Hey, this is just a one-shot. The heroine should obviously be Tohru and the villain Akito. The boy is whoever you wish him to be. This story is assuming Akito really is a girl. (I ain't read otherwise in the books yet, and have seen few episodes.)

Disclaimer: They are not mine and I did not mean to use the same (almost) story plot as Fushigi Yugi.


An escape.

That's all she ever truly wanted. An escape. A way to leave the world, never to return. She opened the book and was taken away.

She was saved.

He was there.

He took her hand, and led her throughout his world. He eased her pain when she was sad. He told her he'd be with her forever.

She was saved.

Then SHE came along.

She forced her to leave. But what SHE didn't know was that the girl's heart was stronger than SHE thought.

She remembered.

They were together again.

Together they fought against HER. Never did they rest until victory was theirs. He proposed and she agreed.

She woke up.

She sat up.

The book tumbled from her lap. She cried out for what she almost had. They had been in love, true love.

He was gone.

She stood up.

He grabbed her into his arms, kissing away her tears. She looked into his eyes and melted into his kiss.

She was saved.

She was saved.

Never again would she be alone. They would forever be together.

She was saved.

She was saved.