Hikari: hey yall!

Judai: hey...

Hikari: because my intelligence level went down... i need YOUR help! Jun, GIVE THEM DETAILS! in that outfit i got ya!

Jun: okay... anyways... she wants you to make up characters to go in her story. she's getting bored with the ones she made, no offence, because they were based on her friends. she needs you to put down any character that you think should be in the story. Just follow these simple guide lines...







I bet you can figure that out at least... and you have until March 31... she wanted it up on march 12, but i'm doing you guys a favor... and I WILL NOT WEAR THAT OUTFIT! IT'S TOO REVEALING!

Hikari: fine...sorry that there isn't a chapter... this is all i can do for now... i will update sometime in april or on march 12! yay!

Judai: yay for her...

Hikari: shut up!