Title: Richard Grayson, the Boy Wonder

Authoress: StarryTian

Summary: Robin saved Kori Anders. But when she has to choose between her best friend, Richard Grayson and the Boy Wonder, who will she pick? And little does she know that Richard IS Robin.. .

Discalimer: I do not own the Teen Titans and I don't really want to. Whoever owns them right now is doing a FATASTIC and INCREDIBLE job at it! (-applauds-)

"So… whatcha doing over the weekend?" Raven Roth asked, as she and Kori walked home from school.

Kori thought about it for second. "Umm… truth to be told, I am unsure what to do. You never will know! Something amazing might happen!" She inwardly thought about her best friend, Richard Grayson. Lately, she had been thinking about him more than usual… maybe… as for than a friend? 'Oh please,' she chided herself. 'This is most cheesy!' and quickly shoved the idea out of her mind.

Raven scoffed. "Yeah, uh huh."

Raven was Kori's best girl friend, although they were almost complete opposites: While Kori was perky and optimistic; Raven was dark and almost gothic. It was their last week at Jump City High School, and with the prospect of summer soon approaching, there was an excited aura in the air.

"Mhhmmm…but it still might, will it not?"

Raven sighed and turned to her forever-cheerful friend, but upon looking at the expression on her face, she decided not to ruin the cheerful mood. Once the 'Walking' sign shone white, the two girls started to cross the street. "Sure…. But, -KORI, WATCH OUT!"

The girl whipped around, causing her red hair to flow all around her, as her jade eyes locked on the target. Or in this case, she was the target. Hurtling at 40mph, a delivery truck was headed straight for her, with no intention of stopping whatsoever.

Kori screamed while Raven closed her eyes and ran for her life. However, Kori was too paralyzed to move. She stared at the truck and an odd silence pressed upon her ears, causing her to neither hear the screams of the pedestrians around her, nor the bus driver, yelling at her to get out of the way.

She stood there.

Squinting her eyes closed, Kori clutched her school belongings and tilted her head to the ground, her hair shielding the panicked look on her face. She knew this was the end. No one in Jump City could ever save her now…

Kori whimpered and thought of all the things that she never got to do. All the things she never said. She would never have her first boyfriend, never have her first kiss… never tell Richard how she felt…

She counted the last seconds of her life.



Kori prepared for the impact, no longer paralyzed but unable to move; her feet were so stubbornly glued to the ground.


Suddenly, a red, green, and yellow blur dashed across the street, and swept the frozen girl off her feet. Kori felt herself leave the ground as her savior ran to a safe spot on the road, then toppled over, unable to stop them both. With a small grunt, the rescuer maneuvered him underneath her, making sure she was safe.

Ignoring the cheers and applause of the residents around him, he gently helped her up and panted, "You okay?"

Kori looked up and him and gasped. "Y-you're Robin!" she exclaimed shakily, as all the fan girls started to scream and grab at him. Being a second away from life can be quite a traumatizing experience.

Robin nodded and half-smiled. "Are you okay?" he repeated, still holding her hand in reassurance.

"Yes---OUCH!…" She stopped in mid-sentence and looked down at her left arm, gaping at what she saw. There was a long, red, gash with blood streaming out of it, and Kori winced as she felt the searing pain. Thankfully, it wasn't too deep.

"Oh…" Robin noticed the injury. "Um… wow, you're lucky K-uh-miss, it looks like the cut just barely missed a main vein! Luckily, you won't need any stitches…"

She winced again and nodded. "That is… exceptional news."

Kori sneaked a peek at her 'knight in shining armor', who was still examining her arm, and blushed. He was so… what was the word again? Warm? Yes, he was so warm! With his ebony black locks spiked up to perfection and his mask looking ever so mysterious, he was just unbelievably… perfect. He smiled at her again.

In the meantime, all the girls were screaming and yelling at Robin, which made communication hard for them. Kori just couldn't look away. She had this strange nagging feeling that she knew him… somehow.

