13 Ways to annoy Voldemort (or get yourself killed)

Some of these you might not get i thought these up while going to the 4th movie

(1).Put a lump of coal in his stocking for Christmas

(2).Have "The fab five" come and give him a makeover

(3).Feed Nagini to a Hungarian Horntail, record it then send it to him through Fed-Ex (Only cause Fed-Ex is more expensive)

(4).On Easter dress him up as the Easter bunny and take picture to show to all the Death Eaters

(5).Make him eat liverwurst

(6).Tell him Harry Potter died of a heart attack, then when he is celebrateing tell him he really didn't, but if he did it would be from seeing his ugly face.

(7).Make him sing "The song that never ends"

(9). Force him to back cookies Christmas cookies

(10). Decorate his room with pink furnishings(tell him pink is the new black)

(11).Draw a lighting bolt scar on his forhead while he is sleeping (in permenent marker of corse)

(12).Hide his wand and "forget" where you hid it.

(13). Constantly point out how tacky the Death Eater's robes are and that the whole KKK thing is so 1920's

(14) Put him in a car with Dominic)

I thought these up whe I was going to the movies with my now former boyfriend and his cousin (Dominic) is driveing us 100 mph down a 60 mph road and blarring this retched rap music. Im siting there holding on for dear life on the seat belt thinking "go 2 HP land Tiff just go to HP land