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Chapter 11: The dawn of battle

Day 1

It had been about an hour and a half since Beast Boy and the Ravens had entered her 'real mind'.

Beast Boy was sitting on the ground. He had placed Raven in a sitting position, with her back up against a big rock. To his right was Kindness, who was constantly trying to cheer Beast Boy up. To his left was Timid, who had not said a word, and was doing her best not to sob too loudly.

"If you want, I'll even try some tofu later!" Said Kindness enthusiastically.

But at this, Beast Boy only gave a weak smile. He was too concerned by Raven and felt unable to keep pretending to be fine.

Then, he could feel Kindness staring at him. He didn't dare look, but he knew, out of the corner of his eye, that she was just looking at him. 'Uh-oh... Did I upset her? ... Can I upset her?' He asked himself.

So, finally, he looked straight at her, she stared back. He was unable to read her. She moved in closer to him, and finally, he gave him a hug.

He froze as this feeling, this exact situation, had already happened. He had gotten one hug from Raven in the past. It was after the whole Malchior incident. It was so sincere, and ... kind. No this wasn't the same, this was just one emotion, following her 'self', just like Wisdom had explained. As he thought back on that moment, he remembered it as the most honest Raven had ever been with him. She always cares for people, she just doesn't show it.

Kindness pulled back, leaving Beast Boy feeling oddly... bare. He looked at her as she smiled sweetly. He returned the smile.

After that, he kind of felt like he owed something to the purple cloaked emotion. So he spoke up, "Heh, I wonder if the others had any problems with Rage."

"Hmm, don't worry, I'll go check!" She exclaimed.

Beast Boy raised a hand in protest, but Kindness had already run off. He sighed, 'Damn, I gotta be careful about what I say to these... personalities.'

Just then, he recalled timid. She looked so sad. Having Kindness right next to him kind of balanced everything out, but now, he couldn't just leave a Raven to be sad... even if it wasn't the real one.

"Hey..." He said softly.

She turned slowly, her hand clutching her gray cloak.

"You okay?" He asked.

"I.. I'm.." She started, looking at anything but him, "I'm sorry that I got you into this, and I'm sorry you got locked up in that prison, and that you got poisoned, and that it made you sick, and you were already not feeling well, and that you had to come here..."

"It's okay." Said Beast Boy who failed to interrupt her her long guilt list.

"... and that you needed treatment, and then because of that you were tired and your powers didn't work, and you had to scratch your back on the wall, and that-" Before she could continue, it was Beast Boy who wrapped his arms around her. Timid blushed as Beast Boy tried to make he feel better. When he slowly let go, the shy emotion just couldn't face him, and so before he could see her face, she teleported away.

'Maybe... that wasn't the best way to handle Timid...' Wondered Beast Boy. As he continued to ponder this question, a soft moan pulled him out of his thoughts. He looked back at Raven, who slowly opened her eyes.

As she rubbed her head, she noticed that she had returned to her mind. The only problem, was a green spot that did not fit the picture.

"Beast Boy?" She asked.

"Umm... Hi..." He said shyly.

"What are you doing here?" She said with a weak voice.

"Well... it's a long story..." He replied, as she continued to stare at him, "that I'm going to sum up for you right now hehe" he continued, rubbing the back of his neck.


Meanwhile, in the real world, the moment that Raven had woken up in her mind, her condition had started stabilizing as Cyborg continued to work relentlessly. He was in fact, ignoring his current 'low battery' signal.

Robin however, who had returned to the room to help in any way he could, was torn in his leader duties. He had Starfire searching for Beast Boy. He had Raven in near critical condition and Cyborg pushing himself. But he couldn't do any more. He trusted no hospital would be able to treat Raven, and felt that she should not be moved right now.

As for Cyborg, he needed to be sure that she was out of danger before he would allow himself some rest.


"And then you woke up." Concluded the green boy.

Raven looked down for a moment, "I'm sorry you had to go there..." she said, not facing him.

