The door to the cell creaked open, a sound that become familiar over the years. Eyes flicked up to the light in the doorway. No matter how familiar the sound might be, the shape wasn't. He seemed…stockier than normal. And shorter. Squinting her eyes, Demeter realized it wasn't Macavity in the doorway after all. This was certainly new. Looking the form over, Demeter waited for him to either speak or come closer. It wasn't long that she had to wait.

"Get out now." Demeter's eyes widened at the words and a small smile formed along her lips. Today was the day he had promised her she would get to leave, the day she had been waiting for almost since she had come to stay under Macavity's care. Eventually, she had begun doubting it would ever come. It had been, what? Three years, if she remembered correctly.

"Thank you," she said quietly, standing and slipping past the tom. Out into the hallway, she took in a breath. A grin spread slowly across her face. Even the air out here in the hall smelled fresher than the stale air in her cell. Being sure not to disturb any of the other occupants residing in the cells, Demeter carefully crept through the halls until she reached the front door.

Looking over her shoulder another time, Demeter took a deep breath. This was the only place she had really been able to call home. Could she just abandon it like this? Did she have a choice? No. It was her time to leave and that was that. In Macavity's "lair," as he was so fond of calling it, that was how things worked. But, as her paw stepped over the line that divided the building from the outside world, she felt much better. Her grin appeared again.

Knowing where she had to go, Demeter didn't hesitate now that she was out. The Jellicle Junkyard was her destination and likely the only place that would accept her now anyway. She walked merrily down the street, not letting herself seem like someone who would be easy to take advantage of, even if she would be.