Lily and James have been married for 6 months

They are still best friends with Remus and Sirius, (not Peter)

Lily and her best friend Kendra (who is also going out with Sirius) were in Lily and James' kitchen. Sirius and James were at a Quidditch match and were due back any minute.

"So are you definitely pregnant?" asked Kendra

"Well I did the test and it was positive," said Lily biting her bottom lip

"That's great news. Why aren't you happy"

"I am I'm ecstatic, I love that I'm having a baby"

"So what's the problem? It is James' isn't it?"

"Of course it is. What do you take me for?"


"It wasn't planned, we'd decided to wait until after the war to have a family. What if he isn't happy? What if he thinks I did it on purpose?"

"Don't be stupid, James will be over the moon," said Kendra, then she saw Lily go unnaturally pale, "Lils what's wrong?"

"I'm gonna be sick" said Lily then she got up and ran from the room.

Kendra remained in the kitchen and she soon heard Lily vomit.

"Ewww I hope you made it to the toilet" she shouted through to her.

"I did…" started Lily then she threw up again.

Suddenly James and Sirius apparated into the kitchen, Sirius immediately kissed Kendra and sat down.

"Hey, how was the game?" asked Kendra

"Good, Ireland beat Wales 160-40, " said James, "Where's Lily?"

"In the bathroom"

All three of them then heard Lily throw up again.

"Aren't you going to make sure she's okay?" said Sirius to James

"Uh yeah in a minute" said James, "I uh really hate seeing people puke"

"You know" Lily shouted from the bathroom unaware that James was home, "I don't know why they call it morning sickness when it lasts all fucking day"

"M-morning…" stuttered James "You-you're pregnant"

"Shit" Lily whispered loudly and then James heard her going into their bedroom.

James immediately followed her and found her sitting on their bed with an unreadable expression on her face.

"Y-You're P-pregnant"

Lily nodded; James still couldn't tell how she was feeling.

'Oh my god, is he mad? I should tell him that I didn't do it on purpose. What if he leaves me, just the thought of that breaks my heart'

"Is it mine?" said James without thinking

"Oh for Christ sake James is that what you really think of me," said Lily angrily

"No, no sorry stupid question. It's just… How do you feel about it?"

"How do you feel?" asked Lily

"I asked first"

"Well I'm asking now and I'm not answering till you do"

"Really mature Lils," chuckled James

"James" she said seriously


Lily nodded her head

"It's great news I'm gonna be a daddy, it's fantastic" said James his face breaking into a huge excited smile.

"Oh thank god" said Lily getting up, "I didn't know if you'd…"

"I'm the happiest guy in the world, we're having a baby"

"I know" squealed Lily jumping up and hugging James, "I know we didn't plan it, but I'm so happy"

"Sshhhh I don't care if it was planned or not" said James, he kissed Lily's forehead and then bent down and kissed her stomach, "hey little one I'm your daddy, hi" he said to her stomach then he kissed it again and stood up.

"I love you," said Lily

"I love you too so much, I can't believe it we're having a baby. There is a little person growing inside you, part you and part me. Our child."

"I know" beamed Lily, "I-I can't … it's wonderful having part of you inside me. Your baby"

"Well to celebrate I'm sure we can get another part of me in you" said James suggestively

"Mr Potter don't you think you've enough of that, to get me into this condition."

"But Mrs Potter…." Before James could finish Lily had cut him off with a passionate kiss.