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It Won't Fit!

By Sara

Tommy's Apartment

Adam walks into the apartment.

"Hey Tom-"

"Tommy it won't fit!" Kimberly yells from the other room.

"Yes it will! Just let me try it!" He says back.

Adam starts to turn pale.

"Tommy don't force it, the hole is too small." Kimberly says.

Adam runs out of the door trying not to slam it….

In the other room….

"See I told you it wouldn't fit." She says.

"It was worth a try." Says Tommy shrugging his shoulders.

"That piece goes here." Says Kimberly placing the puzzle piece in it's correct spot.

What? You didn't think they were…you have a dirty mind!

Author's Notes: I was just kidding about the dirty mind part I would have thought the same thing. I hope you liked it, I got the idea from a mailing list.