Dark Mirror..

When you look into a mirror what do you see?
Do you see your milky skin and sparkling eyes?
I do, but I also see all your lies.

If your skin was covered with the blood of all you'd destroyed..
it would be darker then mine...
Your perfume would be that of an old battle field,
With every step you would make a false rain of dried blood.

Those eyes turn young heads with there bright sparkle.
How brightly they reflect the flames of the pyre!
Beauty and innocence are supposedly their light.
More like the light in a snakes eye!

When I see silken hands slide through that golden hair.
I see poisoned claws,
the glint of a dagger as it slide into my side..
I feel the life blood seep through those fingers,
as a noose is tightened by those delicate hands.

That voice, oh Gods curse that voice!
It mocks me with its prayers and songs,
From those ruby lips fall praise and poison,
An elixir I in my youth have drunk.

And so drunken on your poison I sit..
I sit on this throne of nothing bound by nothing..

My cause is the ashes which you sweep away,
and under the rug do all hopes lie with those ashes.
And so the final spurn is that so too does my name go with my dreams and hope, all that I hold dear is gone.

And you at your mirror, in your blind snake eyes..
Do you see what pain you have wrought?
Is there any regret, any doubt?
Oh Gods! I see none, I see only the blind eyes of the fool!
I see the dangling carrot which is "Hope" reflected in your eyes.

Alone, lost in what you errantly called love it's I who see.
I the being of night..
The loveless and unloved..
I see that which you can not It is my eyes that shear through your pleasant screens of lies.
Yet I can't say them to any, for none would hear the voice of the banished
The voice of the benighted echos only in the dark.