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Greek Demi-goddess in Japan


Aphrodite? Hera? What are you doing here?

Be careful child…. Pandora's coming…

What...? Hey, wait!

We must go…

I bolted out of bed, tired. Aphrodite and Hera came to visit me last night, what was that about? It was then I noticed the clock. "DAMMIT!" I screeched, "I'm late!"

Hi, I guess I haven't introduced myself to you yet. My name is Sakura Heradite. I'm pretty much your average girl. Excuse me for a sec I have to change my clothes. Change my normally pink hair to a reddish brown color change my eyes from the green to the brown and make my self a bit taller. There. I hate being to tall, any ways-

What! You've never seen anyone change their appearance? Give me a break. Oh right, not everyone has magic; that's what I love about being a demi-goddess. You see, I'm a demi-goddess. I guess you've all heard of the story of Pandora's Box? Yeah well you see, the box gone a little out of control but the Greek gods never knew. The woes of the world did escape from there but you know what? Contrary to popular belief, foreboding did escape, and the woes were a lot stronger than you think. The Greek goddess created us, the E4 for your protection, by that dude who gave man-kind fire. Can't remember his name though… anyways, we were created and we each control an element.

My element is fire. Warm and harsh, helpful and lethal, it describes me perfectly. You see, the "me" you're talking to is my inner personality. A bit hard to explain, but all you need to know is that I have 2 different personalities and the one you're talking to is- Hey! Not now!

Please excuse the cat-fight, the raining pitchforks and the rabid beavers at the moment.

Urg, I hate it when that happens. Hi again, you were just talking with my alter ego. Confusing, ne? My name is, as you know Sakura Heradite and I'm the demi-goddess of fire in the E4. She's already told you about the E4 right? Ok good. Just to tell you, I switch to my alter ego, when I'm ticked off, unconscious, kicking demon butt or alarmed. Hey why did I just wake up as her any ways?

Baka, you're late!

I am? Oh shoot you're right! Lemme grab my clothes and I'll be down in a minute.

Baka, I swear, I should have control of the body and not you! I am the smart one after all.

Riiiight… and who got the higher IQ on that IQ test we did? ME!

Look at you, arguing with yourself, I'm leaving.

Finally! Excuse me as I roll my eyes. My alter-ego is the most UNSUFFERABLE thing in the world. She's an accumulation of the knowledge the guardians before me have collected, but the funny thing is, it's only the Fire guardian who gets her. Lucky me.

I rushed down stairs rather quickly. Tenten-chan's gonna be pissed! "Sorry about that!" I exclaimed as I sat down at the table.

Hinata-chan smiled at me gently "It's ok, Sakura-chan. Ino still isn't here yet." She's the Water demi-goddess and it suits her perfectly. She's our resident healer and Mastermind, also perfect with the bow and scythe. We all have preferred weapons; mine's the sword. I can use almost any type and still beat you single handedly. Not to brag of course. Hinata is also our peace keeper. Don't get me wrong, The E4 are like sisters, but like sisters we have fights. Hinata's guardians are Athena and Amphitrite but she's extremely shy so it's quite shocking to see her step in. In her decoy form, she's got long black hair and black eyes and is quite… well… ugly. In her E4 mode though, she got short purple hair and light lavender and she's really pretty, like a buried treasure. Hinata likes to be conservative, so she's wearing a purple jacket and baggy pants. Fake glasses covers her eyes.

"She's taking too long!" Tenten wined, slouched against the door with her arms crossed. She's a rather tough girl, but she's a softy inside. Her element is Earth and her guardian goddesses are Demeter and Persephone. Weapon of choice? Anything that is pointy and that can fly through the air. She has 100 accuracy and is completely logical when it comes to battle. Tenten is rather bitter, but she's also the mother figure in our group. Tenten's "normal" appearance is black hair tied up in a ponytail, blue eyes and rather muscular, but as a goddess she's got chestnut hair tied up two buns and brown eyes. Tenten's style is more bad-girl than anything: she's got a turtle-neck sleeveless sweater with finger less gloves and baggy khaki's.

