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By the bye, some of you have expressed concern about the pairing of this story. *grin* While I would disagree with those who say that it's obvious that the Goblin King was in love with Sarah in the movie (in fact, to that I would strongly disagree), this story aims to give Jareth and Sarah a platform in that they can fall in love. :-)


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Chapter 7

The room was dark and almost overwhelming with its masculine tones of deep brown and beige. Splashes of burnt ochre, present in several corduroy pillows and in the billowing patterned curtains, accented the room, each a reminder to the monarch of why he preferred the Underground.

Life in the Mortal Realm just looked so washed out and grimy.

Snorting inelegantly as he swiped a gloved finger along the polished maple grain of the wooden, Jareth stalked through what appeared to be the main room of the house. Truly, it wasn't as if these people lacked the technology to use brighter dyes for the walls, he decided with a sneer as his eyes flitted over the brown-toned flowers etched upon the strangely smooth walls. So why use such an inferior dye?

Curiously, he ran the pad of his thumb over the wall itself, his brow furrowing as the slightly raised petals and leaves of the flowers teased the very tip. That was strange, he decided as he pulled his hand away. It was almost as if they had trapped the essence of the ugly flora within the wall itself! In fact, he thought with a suspicious last look for the walls, Jareth was willing to bet they had.

His thin lips curled in disgust as he backed away, vaguely uncomfortable with what he deemed an inappropriate use of magic. Shaking his head, the Goblin King looked around the room, only to smile evilly as his gaze fell alight upon a small, burnished cabinet that sat so innocuously in the corner of the room.

With a long stride, he crossed the room, only to pause briefly as knelt before the strange cabinet. Unable to resist, Jareth's fingers danced along the hard surface of glass and wood, the slender digits working their way beneath the darkened pane that so poorly hid his goal from view. The triumphant grunt escaped his throat as the cabinet doors swung open, his hands. His smile sharpened, his eyeteeth shining into bright points, as he recognized the small black box perched above the moving picture viewer.

Just what he wanted!

Had anyone been in the room at the time, they would have been set slightly aback at the sight of a grown man, strangely elegant in an archaic costume, who sat so exultantly before the television. And undoubtedly, they would have been startled at the blurring speed it took for him to not only turn on the TV, but the VCR as well.

With a grace rarely seen in the Mortal Realm, he twirled his hand as he pressed the "play" button. Standing suddenly, Jareth took several steps back, his mismatched eyes already mesmerized by the flashing lights and echoing sounds emanating from humanity's greatest stealer of time: the boob tube.

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