Chaos is natural


A Woman's Touch

This is my first Titus Fanfiction. I don't know Erin sister's name so I'm going to call her Rosie.

The black room is there and the light comes on, Titus is there.

"Chaos is natural. When you're in my family, arrests, shootings at weddings or being arrested for pot is like birthday parties. Except there's not a clown there, yeah, clowns." Titus remembers hiding in the corner at his 8th birthday while a clown is performing.

"Tommy has done stupid things before but this might be the worst."

Erin and Titus walk into there house kissing and then they hear laughter.

Titus takes his baseball bat with Erin following him at tow. They walk into there bedroom and open the door. Back in the dark room, "Ooh my eyes. I'm blind!"

Titus drags Tommy out half-naked. "Tommy what are you doing?" Titus yells.

"I'm having sex." Tommy tells him. Titus then notices something about his eyes.

"You're stone!" Titus exclaims. "I'm not because that would be illegal." Tommy tells him. Back in the dark room, "Seeing Tommy naked is scaring, it's almost as scaring as seeing…" Titus shakes at the thought because he remembers a time where he was walking into his dad's room and saw Ken Titus's ass up in the air. Titus screams and runs out.

Erin drags Dave out with his video camera. "What were you doing?" Erin asks him.

"I was making porn." Dave exclaims. "In my bed, on my sheets, I'm going to have to burn the five hundred dollar sheets." Erin yelled and Titus slapped Dave upside the head.

Back in the dark room, "Yes five hundred dollars for sheets. Of course, I ask her why and she reminds me how I sold her car. Like a dog with a bone."

Erin marches Sadie out of the room. "What were you thinking?" Erin yells. "I was thinking. When did that happened? Oh, hi Erin I had sex in your room with Tommy." Sadie tells her. "Then we had pot." Tommy added. "I could have made an Oscar." Dave added. Erin and Titus looked at each other.

In the dark room, there's Erin. "My sister always seems to have sex on my bed and I thought see learn in high school not to do that." We see Erin with a sadistic grin on her face. Flashback to Erin is smoking while her sister is running out of the room because there's a fire on the bed. "Sleep in my bed will you."

"It's not like I did anything." Sadie said. "You're naked." Titus said. Sadie looks down. "How did that happened?". "I'm so high, it feels like I could fly and.." Tommy pukes. Erin looks like she's going to kill him.

Erin is about to leave. "Honey when you're going." Erin smiles and then leaves.

Back to the dark room and there's Erin again. "Just making it look like an accident."

Erin turns off the light. Titus turns the light back on. "Chaos is natural in my family, we send Tommy and Sadie away, burn the sheets and smack Dave around. That was fun." The phone rings and Titus answers it in his head. "Hello. Tommy. Where are you?" Titus looks up and hangs up the phone. "Oh, honey." He turns off the light.