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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Achoo, Achoo, ACHOO!

With that, Beast boy had shape shifted into a bird, a cow and a dog, before painfully reverting back to his human form.

"Wa de ell?" Beast Boy said in spite of his congested nose, Cyborg then handed him a tissue, and with a disgusting snot-filled blow, he continued, "I thought Titans couldn't get sick..."

"Well apparently some of us can." Said Raven in her monotone voice, still reading her book. He couldn't tell whether she was mocking him or if it was just an obvious statement.

"But was this not friend Beast Boy's fault? He caught it right? could it not be avoided?"

"Heh, it's just an expression Star, but no, it's not really BB's fault..."


This time, he had turned into a whale, everybody rushed out of his room as the four walls started to crack, he quickly reverted to his normal self, but interrupting and undergoing these transformations with such frequency was very exhausting. He had a huge headache and had passed out from this last transformation.

They decided to bring him to the main room, where he would have space to expand, if he sneezed again... Then the alarm when off. Beast boy woke up and darted towards the door. The others looked at each other, and nodded in agreement. He was then stopped by a wall of black energy.

"Du-udes! This is not the time... " shouted the still drowsy changeling.

"You're right, it's not the time for you to go out, you're in no condition to fight and we don't have time to discuss this, Raven hold him down, at worst, we'll call for you on the communicator. Cyborg, Starfire, let's go!"

And with that, they rushed off.

Beast Boy tried to follow but he was blocked by black energy. After a few minutes, Raven let down her barriers, Beast Boy growled.

"What, you're letting me go now?" He asked, slightly confused and tired from trying to break out.

"Without Cyborg, you have no idea where the emergency is, and now, they should be far enough so that you can't follow them, so it would be a futile attempt" she explained, part of this was bluff, because Robin had asked her to keep him here, she was hoping that her confident tone and nonchalant look would convince him.

"I can smell from a mile away!" This statement was actually an insult to Best Boy's sense of smell he could reach them just about everywhere in the city.

'Shit... why does he have to be so damn resourceful...'
"Normally you could, but now your nose is so congested, you probably couldn't even tell the direction in which they left." She quickly responded hoping she was right.

He didn't respond, 'She's right... she's ALWAYS right...' He growled and slowly returned to the couch.

She wondered if he needed help getting to the sofa... She decided to let him be, he wasn't making any sort of eye contact with her. He finally made it and laid down, forcing himself to stay awake, he noticed Raven had started reading her book again, 'How can she be so damn calm... when we are called in, it's usually because it's a big problem, big enough to need ALL of us... It's like she doesn't care! ...Hun?' As he realized he'd been watching her for the last few minutes, she hadn't turned a page, yet she was a good reader, since she often red... He saw her hand go into her pocket about three times, her eyes were focused, but not like when she usually red, just as if she was alert, waiting for... 'She's checking her communicator... cause I made such a big fuss about wanting to fight, she had to stay here to babysit me... I'd have gotten in their way... damn I'm so stupid sometimes...'

"Hey Rae..." He said, breaking the silence.

"Yes?" She was surprised, she though he had fallen a sleep, it was not like him to be so quiet.

"I'm sorry... if I'd have stayed put, you wouldn't have to be here watching me... and the others wouldn't be fighting with two members short..." He stopped talking, expecting her to back up his arguments and scold him for the way he acted.

"It's not your fault you're sick." She replied sensing how bad he felt.

"You said it yourself, the others wouldn't get sick... neither would you..." he added.

"I didn't..." She paused, she knew she was often rough with Beast Boy, she couldn't even remember saying anything nice to him... "... mean it that way... Listen, It's not like you spent the night in the cold wearing nothing... you just got unlucky, and even if you would have stayed put, we can't just leave a vulnerable member alone." She was surprised at how well that came out, hey, there's a first time for everything right?

Just then, Her communicator rang! She immediately grabbed it and saw Robin, he had blood dripping down his face, a bruised lip, and scratches everywhere.

"Raven... we... lost..." he passed out, the communicator still on.

She jumped up and ran towards the door.

"Don't you dare follow, I'll be fine, we need to bring them back here, so this place needs to be guarded." She knew telling him that he was not healthy wouldn't keep him in place, hopefully, this would.

'Damn, for someone who's so good at lying, couldn't she have said something more convincing! And what did he mean, "we lost"?'


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