Chapter Three


Ron sat on his bed thinking. He was mad but Hermione had calmed him down a lot, but still.

"Hey Ron!" Harry walked into the room with a basket full of sweets. He sat next to Ron and the two started eating them.

"Mum would kill if she found out we were eating this before dinner." Ron said looking down at it.

"Don't worry she knows." Harry looked at the door and then at Ron. "Ron…"

Ron looked over at Harry but didn't say anything at first. He looked away from Harry and he lowly whispered "What…"

"We're still mates right? I mean ever things the same…right? I mean I didn't ask for any of this and you know that, right?"

Ron stood up and looked at Harry. In his inner mind he wanted to hit Harry. Make Harry know how he feels. Make him feel just a little pain.

Everyone loves Harry. Everyone takes care of Harry. What do I get? Nothing! No one see me, fear me and cares for me! If only Harry wasn't around no more then everyone would know who I am. If I killed Harry….

What! What am I saying? Harry is my best mate!

"Right…." Ron gave a small smile and then turned to leave the room.

"Ron thanks for everything. You know always being there and stuff…"

"Right…." Ron said walking out of the room leaving Harry alone.

Whats wrong with me? How could I think of killing Harry or anyone? Whats wrong with me? Whats wrong with me!


"Mum what are you doing?"

"Im looking for Harry. Have you seen him?" She asked.

So she only cares for Harry! So she's only looking for Harry! My own family loves Harry more then me!

"Yeah hes….on the roof." Ron smiled at her.

"Thanks dear." She turned around and walked off leaving Ron alone in the hallway. He smiled and turned around his eyes cold.


"Have you found him Molly?" Mr. Weasley asked standing near the front desk.

"Ron said he was on the roof but I couldn't find him."

"You don't think he lied do you?"

"Why would he lie?"

"I don't know. Im not saying he did. Maybe you misheard."

Mrs. Weasley didn't say anything but she looked at the front door were his Aunt and Uncle stood.


Hermione and Ginny sat in there room packing up there stuff. The Healers said they were free to go and that they could leave today.

"Ron seems out of it. Hes different." Ginny said.

"Like hes cold?" Hermione said stopping and looking at Ginny.

"Hes full of hatred. I think its pointed at Harry. You don't think he'll hurt Harry do you?"

"Ginny!" Hermione half yelled.

Ginny walked out of the room with out saying a word to Hermione.


Ron walked away from Hermione and Ginny's room before Ginny had walked out. He walked down the hall tears falling down his face.

All against me. They all hate me and want to protect and love Harry. Its always Harry. Why would I hurt Harry….

What changed you mind? Don't want to kill him anymore? A part of him said.

No…he's my mate! I was just…

Just thinking what you want? You should listen to your heart! It knows you better then your mind. I mean you could have been with Hermione sooner if you listened to your heart.

That's true but I could never kill anyone. I cant even hurt someone.

That's not true! As long as you know its right then it wont matter. I mean you've killed death eaters before.

That's true…but Harry is my…

I know best mate! But really look how he hogs the spotlight and leaves you and Hermione in the dark, right?


He may be your best mate but are you his? He could be using you. Getting close to your family, turn them against you.


You know what you have to do…right?


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