This story has been taken up by LightningHunter. You can search for it yourself or just go straight to my profile and click on the link directly to the story or the new author's profile.

I sincerely apologize to all of you who have been waiting so long for me to get my butt into gear to finish writing this. Hopefully, many of you will be supportive of LightningHunter's continuation, as unfortunately, I have seen several stories before that have been taken up by other authors, and the original readers see fit to only nag and nag on how the style is different and whatnot, when the new author is doing a perfectly good job.

Other Details:

As a few of you may have noted a while ago, I posted information on my profile saying that I had edited this story to some degree, but had never posted it, and I also had a partial chapter nine (I thought it was a lot shorter, but apparently I got up to four thousand words into it). So with this new posting of "Invisibly Jaded" you should eventually get my partial chapter nine as well as my own edits (minor for the most part, but some larger re-written sections up in chapters five and six, I believe) as well as LightningHunter's own significant additions and corrections.

I have passed on what notes I had left (many of them were lost or thrown away), so, depending on how LightningHunter deems to put it in, my ideas for how the backstory went (a vague outline of what happened in the wizarding world while Harry was away) as well as a little bit into the future of the story (yes, this does include what was up with Harry's randomly disappearing powers) should show up in the continuation.