"Kori! Kori!" Raven came rushing over to her and stopped when she saw Robin. "Uhh… hi?" She gave him a look that said quite clearly, 'Can you give us a moment?'

Robin nodded and said, "Well, the ambulance is on its way, so I better be going. See you around."

And with that, he shot his grappling hook at a nearby roof, and skillfully leapt over the crowd, disappearing from view. All the girls let out an audible groan and started to dissipate.

Raven frowned. "Wait, what does he mean by 'see you around'? Did you say something, Kori? Kori?"

But the said girl was still staring at where Robin was…the thought of him just couldn't leave her mind. The way he smiled, the way he rescued her, the way he… She stopped. 'Okay, Kori' she scolded herself. 'Stop thinking about him… what would Richard---' She gasped. Richard. Feeling unbelievably guilty, she bowed her head down in shame and silently apologized over and over again.

"KORI!" Raven inwardly flinched. Normally, she would've never yelled. Never. With a capital 'n'. But things were a little different now, and she could risk her reputation by helping out her friend.

Finally, Kori looked up. "Raven, where is Richard?"

"I dunno, I think he's playing basketball with Garfield and Vict—oh, there's the ambulance…"

The vehicle screeched to a stop and its loud siren caused many onlookers to cover their ears. Immediately, a team of expert handlers came out and swiftly carried her on a white stretcher, ignoring the patient's requests.

"Please put me down!" she yelled over the siren. "I am not in any dire situation! Can you hear me? Please put me down!"

One of them looked at her and said loudly, "Sorry miss, but we had direct order from Batman and Robin to escort you to the emergency room!"

Kori flushed at the mention of Robin and couldn't help but feel strangely honored and proud that Robin had been so thoughtful. She nodded and let herself be put in the ambulance.

Robin landed swiftly on the ground and clicked his grappling hook back. He put it in his belt and promptly hopped aboard the R-Cycle, speeding towards the Wayne Mansion. All the way there, he thought of her… 'Damn it, man! You almost let her go! One more second and…' Robin involuntarily shuddered as he was met with a horrifying picture showing Kori in a pool of blood…

Quickly shoving the picture in the back of his mind, he parked the motorcycle outside the gate and jumped over it instead, having no time to ring for Alfred. Running at top speed, Robin quickly took a detour on the left and stopped at his bedroom window, pulling out a bird-a-rang. After expertly picking the lock on the outside, Robin heaved the heavy glass windowpane up and leapt into the room.

Just then, the phone rang.

"Richard!" came his adopted father, Bruce Wayne's, voice from the intercom. "Please pick it up!"

"Uhhh… Can you do it?" he said hurriedly, while ripping his mask off and placing it on his desk.

"I'm busy!" Bruce's voice crackled through the box. "Get it! Now!"

Without responding, Robin quickly grabbed the phone and said, "Hello?"

"Richard?" came Kori's voice, while he hastily stripped off his uniform.

"UH… yeah! Waddaya need? Are you okay?" he asked, hopping to the bathroom with the phone sandwiched between his shoulder and left ear.

"I am well," Kori assured. "I am merely in the emergency room, while the doctors are still examining my cut…"

Robin gave a pretend-gasp, as though this news was new to him. Of course, it was him who had sent the ambulance there. "No way! Kori, are you okay!"

"Yes, I am fine. But where are you? I am worried! Everybody, my mom, my dad, Raven, Garfield, and Victor are all here!"

"Uhh…" he rapidly twisted the knob on the sink and doused his gelled hair in the water that came gushing out. "I'll be there! Bruce just wanted me for… uh… something!"

Robin could almost hear the disappointment in her voice. "Oh."

"But I'll be there as soon as I'm done with that… thing… that he wants me to do, 'kay?" he reassured her, as he grabbed a towel and dried his hair so that it flopped over his eyes.

"Okay! I will see you soon! Goodbye!"