'Woah, total déjà-vu' Thought Beast Boy before he spoke up, "Hey, it's alright, I'm just like, mad at myself, I mean, why didn't I transform when I had the boulder on me, I could have gotten it off and-"

"It's not your fault" she said sadly, "It's... that place..."

Beast Boy's ears dropped, he hated thinking of her being there... Before he could say anything, she spoke again.

"So, is that everything?" She said.

He right away caught the hint that she wanted him out of her mind, and that he shouldn't push his luck at staying here.

"Heh, yeah pretty mu-" He started before stopping suddenly. 'Oh crap, I forgot the most important thing...' "Umm well, you know that guy... that one that was in that place... the.. your... well..." he stalled.

"My brother." She said unemotionally.

"Right, well, he is supposed to... well, come to Earth in... 72 hours..." He spat out.

"What!" Yelled Raven in shock.

"Heh, well, technically, there must be less than 72 hours left, what, it's been something like two hours since he said that so... well..." He said awkwardly.

She didn't respond, she only stared intensely at nothing in particular. Beast Boy just stopped talking, he didn't dare look at her.

"This... this isn't possible!" She stated a few after moments. "... fuck!"

"It'll be okay Rae... I mean, we- you, defeated Trigon before! You can face him!" Said Beast Boy to encourage her.

"Yeah, that's been going great until now, we can't even defeat his pumped up lackey." She retorted.

"Common, don't think like that..." He replied, sadly.

She sighed, 'What the hell are we going to do?'.

"Raven." Said Beast Boy, in a serious tone, it actually surprised her. She turned to him.

"First of all, you need to heal yourself. If it takes 69hours and 59 minutes, then that's the time it'll take. If it takes more, we'll hold him back. I'll go back, I warn the others, and we can think up a strategy." He said, authoritatively.

"No, I can't afford to be sleeping at a time like this, I have to try and stop him fro-" She tried to argue.

"Hey!" He yelled pounding his fist on the ground. "You should be in bed for a month okay? Cy even said that you wouldn't pull through if you couldn't heal yourself!"

Raven was absolutely shocked by his outburst. For one, he seemed to be analyzing the situating better than her. But there was also his genuine concern that she just hadn't expected.

He sighed, and spoke more, compromisingly, "Listen, if you can't heal yourself, I won't wake you up. You'll get the rest you need. But if you are healing yourself when I get out, then I'll wake you up after two days... 'kay?"

"Fine, but I need at least six hours to... prepare. Got that?" She answered.

"Got it" he replied with a grin. "So, I'll let you rest..." He said, as he got up and started heading for the forbidden door.

"Beast Boy!" She yelled just before he stepped through.

As he heard this, he was about to rush back, but she raised a hand, "Don't you ever come in here again." She warned.

"Yeah yeah!" He laughed. Though, as he left, he could have sworn that he heard a faint whisper, thank you...




"Ow..." Said Beast Boy and he landed right on his butt, back in Raven's room.

"Gotta work on my landings, heh" He chuckled.

"But, where did you land from?" Innocently asked Starfire.

"Oh Star, you're here. Well, actually, it's complicated, where are the others? I really need to talk to all you guys." He inquired.

"Well, both Robin and Cyborg were in the infirmary room, because friend Raven was..." she paused, "not well."

"How is she now?" He asked.

"I do not know, they have not let me back in or..." She answered.

"Lets go." Said the determined changeling.

As they passed the kitchen, Beast Boy cautiously checked the time. He had been gone for three hours, so his two hour assumption was not too bad, at worst, not counting the time that he was in... that place... He had 69 hours left.

As they turned the last corner, they saw Robin pulling in a huge generator. He noticed them right away. "Beast Boy, where were you!" He demanded.

"I'll tell you guys, but all at the same time, where's Cy?" He replied.

"In here, he doesn't want to leave, but he needs to regenerate, so I'm bringing him his... portable battery." He answered.

"I guess we're all sleeping there tonight." He said as he saw the sun outside, "or today."

All three Titans entered the infirmary. Cyborg was sitting on a chair, a smile on his face. "She's healing herself. She's gonna be okay." He said.