"Jeez, some one's cranky." Ino had finally made it. As you can guess, she is an air demi-goddess and an air-head, seriously, all that girl cares about are her clothes! Her guardian goddesses are Iris and Artemis, so I do not know where she gets her genes from. Her weapon of choice is ribbons, which are lighting-quick and extremely lethal, and her fists. Ino is a spoiled brat sometimes, but she's also my best friend. She knows so much about poison it isn't funny. Ino has to look pretty all the time, so her "normal" look is a lot more glamorous than the rest of us. She now has black curly hair, hazel eyes and a movie star's body. In goddess form, she's got long blond hair tied back in a ponytail, bright blue eyes and the body of a goddess like the rest of us. "Oh, cute skirt Sakura, you have to let me borrow it. And we can teleport, Tenten, so no bugging." She was wearing a quarter sleeve flowing blue top and a cute denim mini skirt. She refused to take off her silver bandages though, so they were still wrapped all around up to her forearms down to her hands.

I snorted, Typical Ino, to notice my outfit as the first thing when she came down. I had a white sleeveless top that tied at the back and had a matching white skirt with a cluster of cherry blossoms at the side. "Sure, let's just go." And with that, we picked up our bags and vanished.

Change Point of View

That dobe is an IDIOT

Which dobe? The one standing on the desk over there dancing for his fan girls and making a fool out of himself. Typical Naruto.

Feh. The name's Uchiha Sasuke. I'm a "pretty boy" And one of the most popular people in the school. Feh, it's annoying. Fan girls everywhere, I mean have you ever been stalked before? To me, it's an every day occurrence. It's scary.

My friends, or at least as close to friends as I'll ever get, are popular as well. Uzumaki Naruto is the only one who enjoys the attention, so he usually pulls crazy stunts like that. He's extremely energetic, loves ramen and a DOBE. He's also dense, hyper and extremely annoying. He's got spiky blond hair, blue eyes and that annoying orange jacket of his. Naruto's only accomplishments are his Class clown title and boxing medal.

"Naruto, get down." Nara Shikamaru drawled from his slouched seat by the window. His fan girls were crowded around him but he just stared at the clouds boredly. Of course, there were still squeals from his side of the room. Shikamaru's a lazy bum. He scores very low on his tests yet, he's genius with an IQ of 200. Ironic, isn't it? He's good with the scythe, believe it or not, and our resident tactics planner. His only accomplishment, though, is being undefeated in Go. His face is contorted into a grumpy look 24/7 and his head is shaped like a pineapple due to his pony tail.

"Nyaaa!" Naruto stuck his tongue out childishly, getting many girly giggles from his fan club. "Make me Shii-CHAN!"

"How troublesome," Shikamaru yawned.

"Ok, everybody settle down! And get to your assign seats," our teacher glared at the many fan girls who quickly scooted into one of the empty seats beside Naruto, Shikamaru and I. "Where is Neji?"

"We don't know sensei," One of Neji's fan girls, who had been weeping pathetically, piped up.

"Sorry sensei." Speak of the devil, there he was. Hyuuga Neji walked through the door as if he owned the place. In a matter of speaking, he did, since the Hyuuga's are impossibly rich. He was cold, distant and had a pack of fan girls violent enough to rival my own. You could say he was my friend though. We were so a like, I guess we just agreed not to get in each other's way. His claim to fame was he was class representive, a fighting champion, and really rich. He's got long black hair, you'd think he'd be gay, and the pure white eyes that a Hyuuga, and only a Hyuuga, would have. "We have four new students." As class rep, it's his job to show new kids around.

"Oh, in that case, come in," the teacher motion for the new students to come in.

