Jack's body lay in his dress blues on his bed.

In one hand he held an envelopeā€¦ in the other he held his gun.

Today was Sam's wedding day. She had married Pete this morning and Jack had sat like the good friend he was and watched her father walk her down the aisle. He went to the after party before making an excuse to leave.

He had walked over to where Sam was talking to Jacob and General Hammond, "Sir's, Carter," he acknowledged them, "I'm sorry Carter but I have to go, I hope you have a good time." He tried to sound as sincere as he could, but he knew that neither General believed him.

"Oh, well thank you sir." She said quietly.

Jack nodded to the two older men, made his way to the exit, and went home. When he arrived he did not change but sat down at the desk in his study. And he wrote the letter now in his hand. Once that was done he placed it in an envelope, and arose from his seat. He went to his bedroom to the safe in his wardrobe and took out his gun.

He sat on the bed, and without thinking twice about it he shot himself in the chest.