Robin and Starfire both sighed in relief. Beast Boy knew that she'd pull through, but now, he felt like he was in a game of 'beat the clock'.

"Guys, I have something to tell you..."


Day 2

"Okay, but assuming Raven can't get the location from the start, we are going to be in contact with every Honorary Titan. 75 percent of them have already replied that they would be on watch at the given time. We're waiting for the rest." Explained Robin.

This had been going on for hours, their only break, was the time they spent sleeping. They all choose to stay in the infirmary the whole time.

Robin was of course taking care of the planning, and Cyborg the medical analyses. Surprisingly enough, Beast Boy was very active in these two sectors, asking important questions that seemed beyond him.

"But if she can locate the area, shouldn't we call the Honorary Titans all to that location, that way, we will have a small army waiting for him." Asked the Changeling.

"That is of course the ideal situation... Starfire, can you send another message to everyone, telling them that 6 hours before, they should prepare to come here if we can locate the point of arrival."Asked Robin.

"Yes, of course." Said Starfire, who seemed to have gone in 'serious mode' herself.

She did her best to understand everything Robin was saying, as well as Cyborg and Beast Boy too. She tried not to interrupt too often because they were using expressions that she didn't fully understand. Most of the time, if she used the context, she could just assume what they meant.

She exited the room to not to bother the others as she sent the message.

"Damn, I should probably tell her to state the urgency of this case... they should pack their best weapons..." Said Robin, right before heading out to tell Starfire.

Cyborg's arm beeped. He took hourly medical checks of Raven's condition. Beast Boy watched carefully. No he didn't understand if this number should be high, or that one low, but he tried to see if he could sense anything abnormal. He had practically memorized all of the norms that the numbers varied in. The heart beats and etc.

"Well, nothing has changed. For all the things that I have here, I can't tell how good she is. If she's getting much better of if it's a slow process. The bone fractures have become slightly smaller. As for the rest, I'd have to cut her up to tell, which kind of defeats the purpose." Said Cyborg.

"She's doing better." Said Beast Boy.

Cyborg smiled, it seemed that fate had chosen his green friend to be present everywhere in this ordeal.

"I can't believe she didn't kill you, I mean, you went back on purpose!" Said the mechanical Titan.

"Heh, yeah, I know. She's hit me harder for just going in her room." Replied Beast Boy.

After having said that, Beast Boy looked up at Raven's floating figure and smiled.

Cyborg noticed this small, seemingly innocent action. '... Nawwwww, couldn't be...' He thought to himself.

As the day went on, though everyone seemed relaxed, every hour brought more anxiety and Raven's condition remained a mystery.


Day 3 – The last Day.

When the team woke up, it was already ten o'clock, there was less than 24 hours left.

Beast Boy would be waking up Raven shortly, yet, there was no news on her improvement. Sure she was healing, but would it be enough? No one could tell, not even him.

Today was the final day, and it was an agonizing wait. They had done all they could, they were prepared in every aspect...

or so they thought.

Suddenly, the Tower alarm went off.

The whole team, still together in the infirmary, almost had simultaneous heart attacks, at the obvious exception of Raven, who hadn't even flinched. Which is when Beast Boy realized how he had forgotten one key element...

"Where is the emergency?" Asked Robin, with a look that could kill... This criminal had chosen the wrong day to mess with these Titans.

"Uhh guys, that was the security alarm... someone's inside the Tower!" exclaimed Cyborg.

They all froze for a short moment, and before any of them could react, the doors swished open. Revealing three very imposing horned creatures.

The teens immediately imposed themselves in between Raven and the demons.

"Yes, we have come for that one, but not to fight." Calmly said the one in the middle.

"Yeah right! As if we'll just hand her to you!" Yelled Beast Boy.

"Actually, I do believe you will." Said the same one, "We aren't here to kill her, simply to relocate her. If she is the connection that will bring forth the second fire, then... the demon Reiden shall manifest where ever her body is."

Beast Boy was once again the one to voice the general though of the group, "So? That doesn't explain why we'd-"

"Silence green one!" hissed the demon on the right.