"Hi!" A tallish girl with curly black hair and hazel eyes bounded into the classroom. "My name's Ino Artis," She smiled at the class energetically.

"Hi, I'm Sakura Heradite," Another, shorter, rather shy looking girl with reddish brown hair and brown eyes who was pretty subdued. She was kinda cute, though-

Oh no, Uchiha Sasuke thinking a girl as CUTE? Not good, not good. At all. Ok nothing just happened, calm down. I was so immersed in my thoughts; I nearly missed the next girl come in.

"Yo," She waved, "The name's Tenten Demaphone," This girl was obviously a tough girl, with her black hair tied up in a ponytail and blue eyes staring at the class menacingly. Hmm… she's got a nice death glare.

"H-hello," This girl was so shy it wasn't funny, her head was bowed and her long black hair covered her face so you could only see the glasses hanging on the bridge of her nose. "M-my name is Hinata Ampthena."

"Welcome to our school girls," The teacher attempted a pathetic motherly smile. "Sakura-san, you can sit next to Sasuke, Sasuke, raise you hand." Feh, this girl had no right to intrude but I raised my hand grudgingly. As the girl sat down, she gave me a small smile. Of course I didn't do anything, just glanced at her and feh-ed.

"Ino-san, you can sit next to Shikamaru," Shikamaru raised his hand, as the girl plopped down in her seat, winking to some guys as they watched her.

"Tenten-san, you can sit next to Neji," Tenten nodded and plopped down beside Neji, who she completely ignored.

"And Hinata-san you can sit next to Naru-" The teacher was cut off by a loud shriek of protest.

"Sensei! That's not fair! Why should that ugly and pathetic New-" It was Sekira, one of Naruto's most avid fan girls. However she wasn't able to get any farther. What happen also made my eyes go wide.

"Never insult Hinata-chan." One of the new girls, Sakura, I think, snarled. She was holding a ruler like a sword menacingly to Sekira's throat. She wasn't the only one though, Aparently, Ino had the bandages on her arms wrapped around Sekira's throat and Tenten was holding pencil like a dagger right between Sekira's eyes. In an odd way, they weren't the same girls any more. They were more menacing.

"Girls!" The teacher exclaimed shocked. "Let Sekira be released at once!"

Sakura glared at the teacher, but let Sekira go. Ino unwrapped her bandages and tenten removed the pencil. Sekira still had some red welts, though, where they had hit her.

"You do realize that you're going to have detention, the three of you?" The teacher continued, now that Sakura had relinquished the ruler. Again, the girls shrugged nonplussed.

"let me get one thing clear though," Sakura spoke, her voice ringing through the classroom. "You mess with one of us; you mess with all of us." She fell back in the chair beside me.

"The rest of class passed quietly, even Naruto not making a crack like usual. These girls were Weird.

Change Point of view to Hinata

Hello, I'm Hinata. I suppose you've seen me once or twice, so you should know I'm painfully shy, I wish I wasn't. I'm not so shy around Sakura-chan, Ino-chan, and Tenten-chan but I'm very uncomfortable without them. And it's just my luck, they have detention during lunch. I sighed. Oh well.

Right now, I'm sitting at the base of an olive tree, reading some greek mythology. I am a demi-goddess aren't I? I want to know what happened back then.

"Hey you," I looked up warily, It was tall girl wearing rather revealing clothes, even though it was a chilly fall day.

"Can I help you?" I looked up from my book.

"Yeah you can, your "friends" hurt my little sister!" She exclaimed roughly.

"I'm sorry about that, but she really shouldn't have insulted me in front of my friends, they don't take it lightly." I said shrugging a little.

"Why how DARE you!" She raised her hands to slap me. I narrowed my eyes, ready to block the hit. My specialty might be scythes but it doesn't mean I can't fight with my fists.

"Put the hand down or I'll put it down for you," A voice came from behind me rather threateningly. I whirled around to see my seatmate from in class. I think his name was Naruto.

