Sweet open tears


Author's note: Hi! Another story from me! Well if you like Romance, Drama, and tragedy this is the story to read! I hope you like this story!


Summary: Sakura is an always sick child and never gets a happy day. In till she meets Syaoran the person to raise her hopes of happiness.

Chapter 1: The hospital meeting

12 year old Sakura lay in bed looking outside the big square window. She stared at the people walking by looking so happy and merry carrying their presents. It was near Christmas time. The time Sakura always got sick.

I envy those people down there. So happy and care-free. I wish I could be like that.

Sakura had been sick for almost 2 years and she misses everything about the world.

There was a nock on the door.

"Come in." Sakura said sadly.

The door opened and in came in her father, Fujitaka and her brother, Touya.

"Hi, Sakura." They both said together.

Sakura let a small smile come on her cherry colored lips which are rather pale looking now.

"Good evening." Sakura said with a small smile.

"How are you dear?" Asked Sakura's father.

"A little better then yesterday." Sakura said a little bit out of breath.

"You better get better so we can go Christmas shopping. Ok?" Sakura's brother asked caringly.

"Yes, I'll try." Sakura said putting on a fake happy smile.

"Good girl." Sakura's dad said smiling.

"We have to go. But your brother will come back later on. And I don't know about Tomoyo." He added.

"It's ok. She's coming tomorrow." Sakura said.

"Alright. Bye Sakura." Said her father.

"Bye." Sakura's brother said.

The door shut with a loud click.

The atmosphere changed from annoyance to sadness.

I hate being sick! I wish my mom was here. She would always now how to make me feel better. I miss her so much.

Sakura looked sadly outside watching the merry people go by.

Ever since Sakura was little 3 to be exact, she's had severe asthma. So that would cause her to go to the hospital. Her asthma would kick up every time it got near Christmas. Her favorite time of year. At least it used to be. Her mother no matter what used to stay by Sakura's side making her feel wanted and feeling a little bit better. And would hold her and keep her safe. Never leave her in the hospital alone. In till Sakura turned 9 it all changed. Sakura's mother got sick with a rare cancer. And the time Sakura got really bad near Christmas, when she was 10, her mother died. So Sakura cried and mad herself worse. And she's been in the hospital ever since.

Two hours had passed. Sakura watched the people pass by. In till a small girl looked in and saw Sakura and she smiled and waved. Sakura waved back. That was Melissa, a sweet 7 year old. She lived next door to Sakura.

One hour passed which turned to 2 hours very slowly.

Then a nock was on the door. Sakura turned to look at the clock. It read 5:45 P.M. usually Sakura's brother comes at 6 P.M. Odd.

"Come in." Sakura said.

The door opened reveling a boy with messy auburn hair and chocolate eyes and clear white skin.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else." His voice was a savoring melting voice.

"Oh. It's ok." Sakura managed to say.

Wow! He's so cute! I wonder who he is.

"Um, Miss could you please tell me were Meiling Li is?" The boy asked looking a bit confused.

"Yes, she's down one." Sakura said pointing to the left.

"Thank you Miss." The boy said bowing his head a little.

"Please don't call me miss." Sakura said frowning slightly.

"Sorry. Then what can I call you?" The boy asked with an amused smile.

"Sakura. What's yours?" Asked Sakura.

"I'm Syaoran." Syaoran said smiling.

"What are you in the hospital for?" Syaoran asked.

"I have asthma." Sakura said sadly.

"Oh. I'm sorry." Syaoran said looking a little bit sad.

"It's not your fault." Sakura said trying to put on a fake happy smile.

"People shouldn't have to suffer." Syaoran said looking sad for real now.

"I know what you mean." Sakura said nodding her head slightly.

"Well I better be going or Meiling will have a heart attack." Syaoran said smiling and laughing.

Sakura let out a giggle and a real happy smile.

"I like your real smile, Miss Sakura." Syaoran smiled and shut the door.

Sakura stared surprisingly at the door.

He likes my real smile… Sakura let a real smile out and looked outside.

The door opened and in walked Touya looking annoyed.

"Who was that brat coming out of this room?" Asked Touya flaming.

"Hu? He came in to the wrong room. That's all." Sakura said sighing.

"Hey, a REAL smile!" Touya said looking closely at Sakura's pale lips.

The smile quickly disappeared.

Now Touya's really going to hate that boy!

"I'm going to kill that boy!" Touya said annoyed.

Sakura stared laughing. She couldn't help herself.

"You're… laughing!" Touya said surprised.

"And that's bad?" Asked Sakura looking confused.

"No… But… Oh never mind!" Touya said giving up and sitting in a chair.

Sakura smiled and turned to look outside.

It's so beautiful outside. I wish I could be out there. Felling the snow falling down on to the glittery ground. I need to get better. For mama. She would want that.

A nock was on the door.

"Come in." Touya shouted.

A nurse came in. The nurse was a beautiful nurse, with red curls and big green eyes. And she was about Touya's age. She's really smart and kind.

"Sakura-Chan! How are you?" The nurse, named Rose asked.

"Good. I'm really feeling much better." Sakura said smiling.

Rose's eyes opened wider. "You're really smiling!"

Sakura laughed.

"And really laughing!" Rose stared in shock.

Sakura laughed again.

"Well I'll be. Who made you smile and laugh?" Rose asked as she started giving Sakura her medicine through a shot.

Sakura flinched as the shot went into her skin.

"I'm just in a happy mood." Sakura said smiling.

Rose put on the bandage. "I'm glad."

Rose went close to Sakura and whispered "Tell me later on."

Sakura nodded.

"Oh hello Touya." Rose said and walked out of the room shutting the door.

"Stupid girl." Touya mumbled.

Sakura knew that Touya liked Rose but would not admit it.

Sakura shock her.

Poor Touya.

Sakura let out a giggle.

"What's so funny?" Asked Touya annoyed with his sister.

"Nothing." Sakura turned to look outside.

"Whatever." Touya said and looked away.

Sakura smiled while shacking her head.

My dear brother.

Little did Sakura know her life was going to change very soon.

I hope you all liked this chappie! Well this story is sort of like me because I have severe asthma and I usually have to go to the hospital because it gets really bad. And for the mother thing that's what my parents do make sure I'm safe and trying to make me feel better. Well anyway I hope you all liked it! Please review! And if you have any ideas please let me know! Than you:) And just to say this is a Christmas story. (Well sort of.)