Hikari: UGG! I've been wanting to make a Yu-Gi-Oh GX fan fiction for a while and know i am! Ya! and because i don't know their japanese names, i'll use the english dub! If anyone wants to tell me their japanese names, then do it on the review please, my e-mail account isn't working!

Jaden: okay... um, what made you to write one if you haven't even wrote a yu-gi-oh one?

Hikari: because i wanted to write a yu-gi-oh gx on, with yugi and other people in it! I know their japanese names!

Jaden: but you don't know ours?

Hikari: nope!

Jaden: why not!

Hikari: because i just started watching the show a month ago on Cartoon Network!

Jaden: so?

Hikari: and i've seen every episode that they've aired!

Jaden: big woop!

Syris: ano... are you guys fighting again?

Hikari/Jaden: NO!

Syris: ano... you sure?

Hikari/Jaden: yes

Syris: okay...

Zane: just forget it syris...

Syris: okay...

Chazz: do i appear?

Hikari: ya, cause your sexy!

Chazz: O.o


Zane: Hikari doesn't own Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

Hikari: ya. cause if i did, there would be yaoi galore! and no more HEART OF THE CARDS! THAT FREAKS ME OUT!

Yugi: but...but... the heart...

Hikari: SHUT IT!

Yugi/scared/ you scared me...

Hikari: i'm so sorry/squeezes yugi to death/ anyways, i can't think of anyone being the seme for our little yugi! if anyone has suggestions on to who should be little yugi's seme, review! on, there is shounen-ai in this! don't like, don't read. there will be oc's so be warned... oc's will include me! and other people maybe! kay! hope you likie! Oh... and my spelling is way off! so, don't bitch and tell me that it's wrong.


The King of Games Comes to Duel Academy and Falls on his Face.

"Okay Sy, you ready?" Jaden asked his friend. If you couldn't figure it out, they were dueling.

"Yep. I send out Steamroid in defence mode and that's all." Syris smiled.

"Okay, now my turn." Jaden drew his card and smiled in triumph. "Here it comes Sy! I use polymerization and fuse The Elemental Hero Burstinatrix and The Elemental Hero Avian to make The Elemental Hero Flame Wingman!" He smiled happily. "Now, Elemental Hero Flame Wingman, attack Steamroid now!" Jaden smiled again and Syris frowned.

"I lost again!" Syris slouched. Jaden patted his shoulder.

"It's okay Sy, you'll get the hang of this." They were in the Slifer dorm room. "We should go outside!" Jaden smiled and Syris blushed.

"Ya...we should..." he looked at the ground. Jaden put his shoes on and dragged Syris out the door.

"HEY! JADEN!" Syris yelled, his shoes weren't even on. Jaden wasn't in any mood to stop. They were now out in the open. Jaden sniffed the air.

"That's some quality air Syris!" He smirked. Syris just nodded. Then there was a scream and a yell directed to Syris.

"WATCH OUT!" Syris turned around and slammed right into him. Jaden took this time to look at his little friend.

"Omigod! Are you okay Syris!" Syris was knocked out, and so was the other person. The other person had a hat on, so you couldn't see his hair. He poked the other dude and then a taller person entered the scene.

"He tripped and fell..." He said. Jaden looked up and was star struck.

"You're Seto Kaiba!" He pointed his finger at him.

"So what if I am?" He asked, looking all bitchy like. Jaden was speechless. Seto looked at the fallen idiot. (aka the other one.)

"He's an idiot..." Seto sighed.

"Ya, an idiot that ran into my friend!" Jaden growled. Just then, the idiot woke up and immediately stood up and tried to apologize to the poor Syris, who was still knocked out.

"Omigod! I'm so sorry! I'll do anything to make it up!" he bowed over and over again.

"Anyways," Jaden said breaking his apologizing, "I'm Jaden, and you are?" The other smiled.

"I'm Yugi Motou!" Right there and then, Jaden fainted.

Hikari: How'd you like it! anyways, remember i want japanese names! Loves and Kisses!

Jaden: I MET YUGI!

Syris: he knocked me out...

Hikari: review!