"Hello Naruto-kun," Her voice was sickening sweet.

"Put your hand down," He repeated himself, "Didn't you hear what I said, Yuri-sempai?"

"But I was teaching this girl a lesson!" The tall, rather sluttish girl protested.

"Her friends had every right to be pissed off at your sister," He shrugged. "She shouldn't have started it."

This Yuri girl was at a loss for words. She scowled at me and walked off in a huff. When she was gone, he sat down beside me.

"You're Hinata right?" He asked kindly. I nodded shyly. Oh Athena and Amphitrite, why did I have to be so shy around guys? "My name's Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki. I'm Tenshi High's loudest prankster and I want to be the president of Japan someday!" He flashed me a peace sign. I laughed. I couldn't help it! He was being so funny. "You've got a pretty laugh. Hey where are your friends?" He asked, without taking a break.

"I-Inside, in D-detention." I near whispered. There goes the stuttering.

"Hey that's where my friends are too!" He laughed, "I never knew it was so pretty out here." He sighed contently. "I'm usually in detention as well."

"R-really? You d-don't seem l-like the kind o-of person who's in detention a lot.

"Aw, you're sweet," He laughed. "But actually, I'm the school's best prankster. Shikamaru always gets canned for not doing his homework and Neji just drags Sasuke-teme in there anyways."

I blushed at the compliment. "I-isn't Neji you're class representative?" I asked, "W-what would he be doing in the detention room?"

"He's got to supervise; he can bring 1 person along to "Help" him, and that would be Sasuke-teme." Naruto shrugged.

"O-oh." I couldn't think of anything else to do, so I started reading my book. It was on the Greek hero Orpheus and how he tried to get his wife back. It was a really sad and romantic story and it was one of my favorite myths. Tenten's actually talked to Persephone about this and what happened. I envy her.

"Hey Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked her cutely.

"Y-yes Naruto-kun?" I answered shyly.

"What are you reading?" He asked.

"I-it's a myth, about O-Orpheus." I responded quietly.

"Really? Can you tell me the story?" Naruto asked. He snuggled against me when he asked, getting ready for a long story. My cheeks flamed bright red. He was snuggling. Against me. AGAINST ME!

"Uh… O-ok," and that was how I past my lunch hour telling Naruto about the story of Orpheus and how he tried to get is wife back but he failed because of Hades' trickery. I had just finished the story when the bell rang and Naruto helped me up.

"Hey what do you have next?" Naruto asked.

"History," I sighed. "I-I hope we're doing Greek," History was one of my favorite subjects, but I hate the repeat of the stupid Japanese history again and again.

"Oh, ok! I've got math, so I'll see you later!" He exclaimed. "By the way Hinata, you're really cute!" And he left me standing in the hall feeling like an idiot. Yep, I was in love!

A/N: Ok, I'll leave it at that. A bit confusing? You bet! Wait until the next chapter, the plot will thicken…

Just for the very confused about the greek goddess and whatever:

Aphrodite: Greek goddess of love and passion

Athena: Greek goddess of war and knowlage

Amphitrite: Poisedon's wife, queen of the sea

Artemis: Moon goddess, goddess of the hunt, protector of unwed girls and mothers

Demeter: Goddess of the harvest and the earth

Iris: Messenger goddess for Hera, goddess of the rainbow

Hades: King of the underworld, God of the dead

Hera: Queen of gods, goddess of women

Persephone: Goddess of the spring, wife of Hades

Orpheus is a Greek king who could sing and rhyme so well he could entrance the dog guard that guarded the underworld. He went down there to retrieve his wife. Hades allowed him to take her back up, but only if, he never looked at her until they had reached earth. Orpheus agreed but ended up looking at her and loosing her. He return to earth, sad and dishearten.

The story: Please do not get mad at me for changing their last name, they will be very important in the end. Until then, drop me a review please! Thank you and see in the next chapter!