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It was cold that night so Kira snuggled closer to Rei, feeling the warmth rising off of him. It was so comforting to be this close to him, she felt as though nothing could harm her. Rei wrapped his arm around her waist, instinctively pulling her closer. Kira looked up at Rei, he was staring off into the distance. Kira thought of why they were here in the first place, she couldn't remember. Rei had dragged her away from the small celebration early to tell her something "Important". He brought her to the roof of their old apartment building, the one that they had moved out of months ago. They had been here nearly five minutes and he hadn't said a word, she was beginning to get anxious.

"Rei please tell me why we're here again?" Kira said pleadingly looking up at him. Rei sighed, shutting his eyes for a moment then opening them. He pulled his hand from her waist to her hand resting on her lap.

"Kira I've been doing a lot of thinking lately…" He grew silent for a moment, he gently squeezed her hand reassuringly. "Well at least thinking since my victory this afternoon."

Rei had won the Suzuki tournament in first place, he had walked away unscathed and with many company's willing to be his sponsors. It was his first race in a professional's tournament, and he being a "wild card" it surprised everyone.

"Yeah? Thinking about what exactly?" Kira asked playfully, resting her head against his shoulder.

"…. Kira we've been married for a year now, and so far we've only talked about having children once, and that was before we even got married." Rei said calmly, facing Kira looking her in the eyes.

Kira blushed. She felt her entire face getting hot, surely he could tell but he showed no signs of caring. Her eyes darted back and forth between his eyes and some random place behind him. She wished that he wasn't looking at her that way, as if he could read her mind.

"Rei… it's not that I don't want children, and I know I told you I wanted to start a family right away." Kira searched for the words that would convey how she felt. " it's just that… well with me going to school and you racing there wouldn't be a whole lot of time to take care of a baby."

Rei was still looking into her eyes; there was a glimmer of hurt in them. Had I caused it? "I understand Kira but what if I was to be seriously injured or something and I would leave you all alone." He squeezed her hand.

"Rei that's not the reason I would want to have children, and don't say those things." She was now beginning to relax and actually considered it.

I would like to have children, especially with Rei, but aren't we too young and inexperienced?

"Well then why not? We could have one you could take a year off from school, and racing isn't a year round thing I could help." Rei said it almost to fast for her to hear.

He really wants this doesn't he? He's right I could, but still I should just tell him I'll think about it, and maybe he will to.

"Rei please give me time to think about this." Kira grasped both of his hands and looked into his eyes. He nodded glad that she would at least give him that, it gave him the chance to convince her; maybe if he kept pestering her with the question she would want it just as bad as he did.

They both relented for tonight and cherished the moment they were sharing together. Rei would lay off the question for a while but he still wouldn't give up. He wanted this more than anything, he wanted to be a family, to raise a child the way he had never been. And thinking about Kira as the mother of his children, brought a smile to his face. Years ago he would never have dreamed of even considering them. Kira had changed him in so many ways, and the thought of losing her scared him more than anything, she was all he had.

They stayed on the roof for only a while longer before they left. They were both silent walking down the steps. They walked out, to Rei's bike waiting for them. Rei climbed on first, holding his helmet in his hands. Kira stood next to the bike, she wanted to say something. She nearly uttered it but chose not to. She climbed on, Rei handed her, her helmet. She leaned in closer to his ear, breathed in the scent that was only him, car grease and crisp night air.

"Rei….I love you." She whispered to him.

"I know….I love you too." Rei turned around and gave her a slight kiss on the lips.

He revved the engine and they sped off, it was still early maybe the party that was being thrown in his honor, would still welcome them.

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