Sweet open tears


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Summary: Sakura is an always sick child and never gets a happy day. In till she meets Syaoran the person to raise her hopes of happiness.

Chapter 14: A New clue and a teacher

Sakura, Tomoyo, and Rika meet at the curb after school. Somehow Rika escaped from her possessive mother.

"Alright… We have to have a good excuse for visiting him." Tomoyo said as they walked slowly toward Sensei Tereda's place.

Rika blushed and whispered, "Let me handle it." Tomoyo and Sakura hid their smiles behind their hands.

After about two minutes of teasing from Tomoyo, they arrived at the apartment, which he owned. The three girls looked at each other worriedly before entering the building.

Rika lead the way to the top floor. When they arrived at the correct door, Tomoyo stepped forward and knocked lightly.

"Are you sure he's here?" Sakura whispered. Rika nodded.

They could hear footsteps move closer to the door. The locks were being removed… Until finally the door opened.

Sensei Terada looked at them in shock before flashing them a smile.

"Girls, what brings you here? I'm actually about to receive company in a few moments." Terada said kindly. Rika stared closely at him. She stared intently for a long time.

He kept glancing at her every so often. "Um will you like to come in?" Tomoyo and Sakura nodded. He opened the door wider for them to come in.

Once the door was shut, he told them to make themselves comfortable as he served them tea.

His house was plain, beige colored walls, furniture, rug, carpet… Talk about obsessed.

"Um Terada- sama…" Rika mumbled her hands in fist on her lap. He looked at her and smiled.


"I um… The reason we're here is because… You haven't been coming to… Oh I really like you Sensei!" Rika shouted the last part. Tomoyo and Sakura gawked at their friend.

"I have for a long time. Please don't tell me you don't feel the same!" Rika shouted, tears slipping down her pale cheeks.

Sakura looked at Rika then at Terada. He stared surprised at her, not moving an inch. But his eyes seemed to bore in her. Does he… really like Rika?

"And also Terada- sama, you haven't been coming to school. I know it's not the real you that comes to school but your twin." Sakura stared at her friend.

What a second, how does she know about his twin?

Tomoyo also stared at Rika. Terada relaxed and sighed.

"Your right. I haven't been going. I sent my brother to take my place for two months. I um actually am um expecting a guest." As soon as the words poured from him, a knock was on the door.

"Oh my. She's here!" He looked completely white. He sighed but didn't shoo them out. He walked to the door and opened it.

"Terada! Love, what are you doing? I thought you were coming to see my new living room. It's from Paris, remember?" The girl whined. She looked inside and saw the three girls.

The woman was tall. About an inch taller then Terada! Maybe it was the expensive looking heels she was wearing. But she had a red low low cut dress with a slit going up her right leg. She had a fur shawl on her shoulders. White long gloves, HUGE diamond ring on her left wedding ring finger, and a cigarette in her right hand.

She had dark red lipstick on, big blue eyes, blond hair in a rather fashionable style, and puffy cheeks. She was gorgeous!

Terada flushed lightly.

"Sorry Cynthia. Some students came by to visit me." Cynthia smiled and walked inside.

"Hello girls. I'm Cynthia Glory Fern-Heather Feather the Third."

The three girls looked at each other for a moment before Tomoyo decided to introduce herself.

"Konichiwa, Feather- san! Such a pleasure to meet you. My name is Tomoyo."

Sakura quickly put her name in. "And I'm Sakura. This here is my friend Rika."

Rika stared at the floor the whole time; avoiding everyone's eyes. Especially Terada's.

"Well I bet it is." Cynthia smirked and only looked at Rika. Then she turned to Terada and smiled. "We need to go, love. If we don't go then daddy's not going to be happy. Come on." After a second she glanced over at Rika.

"Of course let's go." He turned to the girls. "If you'll excuse us."

They left quickly and he seemed to not care that he left them all alone in his apartment.

The three didn't say anything for a while until, Rika broke into a sob and fell to the ground in tears. Tomoyo got to her first and began to sooth her friend.

Sakura glared at the door but kept her thoughts to herself. She and Tomoyo helped Rika up and pulled her to the beige couch and Tomoyo got a glass of water for her.

Sakura rubbed her back and let Rika sob for almost an hour. Tomoyo looked worriedly toward Sakura, but one look at her face and Tomoyo knew to leave the subject alone.

"Come on Rika. He's not the best. You'll find someone better and more… love for you then the whole sky combined." Sakura said to her whimpering friend.

Rika looked up but only nodded.

"Let's look for clues." Tomoyo said aloud. Rika looked confused but said nothing. I looked wide eyed at Tomoyo, who didn't get the message.

"I'm sorry, Sakura." Rika muttered in Sakura's shirt. She looked down at her. Rika's eyes were watery and her nose red.

"For what?" Sakura asked to her friend. Rika avoided looking at her and whispered, "For not going to visit you for two years."

It came as a shock to Sakura. She didn't really mind that she didn't come. Really, she didn't. But it was nice to receive an apology.

"It's alright Rika. You had your reasons." Rika smiled slightly and gave Sakura a hug.

"Omigosh!" Sakura and Rika heard from the other room, where Terada must sleep. The two quickly raced to the room and Sakura asked what was wrong.

Tomoyo turned around and she had something in her hands. A book. No… A journal. Sakura stared at it, as did Rika.

Tomoyo opened up to the first page and read aloud, "Dear Diary, it was my first day at teaching. I was horrible! But at least the class behaves and isn't noisy like the class over. I've remembered four names already; Sakura Kin… I know its something like Kimono. Oh Kinomoto. The second student, Tomoyo something. The third… a beautiful girl named Rika. She's lovely. Maybe even prettier then Cynthia. But I am a teacher. A 19 year old teacher. Am I nuts? Yes. There's this kid in the class that tells twisted facts. I forgot his name though. It was funny to see some girl with pintails attack him. The last name I remember so well. He's very quiet in the class and gets straights A's. His name is…"

Tomoyo suddenly stopped and stared at the book. Her face drained color and she stood there with her mouth slightly ajar and her sapphire eyes bulging.

"Tomoyo?" Sakura whispered to her friend. Tomoyo glanced at Sakura and her lips barely moved.

"The name, Tomoyo. What is the name?" Sakura asked. Rika looked confused and frightened.

Tomoyo licked her lips and said with a dry voice, "Li Syaoran."

"His name is Li Syaoran."


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