When Sam and Jack broke apart he looked down into her eyes, and she smiled up at him. "Come on we better get going." He said. She nodded and went to the desk chair where his dress jacket was sitting. Once they were both ready they made there way up to the gate room.

All the SG teams were standing at attention at the end of the ramp; Jack and Sam were half way up it facing one another, Jack next to Hammond and Sam next to her father. And President Hayes stood at the podium speaking, neither Sam or Jack were really concentrating on what he was saying, but on their own thoughts of the past few months;

It was a month and a half ago now that Sam married Pete and Jack had tried to kill himself, Jack was still forced to see Mackenzie but Sam and Jack had made a deal that as long as one goes the other would as well. Sam had been raped by Shanahan and also had to see Mackenzie.

The two had grown closer in the past few weeks. Although neither shared a bed anymore they were still practically inseparable, if you were looking for Jack you could always find him in Sam's lab or in the mess with her. It had been two weeks since Maybourne gave Jack the stuff to put Kinsey away for life.

Jack snapped out of his thoughts as his name was spoken by the President. "Would Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter please step forward." Jack and Sam looked at one another before stepping forward to face the President. Hayes looked around the room at the watching faces. "Every one of you have done more for this world and others then any human could dream of. You have seen the best and worst of this war, you've put your own lives on hold for it, put your lives on the line for it." He paused as the crowd stood proud. "But you two," he looked at Sam and Jack, "have sacrificed a lot only to personally save the World time and again. I wholly doubt anyone on this base would disagree with me that for the past seven years the two of you have denied your hearts for regulations that should not even apply here." He stopped again and smiled, "and that is why I am happy to tell you all from 0600 this morning, the fraternization regulations – along with several others – no longer apply to the SGC, Alpha site or Prometheus."

No one said a word. They all just looked at Sam and Jack, who stood staring – well actually gaping – at President Hayes, who just stared back at them grinning. After a moment he stepped forward to them and spoke so that only they, Hammond and Jacob could hear. "You know, ever since I read your reports Jack I've always wanted to do something to shut you up and Sam is payback from me for all the years of torture you put the four of us through." With that he walked past them and down the ramp, and Hammond dismissed the rest of the SG teams who were still staring at Sam and Jack.

When no one moved to leave the room Hammond ordered them back to work.

Once everyone was gone Sam and Jack seemed to snap out of the daze and both turned to see Jacob, Hammond and Hayes standing facing them. Sam spoke first. "How long?" She asked.

"How long what sweetie?" Hayes asked.

"How long have the three of you been planning this?" she was getting angry now.

"Well…since I read the zatarc report," Hayes answered, "we had planned on doing this a while ago but then we found out about you and-"

"You mean to tell me that you've had this done for over six MONTHS!" She cut in.

"Well it was seven but yes-" and that is one thing he regretted saying.

"SEVEN MONTHS," she yelled at them, she then turned towards the blast door and walked out. Once she was out of sight Jack turned to the three older men.

"Thank you sirs." He saluted them.

"Go find my daughter Jack." Jacob said, and Jack went to follow Sam.

He looked all over the base but she was nowhere to be found, finally he gave up and went to the locker room to change, when he opened it a letter fell out. It said;


Meet me at 19: 00


Jack looked at his watch and saw that it was just after 18:15. He decided not to change and made his way to the surface and then home.

When he got there it was just 19:00. There was a light on in the living room and when he stepped in the door he could hear movement from the bedrooms. He slowly made his way down to his door that was slightly ajar, what he saw was the most spectacular sight.

There lying on his bed in all her glory was a naked Samantha Carter, Jack stood staring at her looking at every detail of her beautiful body. "Are you going to come and join me or are you just gonna stare?" She asked. Jack didn't hesitate one bit. He moved in to the room and was naked and in the bed next to her.

From that moment on they gave in to what they had been denying for seven years.

The end