He threw the towel on the floor and hurriedly hung up, while he snatched a pair of jeans and slipped them on. Then, adjusting his hair, he quickly put on a clean shirt and stared at his reflection. He wasn't Robin anymore. He was Richard Grayson now. Then, he raced out the door and hopped on his other motorcycle, speeding to the Jump City Hospital.

Kori hung up and looked at her left arm. "Nurse? Will my arm be okay?" she asked like a child.

The nurse smiled at her and smiled reassuringly. "Yes, it'll be fine. The blood's stopped flowing, but the cut's still tender so I'll just get you some crème, and you'll be fine."

She nodded and held her arm tenderly as the nurse exited the room.

"Duuuuuuude…" Garfield Logan said, clearly awed. "Look at that!" he pointed to the obvious.

Raven rolled her eyes and smacked him on the head. "Don't be so rude!"

Kori's mom shook her head. "Well, it looks like you're okay, honey. I still don't understand why you're in the emergency room…"

"Don't you remember? Batman and Robin wanted to make sure she was okay," her dad teased her.

Kori flushed and mumbled something incoherent.

"We'll be going now," her mother said, following her husband out the door. "Have to go back to work. See ya!"

Kori said goodbye and when the door closed, she looked around at her friends, as if daring them to say something. Her eyes traveled to Garfield Logan, the prankster, the happy-go-lucky person; Then, to Victor Stone, the all around athlete and brotherly-type person, and the type who could be friends with anyone. It was amazing how her group of friends could be so diverse… so different. And how they came to be… Kori shook her head. That was another story for another time.

Garfield and Victor looked and each other and smirked. As if on cue, they burst out singing, "Robin and Kor-ri, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…"

Raven rolled her eyes again and smacked Garfield on the head again. "Stop being so immature. How you got into high school, I'll never know…"

Garfield merely grinned, and at that precise moment, Richard burst through the door, ignoring the protests from the nurses behind him.

"Richard!" Kori yelled, happily throwing her arms around him as he embraced her. "You came!"

"Of course!" He smiled at her. "Now, tell me exactly what happened."

And Kori did. Even thought Richard and Raven already knew exactly what happened, it was still exciting to hear it from the victim's point of view. Using elaborate hand gestures with her unharmed hand, Kori showed them how Robin had saved her.

"… and then, he just came out of nowhere and snatched me in the middle of the road!" she exclaimed, while snapping her fingers for effect, showing how quick Robin was.

Garfield smirked again. "Ah… I see! Soo… ROBIN LIKES YOU, RO-BIN LIKES YOU!"

This only earned another smack from Raven, and a groan from him.

Richard tried to ignore Garfield and motioned for Kori to go on.

"So then, he helped me up and… well…" she flushed a bit. "He just took care of me so much… that I… well…"

"What?" Richard demanded. "What did he do?"

Victor whispered something to Garfield, whose eyes lit up again. Raven looked weary as she brought her hand up to smack him again.

"Well… he was… sweet," Kori concluded. "His mask… hair… and … skills…" she sighed dreamily.

Richard frowned. "So? He's not that great!" He inwardly cursed this Robin guy, only to realize a second later that he was jealous of himself.

"Oh--, no!" Kori amended, hoping she didn't give Richard the wrong impression. "He was merely my rescuer, nothing else!"


Part of him was glad that Kori like Robin so much, but the other half was unbelievably jealous of him. She'll never know that it was him under that mask. She'll never know it was him that rescued her. She'll never know that Robin was sitting right in front of her!

"Eh… well…" he shook his bangs to the side. "At least you won't be seeing him any time soon."

"Actually…" Kori said slowly. "Robin did say 'see you around'. Do you suppose this means anything?"

'Crap,' Richard thought.

"Uhh… I don't think so… "

"Oh," the disappointment was clearly heard in her voice. "I wish to see him again…"

Richard scowled. "No, you don't!"

At that moment, Victor and Garfield both yelled, "RICHARD'S JEEAAALLOUUSS!"


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