adults would function. They never expect the worst. Or maybe, in her verge of drama and heart-ache, she had to admit that she was sad.

Sad or still muddled with the whole situation, but then again sad was not an equivalent word, more on the basis of wounded, like an animal. As if there was a tear that has ripped inside of her, and there was but no cure. Eventually, if she tried hard enough, if she squinted, it could even go unnoticed. Maybe, if sufficient effort is applied, the wound will heal. Like all wounds do.

And, like eventually she predicated, she could no longer hold back her despair. Misery spilled down her eyes, blurring its cerulean complexion. Covering her mouth with her elbow she slipped a sob, hoping to have stifled the harsh cries. Maybe it was wrong to meddle in unfamiliar territory, prying into places unseen, emotions unseen. She could not recall time, but she has been locked in the bathroom since the twilight merged into night outside of her window. Now that the stars twinkled, she was surprised that no one offered any interest from the other side of the door. Although Ino told herself to be strong, she found it to be a hard task.

In a way, it angered her that no one cared. On the verge of hate, she allowed the fury to swim in her veins, overlooking her past sense of dignity. Knuckles clasped over the cold doorknob she jerked her fingers to unlock before tugging at the door fiercely. Ignoring the bang that reverberated behind her she stomped out of the bathroom, through the hallway. The lights of her parents bedroom were off, indicating that either they were in the midst of sleeping or not in the house at all. Sucking her teeth, she clenched her fists and ambled her way through several insignificant rooms before ending up outside.

The first thing to whisk past her was the surprisingly comforting cool winds. Blowing her bangs out of place, drying her tears, the wind offered an invaluable commodity. She even smiled, slightly, akin to the idea of being away from others for the moment. The glistening of the moon offered light source while the night shaded the rest of Konoha in front of her eyes.

"Ino." Almost in a whisper, she heard the voice mutter her name. As quick as her mood was beginning to rise it drooped, practically flat lining. She knew who it was without twisting her head to take a look. Instead, because conveniently it has appeared that both of her parents have left to some celebration or they are engaged in this malicious game with God. Turning on her heel, she faced the door ready to stroll back inside and act as if she heard nothing but the hooting of an owl.

His voice called out once more, louder than before, footsteps could be heard treading behind her as she shut her eyes tight, clinching onto the knob. Pushing against the forced that were unwilling to allow her in the house, she took an attempt to restrain her pathetic tears.


"Why do you have to be here?" Ino bit her lip, feeling the recognizable swelling of her throat. The main door creaked open, but before her foot settled on to the flat surface he was able to grab hold of her wrist.

"…Don't leave, please." He pleaded, pressing on her limb, voice cracking. He tried his best to remain calm, as exhausted as he was.

She knew the ending was drawing near, and it now the truth was about to be told, only she did not know if she could cope with what she knew he was about to admit to her. If anything, he at least deserved her attention. However, her stubbornness was unwilling to give.

"I have to tell you something,"

"You don't have to tell me anything, not a thing." She forced a smile, briskly wiping her cheek with her sleeve. Yanking her arm away she proceeded into the building. "I think I've seen more than words can explain,"

"But it's not what you think." He followed her, stumbling over the carpet on his way in. "Ino what you saw back there-"

"You mean you and Sakura?" It stuck at him, the way she proclaimed that, but he chose to look past it.

"You really think I'd do that to you?" He cried out, finally able to get a hold of her once more. He twirled her around; aggravated by the way it seemed that the forces were against him. He just about had enough of chasing after her. In any case, if he was to disappear he'd have it with the validity that every single inch and part of him called out to her. "That's not true," He dared himself to stare into her cerulean tint, drowning himself in the tears that he could depict in her eyes. "Damn it Ino," He shouted, clenched knuckles compressing the veins in his palms. "What do you want me to say?"


Naruto felt his nerves twitch, finding it hard to produce the thought of clarity in his intent. Turning away from her, towards the opened front door of her house, he allowed the heel of his shoes to clasp the ground beneath him as his vision wobbled with the moisture gathering above the lids of his eyes.

"Didn't you want that? That glorious arrangement we made? Well, there. Now you have it. I hope you're down right happy with the outcome. I anticipate the two skipping around together, hand in hand like a bunch of school girls. I mean, that is what you wanted, correct? Consider your wish granted!" Her voice ascended, she stomped her foot into the ground, eyes wishing to pierce right through the gentleman.

He glared at her, from over his shoulder, "That's not what I want-"

"Then what do you want!" She cried out, waving her fist in the air, letting loose of the frustration she felt.

He fought against the shame, slowly staggering his way towards her. Gazing as she took a step back. Watching her shocked expression he reached his hand to gently get a hold of her palm. He did not drag, did not haul. He gradually stepped closer to her, the scent of her locks clear in his mind, so accustomed to having her around. "I want you," He lowered her arms as he took hold of both hands in order to ensure that she would have his full attention. "That's it, that's all I want." He pressed his temple against hers, feeling her shiver beneath his touch. A smile graced his features. Lightly kissing her lips, he embraced her frame, gently pushing her closer. "Just you."

She assented towards his touch, shuddering when he made contact, shocked at his gratuitous gesture; finding herself leaning into his kiss.

But still I see you there.