"We have weighed the possibilities, and, we would feel, that if he were to be summoned in our realm, we would have, a home advantage if you will... As for you, well, Earth would be temporarily safe, or at the very least, it would not be hosting this great battle." Concluded the middle one.

The Titans groaned... None of them had expected these guys to make a good case, or to actually be considering this.

"We need to discuss this privately." Said Robin, who seemed very annoyed.

"Our excuses, but we are not leaving this room." Said the one to the left.

"You looking for a fight" Warned Cyborg.

"No." Said the same one, without moving.

"Wh- what should we do?" Asked Starfire, mostly to Robin... but he was not to answer.

"It's simple," Said Beast Boy "firstly, the decision of going with you, will be left to the full disclosure of Raven when we wake her up, and we are all coming." Concluded the green changeling with confidence.

"We only have enough power to bring back four people, so that second option would be a negative." Explained the middle one, still calm as ever.

"Fine then, just me and her!" Spoke Beast Boy.

As the other all started objecting, the right demon snarled, "Do your math, there's three of us, plus her, that's four."

"Make it work, cause she's not going anywhere without me." Shouted Beast Boy.

"Why you..." Said the demon, before the middle one raised his hand.

"Granted, so, now wake her." He demanded.

"At one forty three tomorrow morning! No sooner, no later." He demanded.

"Negative, Wake her now, we are leaving."

"No! You won't be able to wake her up, all the medical exams didn't wake her, the titan alarm didn't wake her! I'm the only one who can and we are going to wait." He concluded. 'I just don't actually know how I'm going to do that...'


After a few sighs, it was decided that they would wait. The extreme awkwardness was overwhelming. It was dead silent, at the exception of Starfire trying to offer the demons various things, and no one else wanted to move. Not to go to the bathroom, to eat or even to switch position.

But, as time passed, there was now only fifteen minutes before Raven was to be awaken.

"I need to be alone" Said Beast Boy.

Though one of the demons wanted to object, he was cut off. "The others are to come with us, if you attempt to flee, we will have to choice as to use them as hostages, fair warning."

Everyone exited, the Titans patting Beast Boy as they passed. They had stopped their objections at the sight of his confidence... but he wasn't.

As the door closed, Beast Boy sighed. He tried to shake her, he spoke to her, but none of that worked. So, he reached into his pocket, where he had previously concealed her mirror.

He held it close, and whispered a few words. Raven, I hope I'm doing the right thing, there are only six hours left... please... wake up... if you're okay... I... I hope I did the right thing. In the reflexion, he could see two purple eyes staring at him.

She stared back at him and with an annoyed tone, she asked: "What did you do?"


In her room, Raven was stuffing things in a bag that Beast Boy was holding. Candles, potions, ingredients, books, and some things he had never seen before.

Since having explained the terms on which terms the demons were here, Raven hadn't said anything to Beast Boy shy of hold this.

Finally, when all of the stuff had been gathered in a now rather heavy bag, that Best Boy held with two hands, they exited the room.

The demons were waiting right at the door, with the other Titans right next to them.

Nothing was being said by anybody on either sides, and the tension was unbearable. Which is pretty much when it got worse... One of the demons and Raven happened to have glanced at each other at the same time, and now neither was backing down.

The group all returned to the infirmary, where the demons had originally appeared. Meanwhile, Raven and the demon had not stopped their little contest. One of the two remaining demons finally came in between: "We should leave... now." He said.

"Yeah" said the demon as he looked away, then, with a smirk on his face, he added: "we've had enough time wasted here... waiting."

"You have something to say? Because if I recall, you need our help right now, right?" Retorted Raven.

"Well, then again, if you had just died properly the first time we sent our agent..."

"Not my fault you're too damn weak"

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" Yelled Beast Boy. "How about, we get this over with, and all never see each other again... now doesn't that sound great?"

The demons and Raven nodded while the other sighed in relief.

The goodbyes were brief... a 'good luck' here, a death hug there and the three demons, Raven and Beast Boy left Titans tower... and Earth.

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